Authorisation notification

Contis API service notifies the client about approved and declined authorisations. Two parameters – Action code and
Action Detail – indicate whether a authorisation was a success or failure and the reason for failure.

Note: In payment authorisation, the parameter Authorised Amount denotes the transaction amount as “Primary Hold Amount” which is held by Contis during transaction.

The parameter Fee Amount denotes the fee charged on the transaction as “Secondary Hold Amount”.

Authorisation notification parameters

ParametersTypeDescriptionDefault value
NotificationTypestringThree-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “052” denotes the Authorisation notification.Blank
CardIDintegerUnique Identifier of the cardBlank
AccountNumberstringEight-digit account number of the consumer.00000000
SortCodestringSix-digit number that identifies the branch of the bank where consumer holds account.Blank
TransactionIDintegerUnique identifier of the transaction.Blank
ProcessingCodeintegerUnique identifier of the type of transaction. The code identifies whether a transaction is a authorisation, a balance inquiry; sale or cash, or any other transaction. Refer Processing look up values in the table 21. 
AuthorizationDatestringThe date and time of authorisation. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss.Blank
LocalDatestringThe date and time of authorisation in local time zone. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss.Blank
AuthorisedAmountintegerThe amount authorised for card transaction.Blank
CardHolderCurrencyintegerThe currency of the card transaction. Identified by the ISO currency code.Blank
TransactionAmountintegerThe transaction amount.Blank
TransactionCurrencyintegerThe currency of the transaction amount.Blank
CashBackAmountintegerShows cashback on card transactions, if any.Blank
MCCintegerFour-digit numeric code that identifies the merchant’s type of business, product or serviceBlank
IsCreditAuthorisationboolIndicates whether card transaction is credit type or not. If “true” then transaction is a credit transaction.Blank
CardAcceptorIDstringUnique identifier of facility, merchant or POS that accepts the consumer’s card for payment. It is a number that can be 1 to 15 digits long and in some cases contains a dash, “-“. Provided by VISA.Blank
TerminalCodestringUnique identifier of the terminal where card is swiped. Provided by Visa.Blank
TerminalLocationstringThe location of the terminal where card is swiped. Provided by Visa.Blank
TerminalStreetstringThe street where card is swiped at a POS or an ATM terminal. Provided by Visa.Blank
TerminalCitystringThe city where card is swiped at a POS or an ATM terminal.Blank
TerminalCountrystringThe country where card is swiped at a POS or ATM terminal. Provided by Visa.Blank
ApprovalCodestringApproval Code provided by Visa. Provided by Visa.Blank
IsCardPresentboolIndicates whether card was present or not present during the transaction. If “true” then card was present.Blank
IsCardHolderPresentboolIndicates whether consumer “swiped” or “did not swipe” the card at terminal during card transaction.  If  “true” then card was swiped by the consumer.Blank
CardAcceptorCountryCodeintegerIndicates country from which card transaction has been done. Denoted by three -digit ISO country code.Blank
IsPinPresentboolIndicates whether PIN “was present” or “not present” during the the card transaction. If “true” then PIN “was present”.Blank
STANintegerSYSTEM TRACE AUDIT NUMBER provided by Visa.Blank
RRNstringRETRIEVAL REFERENCE NUMBER and is provided by Visa.Blank
TransactionIndicatorintegerRepresents Transaction Indicator.Blank
AcquiringInstituteIDstringUnique identifier of the Acquirer’s Institution. Provided by VisaBlank
ForwardingInstitutionIDstringUnique identifier of the forwarding or processing institution. Provided by Visa.Blank
ClientReferenceNumberstringClient provided reference number returned by Contis for tracking or auditing.Blank
DescriptionstringThe description of transaction authorisation.Blank
FeeAmountintegerFee charged for the transaction.Blank
ActionCodestringThree digit code that identifies a successful authorisation or failed authorisation.



ActionDetailstringRepresents the state of Authorisation. For successful authorisation, ActionDetail would be ‘Normal, approve’ or ‘PartialAuth’. And for failed auth, it will show the failure reason.Blank
FeatureCodestringTwo-digit card feature code that identifies the feature relating to the authorisation. Look-up values are given as below.Blank

Example of authorisation notification

Parameter nameValue
AuthorizationDate13/03/2018 10:40:35
LocalDate13/03/2018 10:40:32
TerminalLocationACQUIRER NAME
DescriptionTest transaction
ActionDetailNormal, Approve

Lookup values for Processing Codes

Table showing the lookup values for Processing Code transactions.

0Goods and services. Debit the customer account.
1Cash Withdrawal/Cash Advance. Debit the customer account
9Purchase with cashback
11Quasi Cash
20Purchase refund
26Cardholder funds transfer
30Balance Inquiry
40Cardholder Account Transfer
70PIN Change

Lookup values for FeatureCode

Table showing the lookup values for FeatureCode.

Feature CodeFeature NameFeature Description
01PurchasePayment by card terminal (without cashback)
02E-commercePurchase Online
03ATM WithdrawalWithdrawal at ATM
04Purchase CashbackPayment by card terminal with cashback
05Refund or CorrectionRefund money
06Balance InquiryBalance Inquiry
07PIN changeCard PIN change
08Auto fuel dispensePayment at fuel pump
09Bill PaymentBill Payment
10E-comm without CVV2Online payment without CVV2
11Mail phone orderMail order transactions
12RecurringRecurring Payments
13Quasi Cash TranWithdraw from terminals other than ATM
14VPPVisa Personal Payment
15FIPFinancial Institution Payment
16VerificationAccount Verification
17EstimatedEstimated Transaction
18EstimatedPartialEstimated Transaction with partial support terminal
19COFCredential On File
97In App ProvisioningIn App Provisioning (X Pay)
98NFCPayment by contactless card
99International TransInternational Transaction

To Generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence: