Error Code


    The following is the list of numeric error codes and their descriptions that may be returned in response to your request.

    Message Code Message
    0000 Success
    0001 {0} must be specified.
    0002 Login failed.
    0003 More than one agreement code exist in a single request.
    0004 More than one promotional code in a single request.
    0005 More than one primary consumer in a single request.
    0006 Atleast one consumer should be primary.
    0007 Only one consumer should be primary.
    0008 Consumer is not primary.
    0009 Consumer does not exist.
    0010 Account is not live.
    0011 Atleast one search criteria should be specified.
    0012 Card activation attempts over.
    0013 Card currency does not match with transaction currency.
    0014 Payee account must be specified.
    0015 Card search info does not exist.
    0016 Payment amount must be greater than zero.
    0017 Insufficient account balance, can't complete the transaction.
    0018 From and to consumer account should be different.
    0025 Payer account must be specified.
    0032 {0} Invalid.
    0033 {0} Invalid request.
    0034 Invalid or expired token.
    0035 Invalid consumer status change request.
    0036 Invalid card.
    0037 Invalid object.
    0038 Card activation code is not valid.
    0039 Mobile number length is not valid.
    0040 Primary consumer ID is not valid.
    0041 Request to change the status of new card is not valid.
    0042 Consumer's status is not active to process this request.
    0043 Payer account is not valid.
    0044 Unable to create consumer.
    0045 Unable to update consumer.
    0046 Unable to lock out user.
    0047 Unable to personalize card.
    0048 Unable to get cards info.
    0049 Unable to activate card.
    0050 Unable to change card status.
    0051 Unable to locate consumer.
    0052 Unable to create agreement.
    0053 Unable to update agreement.
    0054 Unable to locate agreement.
    0056 Invalid account.
    0057 Master agreement does not exist.
    0059 No bank setup exists.
    0060 Unable to process bankwithdrawal.
    0061 Invalid bank account number.
    0062 Invalid bank withdrawal cancelation request.
    0063 Unauthorised bank withdraw cancelation request.
    0065 Invalid card association. Card program does not match with card's design.
    0066 Only primary consumer should be self.
    0067 Primary consumer should be self.
    0068 More than one design reference exists in a single request.
    0070 Payee account is not valid.
    0071 Card already associated with consumer.
    0072 Either Primary consumer ID or Main account number must be specified.
    0074 Agreement code does not match with main account's agreement code.
    0075 Design reference does not match with main Card's design reference.
    0076 Primary account card doesn't exist or is not active.
    0077 Unable to add note.
    0079 Sanction check failed.
    0080 Sanction check pending.
    0081 Not a valid client reference or user.
    0083 SSO User unable to register.
    0084 Unable to get card activation code.
    0086 Invalid current pin.
    0087 Invalid new pin.
    0088 Unable to decrypt current or new pin.
    0089 Single sign on reference number must be unique.
    0090 Multiple ClientUniqueReferenceIDs in a single request.
    0091 Account blocked due to more than allowed numbers of failed login attempts.
    0092 Your account status does not allow login.
    0093 Send money failed as user status is - lockedout.
    0104 Unable to locate envelope.
    0105 Unable to update envelope in the account.
    0106 Unable to delete envelope from the account.
    0107 Unable to reserve envelope amount
    0108 Unable to reserve amount in the envelope.
    0109 Account Envelope not defined.
    0110 Account envelope ID must be greater than zero.
    0112 Unable to insert envelope in the account.
    0113 Invalid fixed name value of envelope.
    0114 Invalid master envelope type ID.
    0116 Unable to locate Standing order.
    0117 Unable to update Standing order.
    0118 Unable to delete Standing order.
    0119 Unable to activate Standing order.
    0120 Unable to deactivate Standing order.
    0122 Unable to insert Standing order.
    0124 Unable to update Standing order's next run date.
    0125 Standing order reference ID cannot be zero.
    0126 Standing order reference ID must be greater than zero.
    0127 Invalid Standing order type ID.
    0128 No standing order created.
    0129 Standing order's execution frequency is invalid.
    0132 Standing order's execution frequency day is invalid.
    0133 Unable to locate Standing order's next execution date.
    0135 Standing order's next execution date not found.
    0136 Amount must be greater than zero.
    0138 Unable to locate the bank account.
    0139 Unable to delete a bank detail assigned to an existing account or Standing order.
    0140 Bank reference ID must be greater than zero.
    0141 Bank transfer type ID is not valid.
    0143 Unable to delete third party account.
    0144 Unable to locate third party account.
    0145 Third party account not defined.
    0146 Master third party account ID must be greater than zero.
    0147 Unable to update third party account.
    0148 Unable to insert third party account.
    0150 Multiple accounts found for the given mobile number.
    0152 Multiple accounts found for the given email address.
