Account balance change notification

Contis API service notifies the client about the account balance changes.

Notification parameters for change in account balance

NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “060” denotes the account balance change notification. Blank
AccountBalance integer Account Balance is the total amount of all the funds for an account at any time.
AccountCurrency String Three-digit ISO currency code for an account. Blank
AccountNumber String Eight-digit account number of the consumer. Blank
AvailableBalance integer Available Balance is the actual amount immediately available for withdraw, transfer and use, after any authorization hold (reserved) for an account. Consumer’s Available balance may be different than Account
balance in case of any Debit holds or Credit holds for an account.

HoldBalance integer Authorization hold on a debit transaction.
CreditHoldBalance integer Reserved amount on a credit transaction.
ReservedInEnvelopes integer Reserved balance for envelope transactions.
SortCode String Six-digit number that identifies the branch of the bank where consumer holds account. Blank
Iban String Unique, 34-alphanumeric character code that identifies banks globally. IBAN consists of country code, two-check digits, and a alpha-numeric pattern that includes the domestic bank account number, branch
identifier, and potential routing information.
Bic String Bank Identifier Code that identifies the name, country, and branch of the bank. Used for quick, accurate and automated money transfer. Blank
FriendlyName String Friendly name of an account to identify an account easily from multiple accounts. Blank
DisplaySortCode String It is the SortCode with the display format configuration. Blank
CompanyID integer Unique identifier that indicates the company that an account belongs to. It will have value “0” when the account does not belong to any company.
Status String Two-digit unique identifier that indicates the “status of the account” Blank
SecurityHash string String value generated through hash logic with all of the above parameters (To verify the values posted on URL) Blank

Example of account balance change notification

This is the example of a notification about account balance change.

NotificationType 060
AccountBalance 123
AccountCurrency 826
AccountNumber 123456
AvailableBalance 123
HoldBalance 123
CreditHoldBalance 123
ReservedInEnvelopes 123
SortCode 623053
Iban GB35CNFV60837000000570
FriendlyName Account Friendly Name
DisplaySortCode 623053
CompanyID 123
Status 01
Security Hash 3c48095895ad2c673727f295be905996f8e0f88c3d4331d8f137a882936475ac

Lookup values for Account balance change

Account status Description
01 Live (Active)
02 Suspended
03 Inactive
04 Closed
05 Frozen
06 Dormant
07 Limited
08 Restricted

To generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence: NotificationType&AccountBalance&AccountCurrency&AccountNumber&AvailableBalance&HoldBalance&CreditHoldBalance&ReservedInEnvelopes&SortCode&Iban&Bic&FriendlyName&DisplaySortCode&CompanyID&Status&

HashDataString : 060&123&826&123456&123&123&123&123&623053&GB35CNFV60837000000570&CNFVGB21XXX&Account Friendly Name&623053&123&01&
SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop
HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey
Hash : 3c48095895ad2c673727f295be905996f8e0f88c3d4331d8f137a882936475ac

JSON Example

   "NotificationType" : "060",
   "AccountBalance" : "123",
   "AccountCurrency" : "826",
   "AccountNumber" : "123456", 
   "AvailableBalance" : "123",
   "HoldBalance" : "123",
   "CreditHoldBalance" : "123",
   "ReservedInEnvelopes" : "123",
   "SortCode" : "623053",
   "Iban" : "GB35CNFV60837000000570",
   "Bic" : "CNFVGB21XXX",
   "FriendlyName" : "Account Friendly Name",
   "DisplaySortCode" : "623053",
   "CompanyID" : "123",
   "Status" : "01",
   "SecurityHash" : "3c48095895ad2c673727f295be905996f8e0f88c3d4331d8f137a882936475ac"