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    Use - Access to and use of this Site is subject to all applicable international and local laws and regulations. This Site is made available to allow eligible persons to consider making, and to submit, an application to enter into an arrangement with Contis to issue electronic money accounts, Visa cards, provide associated payment service transactions, and to allow Contis or its Affiliate to assess their eligibility for participation in the FinTech fast-track programme, as well as to allow Contis or its Affiliate to monitor any successful Applicant’s related business activities and any activities Contis or its Affiliate undertakes which are ancillary to the above (“Purpose”). Unless otherwise specifically indicated, you may download material displayed on this Site for your internal business use solely in connection with the Purpose only. You may not distribute, modify, copy, publish, transmit, display, sell, license, use, reuse or create derivative works of any of the contents of, or material displayed on, this Site other than in connection with the Purpose without the prior written consent of Contis or any third-party that Contis deems necessary. You must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices on downloaded and/or copied material. You may not access or use this Site in any way that could, or is intended to, damage or impair this Site, or any server or network underlying this Site, or interfere with anyone else's use and enjoyment of this Site.

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    The Confidential Information is disclosed on an “as is” basis and any disclosing party gives no representations or warranties express or implied of any description either regarding the sufficiency, accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information for any purpose or regarding any infringements which may arise from the use of the Confidential Information.

    Contis shall be entitled to share your Confidential Information with Visa Europe Limited in connection with the Purpose, provided that Contis requires Visa Europe Limited to agree to substantially similar confidentiality provisions to those above.

    Eligibility Checks – Contis or its Affiliates may use information, including Confidential Information, which you provide through your use of this Site to carry out screening checks to assess your eligibility and suitability to participate in the FinTech fast-track programme. Contis or its Affiliates shall have the right to use information which you include in an unsubmitted or unfinalized application to carry out such checks.

    Commercially Sensitive Information – This Site contains information which is commercially sensitive to Contis. You shall not use information other than for the Purpose and shall delete any information downloaded or copied from this Site when no longer required for the Purpose.

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    Privacy - Please also read our Privacy Notice (https://www.contis.com/privacy-policy/) which explains how Contis uses personal data.

    Amendments - These terms may be varied from time to time and your use of this Site is subject to the then current terms. Please check them regularly to ensure you are familiar with them.

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    Definitions - The following terms when used throughout this Site shall have the following meanings:

    "Affiliate" means, in relation to Contis, any subsidiary undertaking or parent undertaking of that person and any subsidiary undertaking of any such parent undertaking;

    "Applicant" means the company who expresses an interest in entering into an agreement with Contis on this Site; and

    "you" or “your” means the person authorized on behalf of the Applicant to access this Site, complete and submit information in relation to the Applicant on this Site.

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