    0153 Multiple accounts found for the given mobile number and email address.
    0154 Invalid TransferMethodID.
    0156 Unable to set Pay by card for Envelope.
    0157 Release money should be less than or equal to amount per month.
    0158 Transfer method not allowed in the agreement.
    0159 Third party transfer not allowed.
    0160 Record does not exist; has been deleted.
    0161 Cannot set pay by card for deleted envelope.
    0162 Allowed in expense envelopes only
    0163 Not allowed in deleted envelopes.
    0164 A full balance Standing order cannot be created daily.
    0166 Unable to send enquiry mail.
    0167 Activate your card.
    0168 You cannot send money to self.
    0169 Your account has been disabled.
    0171 Cannot request money transfer to self.
    0172 Previous request is pending, try later.
    0174 Recipient's card is not active.
    0175 Insufficient funds in the account to reserve money in envelope.
    0176 Invalid fund allocation day.
    0177 Standing order activated
    0178 Standing order deactivated.
    0179 The day of money release and money reserved in envelope should not be same.
    0180 Standing order facility is only available for live accounts.
    0181 SchemeClientAccount doesn't exist.
    0186 Either username or password; or both are not invalid. You cannot log into the application.
    0187 Feature is not available.
    0188 Information about the login device doesn't exist.
    0191 Money already received or reversal transaction made for this request.
    0192 Unable to locate account.
    0193 Unable to find the transaction reference.
    0194 This device is already registered to another account. Do you want to deregister that account?
    0195 The scheme does not support this language.
    0199 Currency conversion is not available.
    0200 Invalid current password.
    0202 Virtual account agreement does not exist.
    0204 Address details of the scheme user do not exist.
    0205 The access is restricted for virtual account.
    0206 Access is restricted for virtual card.
    0207 Unable to request for issue of a card.
    0208 Requested card design is not available.
    0209 Insufficient fund to request for issue of a card.
    0210 SMS alerts do not exist.
    0211 Unable to get SMS Alerts.
    0212 Email subscriptions do not exist.
    0213 Unable to get email subscriptions.
    0214 Mobile verification code doesn't exist.
    0215 Unable to get mobile verification code.
    0217 Consumer's mobile number is already verified.
    0218 Unable to verify the code you have entered. Check and renter the code.
    0219 Duplicate values are not allowed.
    0222 Invalid date of birth.
    0223 Change package request already exists.
    0226 Account does not have agreement.
    0229 Cannot change status of a frozen or suspended account.
    0230 Main account status cannot be frozen or suspended.
    0236 Unable to locate device of the consumer.
    0237 Device is not registered. You cannot log into the application.
    0238 Mandatory fields must be specified and be in a proper format.
    0239 MPin must be a five-digit number and it should not contain sequencial numbers or same numbers.
    0240 Invalid field length.
    0241 Unable to decrypt PIN
    0242 Invalid current MPin.
    0243 System error. Contact the technical support team.
    0244 Status of new card not specified.
    0245 Card status cannot request.
    0246 The status of the card does not allow the card to be set normal.
    0247 The status of the card does not allow the card to be set as lost.
    0248 The status of the card does not allow the card to be set as stolen.
    0249 Card cannot be replaced.
    0250 Automatic issue of card is not allowed.
    0252 Sort code must be specified.
    0253 Invalid sort code.
    0254 Direct debit instruction not found.
    0255 Multiple direct debit instructions found.
    0256 Third party transfer is not allowed.
    0261 Invalid fund allocation frequency.
    0262 Invalid fund allocation week days.
    0263 Envelope already assigned to other Direct debit or Standing order.
    0264 Unable to set payment by direct debit.
    0265 Unable to unbind envelope from the direct debit order.
    0267 Token detail not found.
    0270 API Request rejected.
    0271 Provide current card status to mark it as damaged.
    0273 Unable to find photo.
    0274 Scheme code does not exist.
    0276 Card cannot be marked as damaged.
    0277 Invalid request to mark card as damaged.
    0278 Invalid image.
    0283 Your request for change of status of card is under process. Try after some time.
    0284 Invalid reason code.
    0285 Scheduled payment cannot be retried due to maximum number of failure.
    0287 An error occurred while uploading error.
    0289 Main mobile number not found.
    0291 This card feature is already blocked.
    0292 This card feature has been unblocked.
    0293 Unable to update the card feature.
    0294 Selected card program is already used for other design code. Select other card prog.
    0295 Address not found.
    0297 Company details not found.
    0298 Either registration number or name of the company must be provided.
    0300 Company's Know Your Business (KYB) verification process has been completed.
    0302 Provide the document be uploaded.
    0303 KYC check failed for {0}.
    0304 KYC is already performed for {0}.
    0305 For internal transfer faster payment is the only allowed payment method.
    0306 is not valid.
