SDK Glossary

    0 - 9


    Two-factor authentication. A two-step verification process for customer authentication, to improve customer security.

    900 Response

    Whenever an action originating in the app and qualifying for SCA is requested, a 900 Response is sent from the Contis API which must call the DoSCA method in the SDK.


    Device Registration

    A customer device must be registered on the Contis platform in order to utilise the SDK. There are 2 flows available to do this.


    OTP One time passcode

    A onetime passcode (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric string of 8 digits that authenticates the customer for a single SCA event e.g. online card purchase.


    PSD2 Payment Services Directive

    PSD2 is a European regulation to improve security for electronic payment services. The Contis SDK solution meets regulatory requirements with simplicity to clients and customers


    Personal Identification Number



    Strong Customer Authentication


    The SDK is a software development kit - a set of tools and programs used by developers to create their own application.


    Short Message Service

    A brief text message sent to or from a mobile phone - used to send the OTP.