OTP delivery

    Where an OTP is required for Device Registration, or where a customer selects OTP as their choice of SCA in the SDK screens (this is not offered as the preferred authentication but can be selected by a customer by choosing ‘other authentication’ on the SDK UI), then the OTP is delivered to the customer in one of the following ways:

    • Contis SMS to customer (preferred)
    • Contis provide to client for onward delivery via SMS to the customer. This will be provided to the client either via:
    1. API 900 response (if a 900 response exists)
    2. HTTP Push (webhook) for:
      • SDK_RegisterDevice (internal SDK method)
      • SDK_ResendOTP (internal SDK method)

    For this webhook there is a new notification category code: 065

    SDK RegisterDevice and ResendOTP OTP HTTP Post:


    Note: OTPs for the online card payment journey are not covered in the above. Where a customer selects OTP as their method of authenticating an online card payment, the OTP delivery method will remain per existing client solutions in use today.