    0310 Department doesn't exist.
    0314 Invalid head of the department.
    0315 Invalid CVV2
    0316 You can edit Standing order from tomorrow onwards, as today is the first payment date.
    0321 Start date should not be lesser than current date.
    0323 Director not found.
    0324 Card agreement limits not found.
    0325 No rejected payments found
    0326 Scheme code not specified.
    0327 Photo ID does not match with consumer.
    0328 Error in KYC verification process.
    0329 Invalid OTP.
    0330 Invalid Scheme.
    0331 Invalid MCC's configuration provided.
    0332 Duplicate MMC configuration provided.
    0333 You application is under review. You will receive a status update via email.
    0334 Unable to update the push token.
    0335 Number of values in the list of QuickBalanceAccountNumbers and QuickBalanceSortCodes is no
    0336 Merchant category code configuration not found.
    0338 Unable to decrypt CVV
    0339 Unable to locate consumer.
    0340 Invalid request. Either required parameters are not provided or string length is not as per specification.
    0341 Unable to find the payment request.
    0342 Consumer's status is not active to process this request.
    0343 Unable to locate agency.
    0344 Agency activated.
    0345 Agency is already deactivated.
    0346 Direct debit instruction is already canceled.
    0347 Envelope is already added against this account.
    0348 Head of the department is already registered.
    0349 Photo not found.
    0350 Mention ID of atleast one parameter.
    0351 URL not found.
    0352 OTP or OTPReferenceID is invalid.
    0353 Token activated.
    0354 Token use is resumed.
    0355 Token suspended.
    0356 Token deleted.
    0357 Only business user allowed for this action.
    0358 This action is not allowed for sole trader business type.
    0359 No valid account found for the consumer.
    0360 Unable to locate requested details.
    0361 User type ID not specified.
    0362 Invalid user type ID.
    0363 Login type ID must be specified.
    0364 Invalid login type ID.
    0365 Either combination of IBAN and BIC; or AccountNumber and SortCode must be mentioned.
    0989 There is an update available.
    0990 Your current version of the app has expired.
    0991 Your current version of the app is going to expire on {0}.
    0992 You are not authorized to access this method.
    0993 Token you are using has expired. Sign in again.
    0994 Hash does not match.
    0995 Unauthorised service user.
    0997 Invalid request parameters.
    0998 Access denied.
    0999 Failed.
    1000 Login failed. Passwords are CaSe sensitive
    1002 Hash does not match with the purchase request data.
    1004 Purchase reference not found.
    1005 Consumer not found.
    1006 Merchant not found.
    1008 Invalid service code.
    1009 Authentication failed. Check your email address and security code.
    1010 Either purchase key is not provided or is invalid.
    1011 Either authorisation code is not provides or it is invalid.
    1012 Access API service through https.
    1013 Database started and running.
    1014 Database not started.
    1015 Must be in a transaction
    1016 Already in transaction
    1017 No open connection.
    1018 The specified index was not found.
    1019 Transaction rate detail cannot be deleted
    1020 Cannot delete an email address which has already been deleted.
    1021 Cannot delete an email address in use.
    1022 Cannot delete a trade name which has already been deleted.
    1023 There was a problem deleting your photo.
    1024 {0} is already deleted
    1025 You cannot delete a bank detail which is assigned to existing account or Standing orders.
    1026 Invalid site address.
    1027 Invalid name.
    1032 Provide the right answer for your security question.
    1033 Invalid password.
    1034 Invalid date.
    1042 Invalid email address.
    1044 not found
    1047 Provide an unique email address.
    1048 User already exists. Provide a different email address.
    1049 Already used in other email address.
    1052 Data error.
    1057 Consumer details not found.
    1059 Username not found. Enter a valid username.
    1060 Consumer not found.
    1062 Already processed this request.
    1065 Enter numeric value only.
    1067 Password was reset.
    1068 Password has reset by consumer.
    1069 Password changed by user.
    1070 Provider's top up charge detail cannot be deleted.
    1073 Data changed.
    1074 Daily limit unlimited means weekly and monthly limit must be unlimited
    1075 Weekly limit unlimited means monthly limit also unlimited
    1083 Flat number or building name/number must be mentioned.
    1084 Street must be mentioned.
    1085 Town or district must be mentioned.
    1127 Transfer complete.
    1128 This transaction will exceed your daily limit.
    1129 This transaction will exceed your weekly limit.
    1130 This transaction will exceed your monthly limit.
    1134 This transaction will exceed your daily limit of {0}
    1135 This transaction exceeds your weekly limit of {0}
    1136 This transaction exceeds your monthly limit
    2000 Insuffecient balance in the account.
    2001 Account blocked due to more than allowed unsuccessful login attempts.
    2002 Consumer account is not live.
    2003 Merchant account is not live.
    2005 No agreement found for the merchant.
    2006 This reference number has been used.
    2007 Reserved amount in the envelope is not approved by the consumer.
    2008 Amount reserved in the envelope is sufficient.
    2010 Authorisation code has expired.
    2011 Consumer account is not live.
    2014 Customer is blocked due to more than allowed failed security code attempts.
    2015 Command passed was null
    2016 Proposal not agreed
    2017 Account ID for this return is not same as logged in user account ID
    2018 Account ID for this charge is not same as logged in account ID
    2019 Account ID for charge return is not same as logged in account ID
    2020 Account ID for this purchase is not same as logged in user account ID
    2021 ID of this transaction is not same as the account logged in user account ID
    2022 Payee and Payer accounts are same
    2024 Login not successful, DO NOT CALL "SuccessfulLogin" function unless login is successful.
    2026 User is inactive. Contact customer support services.
    2032 Maximum return quantity should be {0}
    2033 Account not active.
    2037 Invalid file name.
    2045 File(s) not found at specified location.
    2046 Login failed.
    2049 File not found
    2054 Account number is not live.
    2057 Consumer is not authorised to login.
    3000 Account doesn't exist.
    3002 Account has been closed.
    3003 Consumer's account not found.
    3004 No provider is available
    3005 User has not registered with {0}
    3006 Please check that correct parameter is supplied or correct page is called
    3007 Account suspended. Please contact customer services on {0}
    3008 Authorisation code generation has failed
    3009 You have already made payment for this purchase
    3010 You have cancelled this purchase
    3011 You have already processed this purchase
    3012 3 Attempts for Authorisation code already done
    3014 Config file not found
    3015 Username does not exist
    3017 {0} people are already registered at the specified address. No more registrations are allo
