Error / Response codes

The following is the list of numeric error codes and their descriptions that may be returned in response to your request.

Message CodeMessage
0001{0} must be specified.
0002Login failed.
0003More than one agreement code exist in a single request.
0004More than one promotional code in a single request.
0005More than one primary consumer in a single request.
0006At least one consumer should be primary.
0007Only one consumer should be primary.
0008Consumer is not primary.
0009Consumer does not exist.
0010Account is not live.
0011At least one search criteria should be specified.
0012Card activation attempts over.
0013Card currency does not match with transaction currency.
0014Payee account must be specified.
0015Card search info does not exist.
0016Payment amount must be greater than zero.
0017Insufficient account balance, can’t complete the transaction.
0018From and to consumer account should be different.
0019Request info does not exist.
0020Credential info does not exist.
0021Card holder info does not exist.
0022Card holder search info does not exist.
0023Card holder status info does not exist.
0024Pin reminder info does not exist.
0025Payer account must be specified.
0026Card activation info does not exist.
0027Card status info does not exist.
0028Transaction search info does not exist.
0029Transaction post info does not exist.
0030Payment transaction info does not exist.
0031Agreement info does not exist.
0032{0} Invalid.
0033{0} Invalid request.
0034Invalid or expired token.
0035Invalid consumer status change request.
0036Invalid card.
0037Invalid object.
0038Card activation code is not valid.
0039Mobile number length is not valid.
0040Primary consumer ID is not valid.
0041Request to change the status of new card is not valid.
0042Consumer’s status is not active to process this request.
0043Payer account is not valid.
0044Unable to create consumer.
0045Unable to update consumer.
0046Unable to lock out user.
0047Unable to personalize card.
0048Unable to get cards info.
0049Unable to activate card.
0050Unable to change card status.
0051Unable to locate consumer.
0052Unable to create agreement.
0053Unable to update agreement.
0054Unable to locate agreement.
0055Bank info does not exist.
0056Invalid account.
0057Master agreement does not exist.
0058Bank withdraw info does not exist.
0059No bank setup exists.
0060Unable to process bankwithdrawal.
0061Invalid bank account number.
0062Invalid bank withdrawal cancelation request.
0063Unauthorised bank withdraw cancelation request.
0064Bank withdraw cancel info does not exist.
0065Invalid card association. Card program does not match with card’s design.
0066Only primary consumer should be self.
0067Primary consumer should be self.
0068More than one design reference exists in a single request.
0069More than one account number exist in single request.
0070Payee account is not valid.
0071Card already associated with consumer.
0072Either Primary consumer ID or Main account number must be specified.
0073Provided main card holder id and main account number are not associated.
0074Agreement code does not match with main account’s agreement code.
0075Design reference does not match with main Card’s design reference.
0076Primary account card doesn’t exist or is not active.
0077Unable to add note.
0078Communication Note Info does not exist.
0079Sanction check failed.
0080Sanction check pending.
0081Not a valid client reference or user.
0082SSO User info does not exist.
0083SSO User unable to register.
0084Unable to get card activation code.
0085PinChangeInfo does not exist.
0086Invalid current pin.
0087Invalid new pin.
0088Unable to decrypt current or new pin.
0089Single sign on reference number must be unique.
0090Multiple ClientUniqueReferenceIDs in a single request.
0091Account blocked due to more than allowed numbers of failed login attempts.
0092Your account status does not allow login.
0093Send money failed as user status is – lockedout.
0094CardHolder GetDeviceInfo does not exist
0095CardHolder DeviceInfo does not exist
0096Security Info does not exist
0097RequestMoneyInfo does not exist
0098ProcessRequestMoneyInfo does not exist
0099RequestMoneySearchInfo does not exist
0100SendMoneyInfo does not exist
0101ReceiveMoneyInfo does not exist
0102Account info does not exist
0103Account envelope info does not exist
0104Unable to locate account envelope
0105Unable to update envelope in the account.
0106Unable to delete envelope from the account.
0107Unable to reserve envelope amount
0108Unable to reserve amount in the envelope.
0109Account Envelope not defined.
0110Account envelope ID must be greater than zero.
0111invalid account envelope info
0112Unable to insert envelope in the account.
0113Invalid fixed name value of envelope.
0114Invalid master envelope type ID.
0115Standing order info does not exist
0116Unable to locate Standing order.
0117Unable to update Standing order.
0118Unable to delete Standing order.
0119Unable to activate Standing order.
0120Unable to deactivate Standing order.
0121Unable to get standing orderlist
0122Unable to insert Standing order.
0123Unable to get standing order next run date list
0124Unable to update Standing order’s next run date.
0125Standing order reference ID cannot be zero.
0126Standing order reference ID must be greater than zero.
0127Invalid Standing order type ID.
0128No standing order created.
0129Standing order’s execution frequency is invalid.
0130Invalid standing order start date
0131invalid Standig order end date
0132Standing order’s execution frequency day is invalid.
0133Unable to locate Standing order’s next execution date.
0134Invalid standing order next execution date
0135Standing order’s next execution date not found.
0136Amount must be greater than zero.
0137Bank detail info does not exist
0138Unable to locate the bank account.
0139Unable to delete a bank detail assigned to an existing account or Standing order.
0140Bank reference ID must be greater than zero.
0141Bank transfer type ID is not valid.
0142Third party account info does not exist
0143Unable to delete third party account.
0144Unable to locate third party account.
0145Third party account not defined.
0146Master third party account ID must be greater than zero.
0147Unable to update third party account.
0148Unable to insert third party account.
