Buffer Account – Client Integration

    API method specifications

    API call method: process authorisation request

    Description: Contis will call the client’s URL to post the authorisation details. The post will contain the fields mentioned under “RequestInfo” object below

    The client processes the authorisation request from Contis and responds with either approved or declined authorisation message.

    Method Name Input Parameters Output Parameters
    ProcessAuthorizationRequest RequestInfo ResponseInfo


    ResponseInfo Fields Notation Type Size Description




    Card ID for which the authorisation is requested.





    Unique ID for authorisation.





    The amount authorised for the transfer.

    The amount will be passed as a minor unit.

    Example: If Authorisation Amount = 11.20, then the field value will be passed as = 11.20 *100 = 1120





    Card acceptor’s location.





    Card acceptor’s country code. It is the 3-digit ISO Code.

    For Example: If location is US, then its CountryCode = 840.





    Authorization Type ID. Refer Lookup AuthorizationTypes.


    ResponseInfo Fields Notation Type Size Description

    ResponseInfo Fields









    ResponseCode=00 indicates that the requested action is successful (i.e. approved).

    Other Response Codes indicate that the requested action is not successful as shown below (i.e. declined).





    This field needs to be provided for all successful responses, with the balance amount in the cardholder’s account.

    The amount has to be in minor unit,

    For Example: Balance amount = 11.20

    then AccountBalance = 1120 (i.e. 11.20 *100).

    Contis API service notifies the client about approved and declined buffer account authorizations.


    Notation Meaning
    M Mandatory
    O Optional
    C Conditional
    Response codes Meaning
    00 Approved
    07 Declined
    13 Closed
    12 Suspended

    Parameters of the Buffer account webhooks are shown in the Table

    Parameters Type Description Default Value
    NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “057” denotes the Buffer account notification. 057
    CardID integer Unique Identifier of the card
    AuthorizationID integer Unique Identifier of the authorization
    AuthorizationAmount integer Authorized Amount value that is sent in the authorization. Amount is in minor unit. For Example: Value = 11.20, then AuthorizationAmount field value = 1120 (i.e., 11.20*100)
    AcceptorID string Unique identifier of facility, merchant or POS that  accepts the consumer’s card for payment. It is a number that can be 1 to 15 digits long and in some cases contains a dash, "-". Provided by VISA.
    AcceptorNameLocation string Name and location of Acceptor that is sent in the authorization
    AcceptorCountryCode integer Acceptor’s Country Code value that is sent in the authorization
    MerchantCategoryCode integer Merchant category code value that is sent in authorization
    AuthorizationType string Authorization Type value that is sent in the authorization, Refer Authorization look up value table.
    IsAuthorizationRequested bool Whether authorization was requested real time to client or not
    IsApproved bool Final decision on the authorization, Its Value = 1 (i.e. true) or 0 (i.e. false)
    IsSTIP bool If authorization went into STIP(Stand-In-Processing), then value will be 1 (i.e. true) else 0 (i.e. false)
    DeclineReason string Why particular authorization was declined. This field will be blank in case authorization is approved Blank
    SecurityHash string String value generated through hash logic with all of the above parameters(To verify the values posted on URL) with SHA2 Blank

    Example of buffer account webhooks

    The table is an example of buffer account webhooks.

    Parameter Name Value
    NotificationType 057
    CardID 14023
    AuthorizationID 636518098174087522
    AuthorizationAmount 100000
    AcceptorID VPP0000004043IP
    AcceptorNameLocation ACQUIRER NAME CITY NAME GB
    AcceptorCountryCode 826
    MerchantCategoryCode 5999
    AuthorizationType 01
    IsAuthorizationRequested 1
    IsApproved 0
    IsSTIP 0
    DeclineReason Authorization was declined because buffer account balance was not enough.
    SecurityHash d2b4ac8c39098991b0edf773007f14d13f4318f926c5ec86efc27d4a9af06645

    Lookup for Authorization Type

    The Table shows the look up values for different types of the authorization.

    Authorization Type Description
    01 Purchase
    02 E-commerce
    03 ATM Withdrawal
    04 Purchase Cashback
    06 Balance Inquiry
    08 Auto fuel dispense
    09 Bill Payment
    10 E-COMM without CVV2
    11 Mail phone order
    12 Recurring
    13 Quasi Cash Tran
    17 Estimated
    18 Estimated Partial
    19 COF (Credential-On-File)

    To Generate the Security Hash:

    HashDataString :057&14023&636737562510588825&100&ACQUIRER NAME CITY NAME US&840&03&1&0&IP &5999&0&& SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey Hash : d2b4ac8c39098991b0edf773007f14d13f4318f926c5ec86efc27d4a9af06645
    Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.

    Sample request and response codes

    JSON Request:
        "AcceptorNameLocation":"test Location US",
    JSON Response: For Approval
    JSON Response: For Decline

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