    3018 Someone of that name is already registered at the specified address. You can not sign up m
    3019 Two people with the last name you had given are already registered at the address specifie
    3020 Please enter your postcode{0}
    3021 {0} File already exists
    3023 The selected account does not match the user
    3028 Sort code must be six digits
    3029 Must be specified{0}
    3030 Account number must be of 8 digits
    3031 Can not be more than 50 characters
    3032 Is not a supported currency
    3033 Can not be more than 200 characters
    3034 Remarks can not be more than 500 characters
    3035 Shopping basket must start with {0}
    3036 Not in proper format
    3037 Item reference can not be more than 20 characters
    3039 Item quantity must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1000000
    3040 Should be greater than zero
    3041 Must be either YES or NO
    3042 Tax must be greater than or equal 0 and less than 1000000000
    3043 Can be either 0 or 1 only
    3044 Must be between 1 to 31
    3045 Must be between 1 to 7
    3046 Must be 1
    3047 Must be in future or today
    3048 Must be in future
    3049 Must be between 0 to 100
    3050 Must not be negative value
    3051 Must be less than weekly and monthly limit
    3052 Must be less than monthly limit
    3053 Must be greater than or equal to 0 (Zero)
    3054 Must be within 1 - 10
    3055 is not allowed
    3056 Size should not be more than {0} MB
    3057 Cannot be zero or negative value
    3058 Can not be grater then 9999
    3059 Already exist
    3060 Cannot be greater than current date
    3061 Must contain {0}
    3062 Must be a .cs file
    3063 Module already registered with name {0}
    3064 Maximum return amount should be {0}
    3065 Image size should not bigger then 200 x 150
    3066 Must be unique
    3067 Must be uploaded
    3069 Email address can not exceed more than 100 characters
    3070 Cannot be charged
    3071 Bank account number must be between 8 and 9 characters
    3072 Date should not be before 01-Jan-1900
    3073 Age must be atleast {0} years
    3078 Should not be credEcard's account number
    3079 Must be specified and should not be less than zero
    3080 Does not exist
    3081 Is already reversed
    3082 Must be less than the purchase quantity
    3083 Option will be void for this statement
    3085 Should not be more than closing balance
    3086 Should not be less than payment due date
    3087 Should not be extend more than one month
    3088 From date needs to be before To date
    3094 Answer must be 4 to 100 characters
    3097 To date must be greater than or equal to from date
    3100 Must be greater than {0}
    3102 Must be different
    3105 Already reversed for withdrawalID: {0} by {1} at {2}.
    3106 {0} is already {1} on {2}
    3107 Your account status does not allow login. Please contact {0} or {1}
    3109 Invalid version supplied, please supply correct version
    3111 Invalid folder path
    3112 Adjust amount cannot be greater than reserved amount
    3120 Country must be specified{0}
    3122 OT3122|{0} already exists
    3123 You are not able to pay for things sold in {0} currency
    3124 You are not able to sell in {0} currency. You can choose currency where you have rights to
    3125 You are not authorised to use {0} service for {1} currency
    3129 Is not a supported voucher currency
    3130 Duplicate voucher currency is not allowed
    3131 Only live, suspended, dormant accounts can be changed into Frozen/CreditControl
    3133 Item cost must be greater than or equal 0 and less than 1000000000
    3134 Invalid activation code
    3135 PAN {0} does not exist
    3136 Error reported
    3142 Card activation tries exceeded. Please call customer services on {0} to activate this card
    3143 Fund cannot be transfered to the same account
    3145 Currently, no funds available to transfer
    3146 The amount you selected can not be transferred due to lack of available balance. Please ad
    3148 Must be greater than zero
    3152 You can't transfer fund as agreement doesn't exist for your account
    3159 Card Program detail can not be deleted
    3163 The amount you selected has been altered to the maximum amount you are able to withdraw at
    3164 Card is already active
    3165 Bank detail already exist
    3166 All special characters are not allowed. Please enter valid answer
    3167 Address not verified
    3171 Card request unsuccessful
    3176 Should be greater than or equal to Startdate
    3178 Atleast one maestro card program required as default
    3179 Must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100
    3181 Requested account number for balance does not match
    3182 Requested number for balance should be 4 or 8 digit
    3183 Requested number for balance should be be numeric
    3184 Mobile number registered to multiple users {0}
    3185 Requested card number does not exists with requested user
    3186 Requested card status invalid for activation
    3187 Requested card status is ignore
    3188 Requested accesscode does not match with requested user
    3189 Card activate requeste format is not valid. Please send request like: ACTIVATE
    3190 Requested card number must be 4 digit
    3191 Balance Request format is not valid. Please send request like: BALANCE OR
    3192 Requested card number for balance does not match
    3193 Invalid account number
    3195 {0} verification tries exceeded. Please call customer services on {1}
    3196 Address verification code format is invalid
    3198 Adress Verification request format is not valid. Please send request like: VERIFY
    3200 Verification code does not match
    3201 Specified address is not valid for verification
    3209 Default Card Program for this scheme cannot be deleted
    3211 No data found to process, It may processed by some other user. You can not process it
    3216 Same scheme and charge type for {0}
    3219 File status change
    3220 Account should have Zero balance
    3221 Account has pending transaction(s)
    3222 Account is suspended, frozen or credit control
    3227 Holding account
    3230 IBAN length is incorrect
    3233 IBAN checksum is invalid
    3236 BIC length is incorrect
    3237 BIC format is incorrect
    3239 BIC countrycode do not match with IBAN countrycode
    3240 Cannot deactivate the scheme as it is associated with user(s)
    3242 Passport number is invalid
    3243 Driving licence number is invalid
    3244 Can not delete automated standard communication template
    3245 Can not delete this communication template
    3246 Can not delete standard communication template
    3249 This voucher is already activated. Please use the online signup if you do not have a vouch
    3250 This voucher has expired. Please use the online signup if you do not have a voucher
    3251 We cannot find an introduction pack for this code. Please re-enter carefully
    3252 Main account has other live accounts exist. Please change the main account if you want to