0149PhoneSearchInfo does not exist.
0150Multiple accounts found for the given mobile number.
0151EmailSearchInfo does not exist.
0152Multiple accounts found for the given email address.
0153Multiple accounts found for the given mobile number and email address.
0154Invalid TransferMethodID.
0155Unable to get account envelopes
0156Unable to set Pay by card for Envelope.
0157Release money should be less than or equal to amount per month.
0158Transfer method not allowed in the agreement.
0159Third party transfer not allowed.
0160Record does not exist; has been deleted.
0161Cannot set pay by card for deleted envelope.
0162Allowed in expense envelopes only
0163Not allowed in deleted envelopes.
0164A full balance Standing order cannot be created daily.
0165Card holder enquiry information does not exists.
0166Unable to send enquiry mail.
0167Activate your card.
0168You cannot send money to self.
0169Your account has been disabled.
0170Invalid password.
0171Cannot request money transfer to self.
0172Previous request is pending, try later.
0173MoneyConversionInfo does not exist.
0174Recipient’s card is not active.
0175Insufficient funds in the account to reserve money in envelope.
0176Invalid fund allocation day.
0177Standing order activated
0178Standing order deactivated.
0179The day of money release and money reserved in envelope should not be same.
0180Standing order facility is only available for live accounts.
0181SchemeClientAccount doesn’t exist.
0182Payment location detail information does not exists
0183Payment location search detail does not exists.
0184Site locator search detail does not exists.
0185Cannot send money to virtual account
0186Either username or password; or both are not invalid. You cannot log into the application.
0187Feature is not available.
0188Information about the login device doesn’t exist.
0189Login Quick Balance Account info does not exist.
0190Quick Balance Search info does not exist.
0191Money already received or reversal transaction made for this request.
0192Unable to locate account.
0193Unable to find the transaction reference.
0194This device is already registered to another account. Do you want to deregister that account?
0195The scheme does not support this language.
0196Address info does not exist
0197CardHolderContactInfo info does not exist
0198CardHolderProfileInfo info does not exist
0199Currency conversion is not available.
0200Invalid current password.
0201VirtualCardHolderInfo does not exist
0202Virtual account agreement does not exist.
0203Virtual card program does not exist
0204Address details of the scheme user do not exist.
0205The access is restricted for virtual account.
0206Access is restricted for virtual card.
0207Unable to request for issue of a card.
0208Requested card design is not available.
0209Insufficient fund to request for issue of a card.
0210SMS alerts do not exist.
0211Unable to get SMS Alerts.
0212Email subscriptions do not exist.
0213Unable to get email subscriptions.
0214Mobile verification code doesn’t exist.
0215Unable to get mobile verification code.
0216Email Address info does not exist.
0217Consumer’s mobile number is already verified.
0218Unable to verify the code you have entered. Check and renter the code.
0219Duplicate values are not allowed.
0220SchemeAgenciesInfo does not exist
0221SecureCredentialInfo does not exist.
0222Invalid date of birth.
0223Change package request already exists.
0224PackageSearchInfo does not exist.
0225PackageInfo does not exist.
0226Account does not have agreement.
0227Method access is restricted for API client.
0228Provider transaction info does not exist.
0229Cannot change status of a frozen or suspended account.
0230Main account status cannot be frozen or suspended.
0231MPin Registration Info does not exists
0232MPin Login Info does not exists
0233MPin Info does not exists
0234Please provide either only card details or only login details
0235Device has been de-registered
0236Unable to locate device of the consumer.
0237Device is not registered. You cannot log into the application.
0238Mandatory fields must be specified and be in a proper format.
0239MPin must be a five-digit number and it should not contain sequencial numbers or same numbers.
0240Invalid field length.
0241Unable to decrypt PIN
0242Invalid current MPin.
0243System error. Contact the technical support team.
0244Status of new card not specified.
0245Card status cannot request.
0246The status of the card does not allow the card to be set normal.
0247The status of the card does not allow the card to be set as lost.
0248The status of the card does not allow the card to be set as stolen.
0249Card cannot be replaced.
0250Automatic issue of card is not allowed.
0251App Version Info does not exist
0252Sort code must be specified.
0253Invalid sort code.
0254Direct debit instruction not found.
0255Multiple direct debit instructions found.
0256Third party transfer is not allowed.
0257DirectDebitPaymentSearchInfo does not exist
0258Its time to upgrade! There is a new version of app available and you must update your app with latest
version to continue accessing your account.
02593DSecureCardInfo does not exist.
0261Invalid fund allocation frequency.
0262Invalid fund allocation week days.
0263Envelope already assigned to other Direct debit or Standing order.
0264Unable to set payment by direct debit.
0265Unable to unbind envelope from the direct debit order.
0266Tokensearchinfo not exist
0267Token detail not found.
0268Mobile Token Info does not exist
0269Account Number does not exist
0270API Request rejected.
0271Provide current card status to mark it as damaged.
0272User Photo Info does not exist
0273Unable to find photo.
0274Scheme code does not exist.
0275Visa ATML Locator search info does not exist
0276Card cannot be marked as damaged.
0277Invalid request to mark card as damaged.
0278Invalid image.
0282Scheme setting value information does not exists.
0283Your request for change of status of card is under process. Try after some time.
0284Invalid reason code.
0285Scheduled payment cannot be retried due to maximum number of failure.
0286File info does not exist.
0287An error occurred while uploading error.
0288Communication URL info does not exist.
0289Main mobile number not found.
0290Card feature info does not exist.
0291This card feature is already blocked.
0292This card feature has been unblocked.
