Transaction notification


    Contis API service notifies the client about debit and credit transactions of consumer’s account. The latest notification contains all the details of all the transactions that happened after posting of the preceeding notification.

    Parameters of the notification about transaction of an account are shown in the Table

    Parameters Type Description Default Value
    NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “051” denotes the transaction notification. Blank
    CardID integer Unique identifier of the card. Blank
    AccountNumber String Eight-digit account number of the consumer. 00000000
    TransactionID integer Unique identifier of the transaction.
    Description String The description that describes the nature, type or purpose of transaction.
    TransactionType String Lookup value that identifies the type of transaction.
    AuthorizationDate string The date and time of authorisation of the card transaction. The format of date is yyyyMMddHHmmss Max length = 14 characters. Blank
    LocalDate string The local time and date of the card transaction. Date Format = yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 characters. Blank
    SettlementDate string The time and date of settlement of the card transaction. Provided by Visa. The Date Format is yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 characters.
    AuthoriseAmount integer The amount authorized for transaction through card. The authorized amount is in the currency of the consumer. Blank
    LocalAmount integer The amount in local currency authorized for card transaction. Blank
    SettlementAmount integer The transaction amount
    LocalCurrency String The local currency in which tranaction is done. Blank
    IssuingCurrency String The currency in which card is authorized to transact.
    MCC String Merchant Category Code. A unique three-digit identifier of the category of the merchant. Blank
    AuthoriseCode String Authorisation code generated at time of the card transaction for its validation. Blank
    ClientReferenceNumber String Unique reference number provided by user for tracking/audting.
    CardAcceptorID String Unique identifier of facility, merchant or POS that accepts the consumer’s card for payment. Provided by VISA. Blank
    TerminalCode String Unique identifier of the terminal where card is swiped for payment. Provided by Visa. Blank
    TerminalLocation String The location of the terminal where card is swiped for transaction. Provided by Visa. Blank
    TerminalStreet String The street where terminal is located. Provided by Visa. Blank
    TerminalCity String The city where terminal is located and where card was swiped. Provided by Visa. Blank
    TerminalCountry String The country where terminal is located and where card was swiped. Provided by Visa. Blank
    IsCardPresent Bool Boolean that identifies whether card “was present” or “not present” during transaction. Value “1”= “True” = “card present during transaction”. Value “0” = “False” = “Card Not Present” during transaction. Blank
    STAN integer SYSTEM TRACE AUDIT NUMBER provided by Visa. Blank
    TransactionIndicator String Transaction Indicator Lookup Value. Blank
    AcquiringInstituteID String Unique identifier of an Acquirer or Acquiring institution. Provided by Visa. Blank
    ForwardingInstitutionID String Unique identifier of the Forwarding or Processing institution. Provided by Visa. Blank


    Example of account transaction notification

    The table is an example of notification about account transaction.

    Parameter Name Value
    NotificationType 051
    CardID 123
    AccountNumber 00123456
    TransactionID 123v
    Description abc
    TransactionType 29
    AuthorizationDate 20170602105733
    LocalDate 20170602105733
    SettlementDate 20170602105733
    AuthoriseAmount 123
    LocalAmount 123
    SettlementAmount 123
    LocalCurrency 840
    IssuingCurrency 840
    AuthoriseCode 000
    ClientReferenceNumber Load Money: 6347595
    CardAcceptorID 123
    TerminalCode 123
    TerminalLocation abc
    TerminalStreet abc
    TerminalCity abc
    TerminalCountry abc
    IsCardPresent N
    STAN 123
    RRN abc
    TransactionIndicator abc
    AcquiringInstituteID abc
    ForwardingInstitutionID abc


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