    3263 Records are already exported or there is no records to export
    3265 This page is refreshed
    3267 {0} is not valid
    3270 KYC result status is failed
    3271 Can not set invalid bank as primary
    3274 There was a problem deleting selected MCC group
    3277 not allowed account number {0} status is {1}
    3278 not allowed configuration {0} value is invalid
    3279 Transaction is not allowed
    3280 This transaction would exceed your {0} limit
    3281 Unlimited means {0} limit must be unlimited
    3282 Must be less than {0} limit
    3285 Paying-in book must be specified
    3286 Charge details must be specified
    3287 Account can not be charged
    3288 To and From account must be different
    3289 To account has been closed
    3291 Invalid promotional code
    3294 Unable to register with Referral Program, please try again
    3296 Unable to delete scheme setting
    3299 Flag balance must be less than or equal to max balance
    3303 Already requested for authorisation
    3306 New password must be different from old password
    3312 Your password must be between 8 & 20 characters long and must contain at least one upper c
    3313 The National ID card details are not valid
    3314 Max balance unlimited means Flag balance also must be unlimited
    3315 Email address already exists. Please provide a different email address
    3320 End date should be greater than today's date
    3324 Transaction fees should not exceed amount
    3325 Maximum balance limit exceeded
    3327 Schedule Run Date should be less than next run date and greater than current run date
    3328 User detail is already exists
    3331 Sorry, you already have the maximum number of additional cards
    3332 Sorry, the additional consumer needs to be {0} or older
    3333 Recipient account balance exceed maximum limit. Do you want to continue?
    3335 Your account status does not allow requesting additional cards. Please contact customer s
    3336 Requested additional card
    3338 {0} feature is disabled
    3341 Additional cards cannot be requested until the previous request is processed
    3342 Unable to delete {0}
    3344 You are unable to send money at this time, please check with the receiver that they are ab
    3345 Card status change request already exists
    3352 Attachment is only valid for email communication
    3353 Invalid message format
    3354 Invalid Recipient SMS Name
    3355 Number of SMS transfers per day limit exceeded
    3356 Not authorised to use third party transfer
    3357 Confirmation code supplied is invalid or has expired
    3363 Mobile is not verified
    3365 SMS sending failed
    3368 The mobile number is already registered
    3370 request for authorization pending
    3375 To close account {0} - {1}
    3377 Provider Topup Charges will be applied for each top up as either flat amount or rate perce
    3386 Can not delete standard help
    3390 Flag load must be less than or equal to total load
    3391 Flag yearly ATM limit must be less than or equal to yearly ATM limit
    3392 Flag Individual POS limit must be less than Individual POS limit
    3393 Total load limit exceeded
    3394 Security questions for this user have not been configured
    3395 Account is blocked or account status does not allow login or password reset
    3396 Request has timed out
    3398 the security answer is invalid. Please answer again
    3399 Yearly Total limit must be greated than or Equal to Yearly POS and yearly ATM limit
    3401 Daily spend limit should be Greater than or equal to Daily ATM and Daily POS Limit
    3403 Invalid Correspondence Number
    3404 Correspondence number does not Exists
    3405 From date must be greater than account create date
    3409 Specified duration exceeds maximum {0} days allowed per order statement, please change the
    3412 Must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 366
    3415 Account holder must be specified
    3416 Account holder must be alpha numeric
    3417 Sort code must be specified
    3418 Bank account number must be specified
    3419 Bank account number must be alpha numeric
    3420 Bank name must be specified
    3421 Bank name must be alpha numeric
    3422 Bank address must be alpha numeric
    3423 Reference is not valid. Only letters, numbers or the characters / - are acceptable.
    3424 Bank account type must be alpha numeric
    3425 IBAN must be specified
    3426 IBAN must be alpha numeric
    3427 BIC must be specified
    3428 BIC must be alpha numeric
    3429 Account holder address must be specified
    3430 Account holder address must be alpha numeric
    3431 From account must be specified
    3432 To account must be specified
    3433 Amount should be greater than zero
    3434 Currency must be specified
    3435 Holding account number must be specified
    3436 Email Address {0} is {1}
    3438 Card not found
    3441 Payment credit is already ignored or processed
    3442 In order to delete main email address please set alternate email address as main
    3443 KYC Limits overlap with other kyc status for same scheme
    3444 Inactive scheme card with activity reaching expiry
    3450 Add atleast Username or Long card number with security answer
    3451 Card number not found. Please check and try again
    3453 Your memorable name cannot be the same as your username or password
    3454 Post code alredy in grey area post code list
    3459 Invalid user. This action is not allowed
    3460 Username should be 8-20 alpha-numeric characters and should not include special characters
    3461 Your password must not contain username
    3463 Can not create Full Balance standing order Daily
    3464 A full balance standing order associated to this account already exists for this day
    3465 A full balance standing order associated to this account already exists for this date
    3467 Card limit must be less than or equal to max balance
    3468 Security answer is not set. Please contact customer services on {0} or {1}
    3473 Maximum SMS count for the same feature has been exceeded for the user
    3475 Invalid card number
    3479 Transaction between different currency accounts not allowed
    3481 Invalid
    3485 is already created for currency
    3486 Postcode format invalid
    3487 Requested card status invalid for {0}
    3489 Must be absent or empty
    3493 Scheme's default card design can not be set as Unavailable
    3494 Client design reference is unavailable
    3495 SMS code must be 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters
    3496 Account should be third party
    3497 Account must be specified
    3498 Scheme does not exists
    3499 Template type not specified
    3500 Communication template does not exists
    3501 is required
    3502 Physical folder path Or download ftp must be specified
    3503 must start with {0}
    3504 is invalid \n A file name cannot contain any of the following characters:{0}