0293Unable to update the card feature.
0294Selected card program is already used for other design code. Select other card prog.
0295Address not found.
0296Address search info does not exist.
0297Company details not found.
0298Either registration number or name of the company must be provided.
0299Company info does not exist.
0300Company’s Know Your Business (KYB) verification process has been completed.
0301Document info does not exist.
0302Provide the document be uploaded.
0303KYC check failed for {0}.
0304KYC is already performed for {0}.
0305For internal transfer faster payment is the only allowed payment method.
0306is not valid.
0307Payment allowed only between sub companies or sub to parent companies.
0308Department search info does not exist.
0309Department info does not exist.
0310Department doesn’t exist.
0311PassportInfo doesn’t exists.
0312DrivingLicenceInfo does not exists.
0313Department location info does not exist.
0314Invalid head of the department.
0315Invalid CVV2
0316You can edit Standing order from tomorrow onwards, as today is the first payment date.
0317Card agreement info does not exist.
0318Employee search info does not exist.
0319Employee info does not exist.
0320EndDate should not be lesser than StartDate.
0321Start date should not be lesser than current date.
0322Frequency must be specified with EndDate.
0323Director not found.
0324Card agreement limits not found.
0325No rejected payments found
0326Scheme code not specified.
0327Photo ID does not match with consumer.
0328Error in KYC verification process.
0329Invalid OTP.
0330Invalid Scheme.
0331Invalid MCC’s configuration provided.
0332Duplicate MMC configuration provided.
0333You application is under review. You will receive a status update via email.
0334Unable to update the push token.
0335Number of values in the list of QuickBalanceAccountNumbers and QuickBalanceSortCodes is no
0336Merchant category code configuration not found.
0337Please provide cvv2 or card activation code.
0338Unable to decrypt CVV
0339Unable to locate consumer.
0340Invalid request. Either required parameters are not provided or string length is not as per
0341Unable to find the payment request.
0342Consumer’s status is not active to process this request.
0343Unable to locate agency.
0344Agency activated.
0345Agency is already deactivated.
0346Direct debit instruction is already canceled.
0347Envelope is already added against this account.
0348Head of the department is already registered.
0349Photo not found.
0350Mention ID of atleast one parameter.
0351URL not found.
0352OTP or OTPReferenceID is invalid.
0353Token activated.
0354Token use is resumed.
0355Token suspended.
0356Token deleted.
0357Only business user allowed for this action.
0358This action is not allowed for sole trader business type.
0359No valid account found for the consumer.
0360Unable to locate requested details.
0361User type ID not specified.
0362Invalid user type ID.
0363Login type ID must be specified.
0364Invalid login type ID.
0365Either combination of IBAN and BIC; or AccountNumber and SortCode must be mentioned.
0366Either combination of (QuickBalanceIBAN and QuickBalanceBIC) or (QuickBalanceAccountNumber and
QuickBalanceSortCode) must be specified.
0367Number of values in the list of QuickBalanceIBANs and QuickBalanceBICs is not matched.
0368Either combination of (PayerIBAN and PayerBIC) or (PayerAccountNumber and PayerSortCode) must be
0369Either combination of (RecipientIBAN and RecipientBIC) or (RecipientAccountNumber and RecipientSortCode)
must be specified.
0370Either combination of (SenderIBAN and SenderBIC) or (SenderAccountNumber and SenderSortCode) must be
0371SenderAccountNumber must be specified.
0372SenderSortCode must be specified.
0373SenderIBAN must be specified.
0374SenderBIC must be specified.
0377The field {0} must have each string value with a maximum length of {1}.
0378An authorisation request has been generated, the action will be performed once the request is approved.
0379Authorisation has been approved successfully, but a further approval is required.
0380Error occured while generating report, either provided report name is invalid or internal error occured.
0381Unable to cancel card.
0382Invalid card details.
0383Transactions date range must be within last {0} days.
0384Login does not exist.
0385Value must be empty.
0386Provided value is not supported or invalid.
0387Your session has expired Please Login again
0388Provisioning pass request info is null
0395Post Login Req does not exist.
0900SCA needs to be performed.
0901User blocked; Access not allowed for this user.
0902Failed to send OTP.
0903SCA request does’ not exist or expired.
0904User blocked due to multiple fail OTP attempts.
0905OTP verification failed; Multiple Invalid attempts will block the account.
0906Incomplete Cardholder contact Information. Please Update the contact details and then resend the
0907Login not allowed using this method as SCA required.
0908OTP verification is pending.
0909SCA Verification attempt over.
0910Provied SCA identification is not valid.
0911SCA options must not be from same authentication factors.
0989There is an update available.
0990Your current version of the app has expired.
0991Your current version of the app is going to expire on {0}.
0992You are not authorized to access this method.
0993Token you are using has expired. Sign in again.
0994Hash does not match.
0995Unauthorised service user.
0996Missing input params.
0997Invalid request parameters.
0998Access denied.
1000Login failed. Passwords are CaSe sensitive
1001Security code does not match
1002Hash does not match with the purchase request data.
1003Authorisation code not found
1004Purchase reference not found.
1005Consumer not found.
1006Merchant not found.
1007Service not found
1008Invalid service code.
1009Authentication failed. Check your email address and security code.
1010Either purchase key is not provided or is invalid.
1011Either authorisation code is not provides or it is invalid.
1012Access API service through https.
1013Database started and running.
1014Database not started.
1015Must be in a transaction
1016Already in transaction
1017No open connection.
1018The specified index was not found.
1019Transaction rate detail cannot be deleted
1020Cannot delete an email address which has already been deleted.
