Account status change notification

Contis generates a notification whenever the status of an account is changed and posts it on the URL of the API client.

The notification contains information about:

  • Change in status of the account
  • The date of change of the status of the account

The client is notified whenever the status of an account is changed to:

  • Suspended
  • Frozen
  • Live from Suspended
  • Live from Frozen
  • Closed
  • Dormant
  • Live from Limited

Notification parameters for change in account status

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of the notification. Numeric value “022” denotes Account Status Change Status notification. Blank
StatusChangeDate string The date and time when the status of the account is changed. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum character length = 14.
CardHolderId integer Unique identifier of the consumer.
AccountNumber string Eight-digit account number of the consumer. 00000000
OldAccountStatus integer Two-digit unique identifier of the “status of the account” before the status is changed. 00
NewAccountStatus integer Two-digit unique identifier of the “status of the account” after the status is changed. 00
SecurityHash string String value generated through hash logic with all the above parameters (To verify the values posted on URL) Blank

Lookup values for account status

Account status Description
01 Live
02 Suspended
04 Closed
05 Frozen
06 Dormant

Example of account status change notification

This is an example of a notification about account reactivation. The status of the account is changed from Suspended (02) to Live (01).

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 022
StatusChangeDate 20160512063400
CardHolderId 53040
AccountNumber 00868152
OldAccountStatus 02
NewAccountStatus 01
SecurityHash c9b869536616e505c64162e2317c59d8

To generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence : NotificationType&StatusChangeDate&CardHolderId&AccountNumber&OldAccountStatus&NewAccountStatus&HashPAN Key

HashDataString :022&20160512063400&53040&00868152&02&01&
Key :abcdefghijklmnop  
HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey
Hash :c9b869536616e505c64162e2317c59d8

Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.

JSON Example

   "NotificationType": "022",
   "StatusChangeDate": "20160512063400",
   "CardHolderId": "53040",
   "AccountNumber": "00868152",
   "OldAccountStatus": "02",
   "NewAccountStatus": "01",
   "SecurityHash": "c9b869536616e505c64162e2317c59d8"

Notification types summary

Notification Description Type TypeCode
Account status change

To send notification on account status changes to:

  1. Suspended
  2. Frozen
  3. From Suspended to Live
  4. From Frozen to Live
  5. From Suspended to Closed
  6. Dormant
  7. From Limited to Live