    3505 Only CREDIT transcation allowed for new contact
    3507 Should be less then annual turnover
    3530 Phone number must be numeric
    3539 Please enter your password
    3543 is invalid
    3561 From date must not be less than today's date
    3562 Standing orders set up now can only start from tomorrow onwards
    3595 BIC is invalid
    3596 Sort code must be numeric
    3604 Please enter answer
    3614 or
    3631 Mobile number must be numeric
    3632 Username already exists
    3634 Please select photo to be uploaded
    3639 Verification code is not correct
    3665 National ID card expiry date should be greater than current date
    3696 Declined POS Charge
    3697 Declined ATM Charge
    3698 Monthly management fee
    3699 Account Inactivity Fee
    3700 Daily SMS on Low Balance
    3701 Bulk purchase from
    3702 Invalid Hash Type
    3706 Account Withdrawal from
    3707 New account created for user
    3708 Account
    3795 Card Reissue requested. Reason: Damaged for account number:
    3796 Card Reissue requested. Reason: Lost for account number:
    3797 Card Reissue requested. Reason: Stolen for account number:
    3798 Card cancel request for account number:
    3799 Card issue requested. Reason: new card for account number :
    3800 Card request ignored for account number:
    3887 User blocked due to three failed login attempts.
    3890 User has unblocked
    3891 User is security code unblocked
    3896 User blocked due to three failed security code attempts
    3922 File is empty
    3923 File does not have any record
    3924 File is not in correct format
    3931 No. of record in file and record count is not matching
    3932 Record length is not same as header
    3934 File header data is missing
    3943 AccountNumber must be specified
    3944 Field length for
    3945 {0} is invalid it should be {1}
    3980 Date of Birth must be specified
    3982 Mobile number must be specified
    3984 Title must be specified
    3990 Invalid gender
    3991 Invalid user title
    3993 Invalid characters in
    4017 does not match with total number of transactions
    4024 Invalid file name format
    4053 Max balance limit is exceeding
    4083 Data not found
    4098 Transfer request by SMS
    4099 Bulk provider file notification
    4103 Representment Resolved (refunded)
    4104 Chargeback Requested
    4105 Chargeback Resolved From Settlement Account
    4106 Chargeback Resolved From Loss Account
    4107 Chargeback Cancelled
    4108 Chargeback Reversal
    4109 inc. {0} cashback
    4110 Partially created bulk registration account
    4111 HashKeydoesNotMatch
    4112 CustomerReserveAmountNotSufficient
    4115 Account holder : {0} of {1}
    4116 Can not find SchemeID
    4117 Can not find setting value for settingID - {0} for scheme - {1}
    4118 Invalid SchemeID
    4119 Invalid Category for scheme settings
    4120 Record in used.. you can't delete
    4121 Verify the grey listed postcode
    4122 Error Changing HOSC status for User Detail
    4129 HOSC file verified Notification
    4169 Tripple DES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
    4170 Language change to:
    4172 Incomplete contact data.....Please provide the remaining details.
    4180 Agreement not proposed
    4183 Welcome mail not sent to the user
    4194 KYC Limits overlap with other kyc status for same scheme address country
    4196 Unable to add kyc limits for scheme address country
    4198 CardLine4Data should be same as primary consumer's CardLine4Data
    5004 Card expired
    5009 Fraudulent use
    5048 Must be less than or equal to current reserved envelope amount
    5049 Released account envelop amount
    5050 Account Envelope Frequency
    5051 Account Envelope FundAllocationPriority
    5052 Account Envelope Limit Fund
    5053 Account Envelope Name
    5054 You cannot delete an Envelope which is assigned to existing standing orders or direct debi
    5057 please provide {0} in english. {1}
    5058 Cannot be greater than monthly account fee
    5061 Sequence number is not valid: Seq No
    5063 Sequence number is expired: Seq No
    5064 Invalid A/c
    5065 Max balance limit exceeded for A/c
    5066 Total load limit exceeded for A/c
    5067 Restricted A/c
    5068 Transaction not allowed for A/c
    5069 TopUp charges
    5070 Bank Name
    5071 ATM Balance enquiry
    5072 First PIN change at ATM charges
    5073 Error Changing Device Token for User Detail
    5074 The email is already registered
    5080 You can not change the package for {0} days after last change. Package can be change after
    5081 Switch agreement fee
    5106 Scheme client already exist for current scheme
    5107 User is Scheme Client. Not allowed to change user type
    5111 Account user detail privileges mismatch
    5115 Invalid promotion code {0}
    5122 KYC Status is Failed from KYC service
    5146 {0} Customer percentage must be greater than zero
    5147 {0} Merchant percentage must be greater than or equal to customer percentage
    5148 {0} can not remove
    5149 select loyalty criteria type
    5159 Account userdetail created for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
    5160 Account userdetail deleted for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
    5161 Account userdetail activated for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
    5162 {0} Percentage value not allow more than 100
    5163 Sorry, Your Login account has been disabled
    5164 You cannot load more than {0} per transaction for debit card
    5165 Exchange rate already exists
    5182 Payment already processed
    5183 Mismatched {0}
    5193 Payment failed
    5194 User has already been registered with {0}
    5201 Maximum failed security answer attempt reached. Please contact customer services on {0} or
    5204 Funds not available -The account does not have sufficient funds to complete the request
    5205 Must be between {0} and {1}
    5209 Fees reserved for {0}
    5210 Sorry, On Demand Pay has already been used
    5211 Must be less than or eqaul to Maximum available now
    5220 Bank is not valid for this withdrawal method
    5221 LoyaltyProgramSchemeRetailerAcceptorID:
    5244 {0} must be specified
    5245 Your card will be delivered to {0} for collection, please indicate the nearest bank branch
    5246 Please note that you will need to collect your card in person with a form of ID(ie. Passpo
    5247 Sort code and account number must be valid
    5248 Sort code must be valid
    5249 Account number must be valid
    5250 Includes our mark-up ({0}% euro-zone or {1}% international)
    5258 Mobile number length must be between 6 to 15 digits
    5259 Phone number length must be between 6 to 15 digits
    5260 Account number {0}, status changed from '{1}' to '{2}' to make visa card transaction of am
    5261 This transaction would exceed your total limit
    5262 This transaction would exceed your total count limit
    5263 Must be less than total limit
    5264 Total load count limit exceeded
    5272 You can Transfer money to main account only
    5282 For virtual cards, card issuance must be post production
    5283 Cannot close account, some pending authorizations are there, please contact customer servi
    5284 Chargeback has returned with reason codes {0} for ID-{1}
    5287 You can only change your address once within {0} days, if you require it changing sooner p
    5291 For virtual account, you can transfer money only from main account
    5293 {0} Inactive merchant can not be displayed on website
    5313 Amount cant not be greater than transaction value
    5314 Account status should be live
    5316 {0} Merchant percentage must be greater than zero
    5317 High Risk Load Source A/c
    5320 Invalid language
    5322 Country ISOCode must be numeric
    5323 New Password should be different than last {0} password
    5324 UserID not allow in password
    5330 Provided amount is lower than minimum initial load
    5335 Unable to create virtual card
    5336 Staff has to personalise card to this user once user is active
    5337 Already added in whitelist
    5338 Can not close account having transaction(s) in last {0} days
    5339 Can not close account, Balance is not overdrawn solely due to fees
    5340 Charged to close account
    5341 Unable to close account
    5342 Cannot close account having reserved amount in envelope
    5343 Cannot close account having withheld amount
    5344 Cannot close account having balance more than {0}
    5346 Length can not be greater than {0}
    5347 Login not allowed for user type
    5348 Account blocked
    5349 Login disabled
    5350 Multiple TQF can not be raised
    5351 Manual action required for TQF. TQF ID {0} , Transaction ID {1}
    5353 Please enter correct detail to set new password
    5354 Account should be suspended or credit control
    5356 Minimum age must be {0}
    5357 Exceed maximum age
    5359 Suspended A/c
    5362 Scheme setup missing or invalid value
    5365 Card is already assigned
    5370 Your card was registered on date : {0}. You can try loading funds after {1} day(s) from ca
    5371 Can not register new card, your new card registration limit is achieved. please delete exs
    5375 PayPoint Loads Exceeded
    5376 Main card not activated
    5378 Your account status does not allow third party fund transfer
    5379 Your account status does not allow internal fund transfer
    5390 Must be less than {0} count
    5394 Sorry. We cannot make a transfer to these details at this time.
    5398 Social security number is invalid
    5399 Duplicate agency account number
    5401 Session has expired
    5423 Scheme's Master account not found
    5424 Commission not paid. calculated commission amount is {0}.
    5426 Must be greater than or equal to today
    5427 Must be greater than 'StartDate'
    5429 is invalid. Valid ShipmentMethodCodes: {0} .