1021Cannot delete an email address in use.
1022Cannot delete a trade name which has already been deleted.
1023There was a problem deleting your photo.
1024{0} is already deleted
1025You cannot delete a bank detail which is assigned to existing account or Standing orders.
1026Invalid site address.
1027Invalid name.
1028The new password and confirm password fields do not match
1029Invalid current password
1030The new security code and confirm security code fields do not match
1031Sorry, you can not delete this address as it is in use
1032Provide the right answer for your security question.
1033Invalid password.
1034Invalid date.
1035‘Current recipient’ and ‘move to recipient’ should be different
1036‘Move to recipient’ and ‘move to sender’ should be different
1037‘Current recipient’ and ‘move to sender’ should be different
1038‘Current sender’ and ‘move to sender’ should be different
1039‘Move to recipient’ and ‘current sender’ should be different
1040Sent / Received date From date cannot be greater than the ‘to’ date
1041‘Deal with’ date ‘from’ date can not be greater than ‘to’ date
1042Invalid email address.
1043Invalid authorisation code or authorisation code has expired
1044not found
1045Invalid username or password
1046Passwords do not match
1047Provide an unique email address.
1048User already exists. Provide a different email address.
1049Already used in other email address.
1050Already used in email address
1051Already exists, provide different name
1052Data error.
1053Invalid authorisation code supplied
1054File is not opened
1056Hashcode key does not match with the signature file
1057Consumer details not found.
1058Array value not proper. There is some problem with CredECardFormat file
1059Username not found. Enter a valid username.
1060Consumer not found.
1061Timeout string in configuration is in wrong format. Should be an integer
1062Already processed this request.
1063Please enter numeric value for price
1064Please enter numeric value for quantity
1065Enter numeric value only.
1066Deleting the email address will move all communications to main email address. Continue?
1067Password was reset.
1068Password has reset by consumer.
1069Password changed by user.
1070Provider’s top up charge detail cannot be deleted.
1071Unauthorise access…. Access is denied
1072Data changed by {0} at {1}. your changes will not be saved, do you want to refresh data?
1073Data changed.
1074Daily limit unlimited means weekly and monthly limit must be unlimited
1075Weekly limit unlimited means monthly limit also unlimited
1076Your password has now been changed. Please use your new password the next time you login
1077Please enter your current and new passwords
1078Security code changed successfully. Please use your new security code next time
1079Please enter new security code
1082Please select an address
1083Flat number or building name/number must be mentioned.
1084Street must be mentioned.
1085Town or district must be mentioned.
1087Remove attachment?
1088The selected contact doesn’t have a mobile number listed
1089Providing no criteria will return *all* of the {0} (this may take considerable time). Continue?
1090Please enter a number
1091Providing no criteria will return *all* data (this may take considerable time). Continue?
1092Please input POP3 server, username and password
1093Save changes?
1094Do you really want to quit?
1096Authorisation code must be specified
1097Please select how long you have lived here
1098Primary manager must be specified
1099Secondary manager must be specified
1100Password reset for user :
1101Security code reset for user :
1102Mail(s) sent successfully
1103Exported successfully
1104Export failed
1105Please select only image files
1106File(s) uploaded
1107Company ‘{0}’ already exists, would you like to relate this contact to the existing account?
1108Charge already refunded
1109Privileges will affect on next login
1111Set primary?
1112Make bank valid?
1114Print this whole grid?
1115Delete photo?
1116No payment data found for this file
1117View all communications including notifications? (this may take considerable time)
1119Reset password?
1120Reset security code?
1121Only active user can offer new services
1122Abort downloading?
1123Sorry, there is no account for auto payment
1124Sorry, there is no account to pay
1125Re-download file?
1126Re-process file?
1127Transfer complete.
1128This transaction will exceed your daily limit.
1129This transaction will exceed your weekly limit.
1130This transaction will exceed your monthly limit.
1131No transactions have been made
1132To help you quickly identify any fraudulant activity, your last 2 transactions are listed below
1133KYC check failed. Please contact customer support {0}
1134This transaction will exceed your daily limit of {0}
1135This transaction exceeds your weekly limit of {0}
1136This transaction exceeds your monthly limit
1137No error occured – The authentication was successful
2000Insuffecient balance in the account.
2001Account blocked due to more than allowed unsuccessful login attempts.
2002Consumer account is not live.
2003Merchant account is not live.
2005No agreement found for the merchant.
2004Merchant account status is not Live
2006This reference number has been used.
2007Reserved amount in the envelope is not approved by the consumer.
2008Amount reserved in the envelope is sufficient.
2009Service is not live
2010Authorisation code has expired.
2011Consumer account is not live.
2012You have already registered for {0}
2013Credit is not enough for accessing this service
2014Customer is blocked due to more than allowed failed security code attempts.
2015Command passed was null
2016Proposal not agreed
2017Account ID for this return is not same as logged in user account ID
2018Account ID for this charge is not same as logged in account ID
2019Account ID for charge return is not same as logged in account ID
2020Account ID for this purchase is not same as logged in user account ID
2021ID of this transaction is not same as the account logged in user account ID
2022Payee and Payer accounts are same
2024Login not successful, DO NOT CALL “SuccessfulLogin” function unless login is successful.
2025AOPOP3 Message object is returning null value for from address
2026User is inactive. Contact customer support services.
2029From address is not exist in mapping for
2030Invalid email storage path
2031Please check that the service code you supplied is correct or proper page is called.
2032Maximum return quantity should be {0}
2033Account not active.
