Token OTP Notifications


    Contis API service notifies the consumer about OTP setting. The client must integrate the call back URL in the Contis API service so that consumer can receive the OTP on the mobile device.

    The parameters of token OTP notification are shown in the Table

    Parameters Type Description Default Value
    NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “055” denotes the Authorisation notification. Blank
    CardID Integer Unique identifier of the card.
    OTPCode String Unique 6-character, time-limited, one-time-use password sent to the registered mobile number.
    OTPCodeExpiry String The date and time of expiry of the OTP in the format yyyyMMddHHmmss.
    Mobile Integer Mobile Number of the consumer. Blank
    Email String Email Address of consumer. Blank
    NotificationPreference Type Integer Look up value that indicates the preference for medium of transmission of  the notification. Value “1” = “SMS” and value “2” = “Email” . 1 or 2


    Example 0f OTP Notification

    The Table is an example of OTP notification sent to the consumer.

    Parameter Name Value
    NotificationType 055
    CardID 1402
    OTPCode 1122
    OTPCodeExpiry 20180927213756
    Mobile 919824561785
    NotificationPreferenceType 1


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