    5430 Must be less than or equal to {0} limit
    5432 Account status must be live for withdraw money through cheque.
    5437 Faster Payment transfer fee for
    5444 This transaction would exceed your daily {0} {1}
    5445 This transaction would exceed your weekly {0} {1}
    5446 This transaction would exceed your monthly {0} {1}
    5449 Duplicate employee number is not allowed.
    5450 Manager already assigned to another department.
    5451 is not available.
    5452 No more registration is allowed.
    5469 Scheme Promotional Code '{0}' remove
    5470 Invalid special character. Only allow {0}
    5471 Mobile number is not registered for your user
    5472 User is blocked due to more than allowed one time password attempts. Please contact Custom
    5473 Frozen or suspended account does not allow to change, Please contact customer services on
    5474 User '{0}' has reinstalled application in '{1}' device; old MpinLoginID '{2}' , new MpinLo
    5475 Deregister device '{0}' for user '{1}' as another user '{2}' has requested registration on
    5476 User '{0}' has registered device '{1}' for mpin login; MpinLoginID '{2}'
    5477 User '{0}' has changed MPin in device '{1}'; MpinLoginID '{2}'
    5478 User '{0}' has deregistered MPin login in device '{1}'; MpinLoginID '{2}'
    5479 For user '{0}' MPin login has been unblocked in '{1}' device; MpinLoginID '{2}'
    5480 Deregister device '{0}' for user '{1}' due to constant failure login attempts; MpinLoginID
    5481 Your device has been deregistered due to constant failure login attempts. You can re-regis
    5482 Login blocked for user '{0}' from device '{1}' due to fail login attempts; MpinLoginID '{2
    5483 Login has been blocked from device due to more than {0} failed login attempts. Please cont
    5484 Login Failed. Invalid mPIN.
    5486 Duplicate department name is not allowed.
    5487 Weekly spend limit should be Greater than or equal to weekly ATM and weekly POS Limit
    5488 Monthly spend limit should be Greater than or equal to Monthly ATM and Monthly POS Limit
    5490 You have already registered the maximum number of permitted devices. Please log in to the
    5491 (While try to change pin from {0})
    5494 BulkAgreement change setup '{0}' remove
    5496 Can not close the account accumulated charge pending to process
    5498 Please enter promotional code.
    5501 Invalid nationality.
    5505 Directors KYC not completed.
    5506 Company is already activated
    5507 Company KYC is not completed
    5525 Sort code must be provide in file name
    5528 No Instruction found
    5529 Amount differ with due amount
    5530 Payment Overdue
    5531 Represented transaction not allow
    5532 First Payment not yet receive
    5533 Advance Payment
    5534 Duplication DD founded
    5535 DDI must be present within 6 month from the date the DDI was signed
    5536 DDI Already cancel
    5537 Expire DDI not allowed to cancel
    5539 First payment already receive
    5540 Re-instated not allow
    5541 Re-instated allow within two month of dormancy
    5542 Direct Debit Setup Fee
    5543 Direct Debit Rejection Fee
    5544 Direct Debit Amendments Fee
    5545 Direct Debit Cancellations Fee
    5546 Direct Debit Charge per collection Fee
    5548 Only allow Reprensted transaction
    5549 Sameday Faster Payment
    5550 Amount or Dormancy month must be pass
    5553 Withdraw method does not allow to transfer more than {0} amount in a single transaction
    5555 Accumulated Refund
    5556 Accumulated Charges
    5557 Account Charges Refund for
    5558 Account Charges for
    5560 Withdrawal type is not allowed in agreement
    5583 Bank Transfer Load Blocked in scheme for A/c
    5584 Must be greater than Account start range.
    5585 Must be less than sum of start and end account range.
    5586 Must be less than Increament.
    5587 Account start range and Account end range overlaped.
    5588 Error while generating Empty file : {0}
    5589 Error while Formatting record to export in file. record's ID : {0} - {1}
    5590 Error while saving recordType or file export history FileName = {0} error : {1}
    5591 Error while update schedule timings FileName = {0} error : {1}
    5592 Error while signing file using HSM. please check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
    5593 Error while override empty dummy file with actual file please check issue ASAP. FileName =
    5594 Error while create file on physical folder path check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
    5595 Outbound automated record export {0}
    5596 Reason ID not matched with reason type.
    5600 Estimated Transaction
    5601 Account status is Dormant
    5602 Account status is InActive
    5603 Account status is Limited
    5604 Transaction not allowed in multiple currency
    5605 Transaction Amount is Lower Than Minimum Initial Load
    5606 Transaction Exceed TotalLoad Count
    5607 Customer account has been closed
    5608 Transaction Not Allowed Base ON Account Status
    5609 Holding Account Not Found
    5610 Please select sortcode
    5611 Scheme Code changed from : {0} to : {1}
    5612 Invalid public key
    5613 Invalid thumb print
    5617 Dispute Cancelled
    5624 Overdraft limit reached {0}
    5625 From account is not available
    5626 To account is not available
    5627 Transfer to virtual account is not allowed at scheme setting
    5628 Must be greater than or equal to {0} limit
    5629 Sorry, the details you have entered are incorrect, please try again
    5630 Card Agreement Edited(AccountID={0},OldAgreementID={1},NewAgreementID={2})
    5644 Agreement schedule could not be process because of overdraft limit reached
    5648 Insufficient account balance.
    5649 Must be between 0 to {0}
    5650 Overdraft limit not allowed.
    5652 Weekly management fee
    5655 Invalid management fee day, please provide day between Monday to Friday.
    5665 PEP active status changed from: {0} to: {1} for UserDetailID : {2}.
    5667 Site system setting list not found.
    5687 “Income” amount should be entered before “Bills to pay” can be managed using the “Manage”