2034is not enough
2035File access error
2036An error prevented your current layout settings from being saved
2037Invalid file name.
2038Select atleast one item to return
2039Folder path length exceeds the limit
2040File length exceeds the limit
2041Register module
2042No printer installed, please contact the system administrator
2043An error prevented your layout settings from being loaded, using default settings
2044Directory not found
2045File(s) not found at specified location.
2046Login failed.
2047Unable to transform in HTML, invalid style sheet format
2048Error while uploading:
2049File not found
2050Row sequence not proper
2051Provider’s module {0} is not as per credEcard supported format
2052Provider’s few support files are missing
2053Provider’s support file does not exist or not downloaded
2054Account number is not live.
2055Account number {0} do not have sufficient funds
2056Unable to add data in communication and job emailer
2057Consumer is not authorised to login.
2058You have not registered as merchant through credEcard
2059Error while sending SMS
2501Sorry, your login does not have privileges to manage bank accouts
2502Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view accounts
2503Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of accounts
2504Sorry, your login does not have privileges to add accounts
2505Sorry, your login does not have privileges delete accounts
2506Sorry, your login does not have privileges to payment
2507Sorry, your login does not have privileges to send money
2508Sorry, your login does not have privileges to request money
2509Sorry, your login does not have privileges for standing orders
2510Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view SO
2511Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of SO
2512Sorry, your login does not have privileges to add SO
2513Sorry, your login does not have privileges to edit SO
2514Sorry, your login does not have privileges to change SO
2515Sorry, your login does not have privileges to delete SO
2516Sorry, your login does not have privileges for SO schedule
2517Sorry, your login does not have privileges to edit schedule of SO
2518Sorry, your login does not have privileges to manage Envelopes
2519Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view Envelopes
2520Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of Envelopes
2521Sorry, your login does not have privileges to edit Envelopes
2522Sorry, your login does not have privileges to delete Envelopes
2523Sorry, your login does not have privileges for Envelope balances
2524Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view Envelope balances
2525Sorry, your login does not have privileges to release Envelope balance
2526Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view account transactions
2527Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of accounts transactions
2528Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view last statement transactions
2529Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view all statements
2530Sorry, your login does not have privileges for statement orders
2531Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view statement oders
2532Sorry, your login does not have privileges to download statements
2533Sorry, your login does not have privileges to request statement orders
2534Sorry, your login does not have privileges for debit card loading
2535Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view payslips
2536Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view account topups
2537Sorry, your login does not have privileges for money requests
2538Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view money requests
2539Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of money requests
2540Sorry, your login does not have privileges to cancel money requests
2541Sorry, your login does not have privileges for reward points
2542Sorry, your login does not have privileges to pay money requests
2543Sorry, your login does not have privileges for seller money requests
2544Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view seller money requests
2545Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view details of seller money requests
2547Sorry, your login does not have privileges to reserve Envelope balance
3000Account doesn’t exist.
3001Account suspended – The account is suspended
3002Account has been closed.
3003Consumer’s account not found.
3004No provider is available
3005User has not registered with {0}
3006Please check that correct parameter is supplied or correct page is called
3007Account suspended. Please contact customer services on {0}
3008Authorisation code generation has failed
3009You have already made payment for this purchase
3010You have cancelled this purchase
3011You have already processed this purchase
30123 Attempts for Authorisation code already done
3013Attachment file not found
3014Config file not found
3015Username does not exist
3016Failed to add attachment
3017{0} people are already registered at the specified address. No more registrations are allo
3018Someone of that name is already registered at the specified address. You can not sign up m
3019Two people with the last name you had given are already registered at the address specifie
3020Please enter your postcode{0}
3021{0} File already exists
3022You can not move communication to the unknown user
3023The selected account does not match the user
3024Every answer must be different
3025The postcode you entered has not been found. Please enter your postcode again
3026Please specify correct address details
3027Account already created. Please login to online account to receive money
3028Sort code must be six digits
3029Must be specified{0}
3030Account number must be of 8 digits
3031Can not be more than 50 characters
3032Is not a supported currency
3033Can not be more than 200 characters
3034Remarks can not be more than 500 characters
3035Shopping basket must start with {0}
3036Not in proper format
3037Item reference can not be more than 20 characters
3038We have not been able to verify the code you have entered against this {0}. Please ensure you have
entered it correctly
3039Item quantity must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1000000
3040Should be greater than zero
3041Must be either YES or NO
3042Tax must be greater than or equal 0 and less than 1000000000
3043Can be either 0 or 1 only
3044Must be between 1 to 31
3045Must be between 1 to 7
3046Must be 1
3047Must be in future or today
3048Must be in future
3049Must be between 0 to 100
3050Must not be negative value
3051Must be less than weekly and monthly limit
3052Must be less than monthly limit
3053Must be greater than or equal to 0 (Zero)
3054Must be within 1 – 10
3055is not allowed
3056Size should not be more than {0} MB
3057Cannot be zero or negative value
3058Can not be grater then 9999
3059Already exist
3060Cannot be greater than current date
3061Must contain {0}
3062Must be a .cs file
3063Module already registered with name {0}
3064Maximum return amount should be {0}
3065Image size should not bigger then 200 x 150
3066Must be unique
3067Must be uploaded
3068Must be more than 2 characters long
3069Email address can not exceed more than 100 characters
3070Cannot be charged
3071Bank account number must be between 8 and 9 characters
3072Date should not be before 01-Jan-1900
3073Age must be atleast {0} years
3074Password length must be 8 to 20 characters
3075The security code should contain only numbers and must be 4 digits
3076All four digits cannot be the same
3078Should not be credEcard’s account number
3079Must be specified and should not be less than zero
3080Does not exist
3081Is already reversed
3082Must be less than the purchase quantity
3083Option will be void for this statement
3084Should not be less than minimum payment
3085Should not be more than closing balance
3086Should not be less than payment due date
3087Should not be extend more than one month
3088From date needs to be before To date
3090Current address and previous address can not be same
3091Security code can not have consecutive numbers
3092Licence number should be alpha numeric and 16 characters in length
3093Bill number should be alpha numeric and 13 characters in length
3094Answer must be 4 to 100 characters
3095Primary and secondary managers must be different
3096Must be specified between 8 and 20 characters and must include atleast 2 numbers
3097To date must be greater than or equal to from date
3098Contact due date must not be less then today
3099The adopted on date must be after the year 1500 and not in the future
3100Must be greater than {0}
3101Must be less than
3102Must be different
3103You can not upload more than 3 photos
3104File is not in correct Format. 12 parameters should be passed
3105Already reversed for withdrawalID: {0} by {1} at {2}.
