The Contis buffer account, enables a card transaction to be authorised and settled from the client’s master account (buffer account) when funds in the originating cardholder (primary account) are insufficient.

    How the buffer account works

    When a cardholder uses their card, if there was insufficient balance for the transaction then it would be declined.

    With the buffer account, the Contis platform forwards the authorisation request to the client for approval and at the same time validates that the buffer account on the Contis platform has sufficient funds.

    The transaction will be declined if the buffer account holds insufficient funds or the authorisation request is declined following an API call to the Contis client.

    If the total authorisation time exceeds 2.5 seconds before a response is received, then Contis will respond with a decline for the card authorisation request from the merchant.

    If client’s response is timed-out, then Contis will respond based of the configured Stand-In-Processing (STIP) settings, either approving or declining the transactions.

    See Transaction flows for authorisation scenarios

    Authorisation process

    The principle for the buffer account is that the cardholder account balance aims to always remain at zero, so that the authorisation request always goes to the client for approval and the funds are debits from the buffer account before being credited to the cardholder account to authorise the transaction

    If the client discloses / displays the account number and sort code or IBAN then the cardholder will be able to send funds directly to their account.

    Authorisation cycle

    Stand-In-Processing (STIP)

    To allow authorisations to continue should the Client be unavailable, Contis can offer a STIP service. The reason could be an unscheduled or scheduled downtime or within a small agreed amount.

    The STIP settings are configured in the Contis platform at client level after review and approval from both parties. Based on the settings, Contis will approve or decline authorisation requests on behalf of our client’s cardholder transactions when the client’s system is unavailable or unable to respond within a specified time limit.

    The limits and counts which can be specified within the Contis platform within the agreement at the level of

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly

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