Release Notes - 2019

    August - 6

    Contis will release its new updates as per scheduled on Aug 6,2019. This release will contain many changes and new implementations done into the systems apart from bug fixes) This release also contains new features which we will implement, and they are as below.

    1. Below mentioned changes are done in 2 CanvasAPIV2 methods (Card/ListTransactions and Account/ListTransactions):

    2. Card/ViewPin:

    Response: : General error message “5961 – Invalid Status Change Request” has been divided into multiple.

    3. Card / ListTransaction

    4. Account / Listtransaction, Business/Listtransaction, Department/Listtransaction

    5. P2P/ListRequestMoney

    6. P2P/ ListRejectedMoneyRequests

    7. Security / Logout

    December - 3

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