3106{0} is already {1} on {2}
3107Your account status does not allow login. Please contact {0} or {1}
3108These details already exist on account(s) {0}. Are you sure you wish to set these bank details?
3109Invalid version supplied, please supply correct version
3110Account already created. Please login to online account to pay
3111Invalid folder path
3112Adjust amount cannot be greater than reserved amount
3113Price must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 10000000
3114Value must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 10000000
3116Invalid activation code or activation code has expired
3117This access code has already been activated
3118Mobile number can have numbers only
3119Merchant Personal account is not a valid account type. Please select some other account type
3120Country must be specified{0}
3121Please enter flat number or building name or building number or select country
3122OT3122|{0} already exists
3123You are not able to pay for things sold in {0} currency
3124You are not able to sell in {0} currency. You can choose currency where you have rights to
3125You are not authorised to use {0} service for {1} currency
3126Selected currency account does not exist. It will create a new account
3127Make new card request?
3128Data already changed by another user, your changes will not be saved
3129Is not a supported voucher currency
3130Duplicate voucher currency is not allowed
3131Only live, suspended, dormant accounts can be changed into Frozen/CreditControl
3132Maestro transaction file not validated successfully
3133Item cost must be greater than or equal 0 and less than 1000000000
3134Invalid activation code
3135PAN {0} does not exist
3136Error reported
3137Total {0} does not match with number of cards
3138Card action unsuccessful
3139Card activation unsuccessful. Please contact customer services to activate your card on {0} or {1}
3140You have selected {0}, Are you sure?
3141You have entered the wrong code, please try again. You can make {0} more attempt. If you enter the
wrong code at last attempt, you will need to call customer services on {1} to activate the card
3142Card activation tries exceeded. Please call customer services on {0} to activate this card
3143Fund cannot be transfered to the same account
3144Payment service is available to live accounts only. Payment from {0} is not allowed
3145Currently, no funds available to transfer
3146The amount you selected can not be transferred due to lack of available balance. Please ad
3147At least two accounts are required to avail Payment service
3148Must be greater than zero
3149Amount to make a payment must be specified
3151No other account is authorised to accept money
3152You can’t transfer fund as agreement doesn’t exist for your account
3153Special characters are not allowed in answer
3154User of the given account number in filename and User of Provider are not matching
3155must be Authorisation withdrawn only
3156cannot be changed
3157must be Authorised or Rejected only
3158{0} status is not active
3159Card Program detail can not be deleted
3160Default card Program can not be deleted
3161{0} file name should be {1}
3162Card display name must not be exceed to 21 character
3163The amount you selected has been altered to the maximum amount you are able to withdraw at
3164Card is already active
3165Bank detail already exist
3166All special characters are not allowed. Please enter valid answer
3167Address not verified
3168You are not able to make a payment at this time due to lack of funds. Selecting a different payment
method may reduce the charges allowing a payment
3170Card request successful
3171Card request unsuccessful
3172Not a valid account for user
3173Address details not found for selected contact, Continue with primary contact address ?
3174Must be alpha numeric
3175Must be less than 50 characters
3176Should be greater than or equal to Startdate
3178Atleast one maestro card program required as default
3179Must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100
3180Should be {0}
3181Requested account number for balance does not match
3182Requested number for balance should be 4 or 8 digit
3183Requested number for balance should be be numeric
3184Mobile number registered to multiple users {0}
3185Requested card number does not exists with requested user
3186Requested card status invalid for activation
3187Requested card status is ignore
3188Requested accesscode does not match with requested user
3189Card activate requeste format is not valid. Please send request like: ACTIVATE
3190Requested card number must be 4 digit
3191Balance Request format is not valid. Please send request like: BALANCE OR
3192Requested card number for balance does not match
3193Invalid account number
3194Account is blocked for logged in staff user
3195{0} verification tries exceeded. Please call customer services on {1}
3196Address verification code format is invalid
3197address already verified
3198Adress Verification request format is not valid. Please send request like: VERIFY <verific< td=””>
3199Access is denied to this path :
3200Verification code does not match
3201Specified address is not valid for verification
3202No BACS data found for this file
3203No CHAPS data found for this file
3204No International urgent data found for this file
3205No International regular data found for this file
3206File generated successfully
3207Cannot uncheck default scheme
3208Currency not available
3209Default Card Program for this scheme cannot be deleted
3210Are you sure you want to set this data as processesed?
3211No data found to process, It may processed by some other user. You can not process it
3212Data found or file generated successfully for methods:
3213No data found or file not generated for methods:
3214Are you sure you want to ignore this due?
