Direct debit rejection notification

Contis API service notifies about direct debit rejection. The notification has:

The notification contains information about:

  • Account number, transaction amount and date of creation
  • The reason for rejection

Direct debit rejection notification parameters

ParametersTypeDescriptionDefault value
NotificationTypestringThree-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “053” denotes the Direct Debit Rejection notification.Blank
CompanyNamestringName of the companyBlank
AccountNumberstringEight-digit account number.00000000
BankTypeCodestringUnique identifier of the bank. Maximum 34 characters. 
AmountintegerThe amount transferred through Direct Debit.Blank
CreatedDatestringThe time and date of creation of the Direct Debit order. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss.Blank
RejectionReasonstringThe reason for rejection of Direct Debit payment.Blank

Example of direct debit rejection notification

This table shows an example notification for the rejection of a direct debit payment.

Parameter nameValue
CompanyNameSATP Creditor
RejectionReasonDirect Debit feature is disabled

To Generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence : NotificationType&CustomerName&CompanyName&AccountNumber&BankTypeCode,&Amount&CreatedDate&RejectionReason