    5689 Invalid header
    5691 Add following country ID ({0}) in block list for schemecardProgram ID ={1}
    5692 Delete following country ID ({0}) form block list for schemecardProgram ID ={1}
    5693 Duplicate department code is not allowed.
    5694 Department code length is invalid. It must be upto 8 characters in length.
    5708 Bank Identifier is not valid to generate IBAN.
    5710 Account is Frozen due to ATM reversal limit reached.
    5711 Token OTP SMS charge
    5712 Account Status can not be changed to live as Agreement is not assigned.
    5717 Permanently deactivated for payment
    5718 Temporarily suspended for payments
    5719 Inactive for payment (not yet active)
    5722 Error while prepare file record summary. please check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
    5730 Daily POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Daily E-Commerce Limit
    5731 Weekly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Weekly E-Commerce Limit
    5732 Monthly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Monthly E-Commerce Limit
    5733 Yearly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Yearly E-Commerce Limit
    5735 Unable to resubmit file
    5740 NCC must be alpha numeric and must be minimum 5 characters
    5741 NCC length is invalid
    5743 Of this Envelope is already exists. Update the priority first to proceed further.
    5752 Daily ATM limit must be less than or equal to daily spend Limit
    5753 Weekly ATM limit must be less than or equal to weekly spend Limit
    5754 Monthly ATM limit must be less than or equal to monthly spend Limit
    5755 Yearly ATM limit must be less than or equal to yearly spend limit
    5756 Daily POS limit must be less than or equal to daily spend Limit
    5757 Weekly POS limit must be less than or equal to weekly spend Limit
    5758 Monthly POS limit must be less than or equal to monthly spend Limit
    5759 Yearly POS limit must be less than or equal to yearly spend Limit
    5763 Multiple accounts for same account number, expected beneficiary name :
    5765 First Payment Date must be greater than or equal to Bank Setup Date
    5766 Bank detail will be activated on {0}. Please try to transfer funds after bank detail activ
    5767 DD-Reversal from creditor- {0} - {1}
    5774 DD Instruction status has been set to stop payment
    5778 Cancellation Request already exists for withdrawal ID {0}; you cannot do withdraw-reversal
    5787 Invalid SettingID
    5791 Should be greater than current date
    5792 Must be {0} digit
    5793 Must be different for {0} charge
    5795 Error while attempt to generate file for provider - {0} - which belongs to sortcode {1}. N
    5800 Current {0} is grater than proposed agreement
    5821 Date must not be fall into bank holidays for the withdrawal method type
    5822 Date must not be fall into bank week offs for the withdrawal method type
    5823 Client authorisation account type must be business or merchant business
    5824 Scheme card program client setup is not done.
    5825 Duplicate reversal for transaction log id = {0}
    5826 Client authorization STIP not approved
    5827 You are not allowed to provide Username
    5831 Sorry, You already have Maximum number of Guardian Person
    5833 Can not close whitelist account
    5834 Card Program associated with scheme or card design and cannot be deactivated.
    5840 Must be less than or equal to {0} count
    5851 Email address not found
    5852 Account is not authorised for bulk payment.
    5854 Max upload file size is {0} MB.
    5855 Cardfeature {0} is blocked for cardID {1}
    5856 CardID {0} is not allowed in testmode
    5859 Unfortunately, Contis is not able to provide you with an account at this time. We apologis
    5865 Invalid user account type.
    5866 Communication not allowed
    5868 please check recipient account details
    5869 AES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
    5870 Length Incorrect
    5872 free online and by calling Customer Services ({0})
    5883 Either combination of (IBAN and BIC) or (NCC, BIC and AccountNumber) must be specified.
    5885 Unable to locate recipient account.
    5886 Unable to delete recipient account.
    5887 Unable to add recipient account.
    5888 Location not found.
    5889 ClientSSOReferenceNumber must be absent or empty
    5890 CVV AES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
    5891 All fields must not be blank to update
    5892 Only one primary consumer allowed.
    5893 Unable to setup standing order.
    5894 Standing order execution already active.
    5895 Standing order execution already deactive.
    5896 Given email address is associated with many consumers.
    5897 Default scheme agreement setup missing
    5898 Default scheme agreement setup missing for account types {0}
    5899 Default card program setup missing
    5900 Scheme client user setup missing
    5901 Scheme client user email setup missing or email address is invalid
    5902 Scheme master account setup missing
    5903 Invalid country ISO Code.
    5904 Minimum Initial Load
    5905 Prepaid card is valid for {0} months. (Must be used 3 months prior to expiry for automatic
    5906 Primary cardholders must be 19 years or over, additional cardholders. additional cardholde
    5909 Unable to locate requested details.
    5910 BIC Format is invalid
    5911 AccountNumber Format is invalid
    5912 IBAN Format is invalid
    5913 IBAN checksum is invalid, please verify typing mistakes
    5914 Sortcode format is invalid
    5915 Unable to accept bankdetails as system does not support sending payments to recipient who
    5916 Recipient country accepts payment on bases of {0} combination, please provide values in ne
    5917 Recipient country accepts payment on bases of {0} combination, please provide values for o
    5918 Bank Withdrawal
    5919 Additional PIN change at ATM charges
    5920 No security question is found with id = {0}
    5921 Invalid phone ISO country code.
    5922 Either recipientbank has not been setup yet or it is deleted
    5923 CardDesignCode Invalid
    5924 CardLine4Data must be absent or empty
    5925 CardLine5Data must be absent or empty
    5926 CardLine4Data must be specified
    5927 CardLine5Data must be specified
    5928 Field combination is invalid, {0} is only a valid combination
    5930 Multiple bank details are not allowed.
    5931 The account did not have sufficient funds for {0}
    5932 From and to currency must be different.
    5933 Service provider has not been setup
    5934 Privileges are in use , Are you sure you want to delete privilege Id {0} ?
    5938 From scheme must be specified.
    5939 Cross scheme configuration type must be specified.
    5940 From and To Scheme must be different.
    5941 Rejected by recipient Bank
    5942 ClientSSOReferenceNumber must be specified
    5943 Unable to activate card due to account restrictions. Please contact Customer Services for
    5944 Unable to set card to normal due to account restrictions. Please contact Customer Services
    5945 Not supported.
    5947 Not allowed to transfer more than {0} in a single transaction to country "{1}" using "{2}"
    6026 Saving feature is disabled.
    6040 We logged you out because you were logged in to another session.
    6097 Transaction not allowed due to security reasons.

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