3215File generate failed
3216Same scheme and charge type for {0}
3217Cannot Set Primary. These details are already associated as primary with another account
3218Cannot set International Bank as Primary
3219File status change
3220Account should have Zero balance
3221Account has pending transaction(s)
3222Account is suspended, frozen or credit control
3223Account can be close only if
3224Close this account? All associated cards will be cancelled and account access blocked!
3225Close this account? All associated cards will be cancelled!
3226Lock user out of online account?
3227Holding account
3228Must be minimum {0} characters
3229Please enter search
3230IBAN length is incorrect
3232IBAN countrycode is invalid
3233IBAN checksum is invalid
3234IBAN length is invalid
3235IBAN format is invalid
3236BIC length is incorrect
3237BIC format is incorrect
3238BIC countrycode is invalid
3239BIC countrycode do not match with IBAN countrycode
3240Cannot deactivate the scheme as it is associated with user(s)
3241This file can not be re-uploaded
3242Passport number is invalid
3243Driving licence number is invalid
3244Can not delete automated standard communication template
3245Can not delete this communication template
3246Can not delete standard communication template
3247Edit scheme version now ?
3248This is a default template, do you want to override it for this scheme ?
3249This voucher is already activated. Please use the online signup if you do not have a vouch
3250This voucher has expired. Please use the online signup if you do not have a voucher
3251We cannot find an introduction pack for this code. Please re-enter carefully
3252Main account has other live accounts exist. Please change the main account if you want to
3253Referral program not found for this user, please select another user
3254Can not delete, Referral program is associated with scheme
3255Referral program manager and referral user cannot be same
3256Device activation tries exceeded. Please re-register device
3257{0} not found, or user status is invalid or not a primary {1}
3258Activation code could not sent
3259Activation code generate failed
3260Please enter email address or mobile number
3261Email address and mobile number are of different user
3262Can not set deleted bank as primary bank
3263Records are already exported or there is no records to export
3264Paying-in book requested successfully
3265This page is refreshed
3266Can not change scheme type associated with other group
3267{0} is not valid
3268Can not delete retailer assigned to retailer group
3269Retailer already deleted
3270KYC result status is failed
3271Can not set invalid bank as primary
3272Can not delete MCC group assigned to scheme
3273Can not delete retailer group assigned to scheme
3274There was a problem deleting selected MCC group
3275There was a problem deleting selected retailer group
3276The template you want to edit is deleted by other user
3277not allowed account number {0} status is {1}
3278not allowed configuration {0} value is invalid
3279Transaction is not allowed
3280This transaction would exceed your {0} limit
3281Unlimited means {0} limit must be unlimited
3282Must be less than {0} limit
3283This request has been already {0} by {1} at {2}
3284Issue paying-in book
3285Paying-in book must be specified
3286Charge details must be specified
3287Account can not be charged
3288To and From account must be different
3289To account has been closed
3290You will need to save (or send) this communication before you can view the attachment(s). Alternately,
it can be viewed from its location on disk
3291Invalid promotional code
3292Can not delete deleted promotional code
3293Can not delete promotional code
3294Unable to register with Referral Program, please try again
3295Email credentials to the User?
3296Unable to delete scheme setting
3297The record you want to delete is deleted by other user
3298You can not delete default application setting
3299Flag balance must be less than or equal to max balance
3300If flag balance is zero so max balance should be zero and vice versa
3301Please select how long you lived here
3302Mark this card as main. Are you sure?
3303Already requested for authorisation
3304Can not delete default scheme agreement
3305must be Authorised only
3306New password must be different from old password
3307Password expired
3308Your email address was successfully changed. You will need to use this new email address when you login.
To enhance security, we request that you login again to continue using your online account
3309Thank you for using your online account
3310Login to your online account
3311Go to homepage
3312Your password must be between 8 & 20 characters long and must contain at least one upper c
3313The National ID card details are not valid
3314Max balance unlimited means Flag balance also must be unlimited
3315Email address already exists. Please provide a different email address
3316Account is blocked
3317Imported record count does not match with the number of records in file
3318Recipient {0} is not recognised, this facility is not available if the recipient does not hold an
account with {1}
3319End date should be greater than next run date
3320End date should be greater than today’s date
3321Service is not available as user status is not Active
3324Transaction fees should not exceed amount
3325Maximum balance limit exceeded
3326Payer {0} is not recognised, this facility is not available if the payer does not hold an account with
3327Schedule Run Date should be less than next run date and greater than current run date
3328User detail is already exists
3329Selected account is not valid for receiving money. Please select another account
3330Account does not have sufficient funds to pay fees for this transaction
3331Sorry, you already have the maximum number of additional cards
3332Sorry, the additional consumer needs to be {0} or older
3333Recipient account balance exceed maximum limit. Do you want to continue?
3334Card holder’s age is minor, please tick the check box of parent or guardian
3335Your account status does not allow requesting additional cards. Please contact customer s
3336Requested additional card
3337Account is restricted
3338{0} feature is disabled
3339Cards have been issued to all contacts of this user. No more cards can be requested
3340Additional cards cannot be requested for this account. Please choose the main account to continue
3341Additional cards cannot be requested until the previous request is processed
3342Unable to delete {0}
3343Requestor can not receive money at this time. Please try later
3344You are unable to send money at this time, please check with the receiver that they are ab
3345Card status change request already exists
3346Do you want to print all Communications?
3347Do you want to preview all Communications?
