3DS Token OTP Notifications


    Here in below description, "Client" means the organization which is implementing contis API.
    Contis API service notifies the client about 3DS OTP for consumer to authenticate online card transaction. Client should notify consumer via consumer's preffered delivery option email or SMS.
    The client must integrate the call back URL in the Contis API service to receive notifications. If client does not prefer to configure url then contis could send 3DS OTP to consumer directly on behalf of client.

    The parameters of 3DS token OTP notification are shown in the Table

    Parameters Type Description Default Value
    NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “059” denotes the 3DS token OTP for online card transactions. Blank
    CardHolderID Integer Unique identifier of the consumer. 0
    CardID Integer Unique identifier of the card. 0
    OTPType String Indicates token type, value will be fixed "3DS Token". Blank
    OTPCode String Unique 6-digit, time-limited, one-time-use password needs to be sent on the registered mobile or email. Blank
    OTPDeliveryType String Notification delivery option selected by card holder while doing online card transaction. Values can be either "Email" or "SMS". Blank
    Mobile String Mobile Number of the consumer. (includes country code) Blank
    Email String Email Address of consumer. Blank
    MerchantName String Name of merchant through whome online tranaction is initiated. Blank
    TransactionAmount String Transaction amount. Blank
    TransactionCurrency String Currency code associated to transaction amount. e.g. GBP, USD, EUR etc. Blank
    TransactionID string Transaction identifier for reference, this can be used if need to do inquiry related the OTP notification in contis. Blank
    SecurityHash String String value generated through hash logic with all the above parameters (To verify the values posted on url) Blank


    Example 0f 3DS OTP Notification

    The Table is an example of 3DS OTP notification sent to the consumer.

    Parameter Name Value
    NotificationType 059
    CardHolderID 60039
    CardID 14023
    OTPType 3DS Token
    OTPCode 323767
    OTPDeliveryType SMS
    Mobile 449537585838
    Email xyz@gmail.com
    MerchantName amazone.com
    TransactionAmount 100.00
    TransactionCurrency USD
    TransactionID 15342422
    SecurityHash 006d192316c215bac566dba2696fa4b7e2efdc93cc465fc982001c163b7b6f03


    To Generate the Security Hash:

    HashDataString :059&60039&14023&3DS Token&323767&SMS&449537585838&xyz@gmail.com&amazone.com&100.00&USD&15342422& SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey Hash : 006d192316c215bac566dba2696fa4b7e2efdc93cc465fc982001c163b7b6f03
    Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.

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