3348Please select a communication to Print
3349Please select a communication to Preview
3350You can not delete default attachment(s)
3351Can not delete scheme agreement assigned to kyc status
3352Attachment is only valid for email communication
3353Invalid message format
3354Invalid Recipient SMS Name
3355Number of SMS transfers per day limit exceeded
3356Not authorised to use third party transfer
3357Confirmation code supplied is invalid or has expired
3358Function is not available
3359Auto adjust user and account status?
3360Issue new card to user?
3361Send welcome mail?
3362Card is requested for main account so you can not set this user to alert
3363Mobile is not verified
3364SMS sent successfully
3365SMS sending failed
3366Web requests failed: {0}
3367You have exceeded the maximum number of times you can {0} mobile numbers. Please call Customer Services
on {1}
3368The mobile number is already registered
3369Data not changed
3370request for authorization pending
3371User currency rights override for {0} for following feature currencies: Feature: {1} – Currency: {2} –
IsActive: {3}
3373Scheme currency rights changed for {0} for following feature currencies: Feature: {1} – Currency: {2} –
IsActive: {3}
3374To close account {0} – Other card(s) presents
3375To close account {0} – {1}
3376To archive user- balance remains
3377Provider Topup Charges will be applied for each top up as either flat amount or rate perce
3378Invalid email address-Please switch off automated/marketing emails sent to
3379Disabling {0} feature will delete all existing standing orders in all currencies for all scheme Users
3380Disabling {0} Scheme currency right for {1} will delete all existing standing orders for {1} accounts of
all scheme Users
3381Disabling {0} User currency right for {1} will delete all existing standing orders for {1} accounts of
this User
3382Scheme features changed for {0} for following features:
3383Scheme currency rights changed for {0} for following feature currencies:
3385User currency rights override for {0} for following feature currencies:
3386Can not delete standard help
3387This is a default help, do you want to override it for this scheme ?
3388The help you want to edit is deleted by other user
3390Flag load must be less than or equal to total load
3391Flag yearly ATM limit must be less than or equal to yearly ATM limit
3392Flag Individual POS limit must be less than Individual POS limit
3393Total load limit exceeded
3394Security questions for this user have not been configured
3395Account is blocked or account status does not allow login or password reset
3396Request has timed out
3398the security answer is invalid. Please answer again
3399Yearly Total limit must be greated than or Equal to Yearly POS and yearly ATM limit
3400Account blocked due to more than {0} wrong security answer attempts. Please contact customer services on
{1} or {2}
3401Daily spend limit should be Greater than or equal to Daily ATM and Daily POS Limit
3402Reset password SMS was not sent successfully
3403Invalid Correspondence Number
3404Correspondence number does not Exists
3405From date must be greater than account create date
3406Preview order statement. Are you sure?
3407Account status should be live or restricted
3408Please add funds to your account before making a statement request
3409Specified duration exceeds maximum {0} days allowed per order statement, please change the
3410This agreement cannot be marked as Inactive, because it is used either in Default agreement for Currency
OR in KYC Status Scheme Agreement OR Scheme agreement
3411Change status of Agreement:{0} – {1} as {2}
3412Must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 366
3413Please select only icon files
3414Scheme icon will affect on next login
3415Account holder must be specified
3416Account holder must be alpha numeric
3417Sort code must be specified
3418Bank account number must be specified
3419Bank account number must be alpha numeric
3420Bank name must be specified
3421Bank name must be alpha numeric
3422Bank address must be alpha numeric
3423Reference is not valid. Only letters, numbers or the characters / – are acceptable.
3424Bank account type must be alpha numeric
3425IBAN must be specified
3426IBAN must be alpha numeric
3427BIC must be specified
3428BIC must be alpha numeric
3429Account holder address must be specified
3430Account holder address must be alpha numeric
3431From account must be specified
3432To account must be specified
3433Amount should be greater than zero
3434Currency must be specified
3435Holding account number must be specified
3436Email Address {0} is {1}
3438Card not found
3439Card status is canceled
3440Card already reported as lost/stolen
3441Payment credit is already ignored or processed
3442In order to delete main email address please set alternate email address as main
3443KYC Limits overlap with other kyc status for same scheme
3444Inactive scheme card with activity reaching expiry
3445Do you want to charge fees ?
3446Remind Username?
3447Username remind mail sent to user :
3448Username changed. Please use your new Username the next time you login
3449Do you want to request replacement/reissue card?
3450Add atleast Username or Long card number with security answer
3451Card number not found. Please check and try again
3452Card has no activity so cannot be replaced or reissued and as a result system will cancel the card and
close the account
3453Your memorable name cannot be the same as your username or password
3454Post code alredy in grey area post code list
3455Postcode verified? Select “Yes” to verify postcode, “No” to declined user
3456Unable to verify postcode
3457Sorry, to order a card for someone under the age of {0}, you must be their parent or legal guardian
3458New username must be different from old username
3459Invalid user. This action is not allowed
3460Username should be 8-20 alpha-numeric characters and should not include special characters
3461Your password must not contain username
3462Account blocked due to more than {0} failed login attempts
3463Can not create Full Balance standing order Daily
3464A full balance standing order associated to this account already exists for this day
3465A full balance standing order associated to this account already exists for this date
3466Cannot move a staff communication and email to cardholder account
3467Card limit must be less than or equal to max balance
3468Security answer is not set. Please contact customer services on {0} or {1}
3469Please enter confirmation code
3470Invalid confirmation code
3471The username entered has not been recognised, please check and try again. Alternatively please select
change email options from within your online account
3472Do you want to charge {0} fees?
3473Maximum SMS count for the same feature has been exceeded for the user
3474This payment request notification does not apply to this customer, please verify the content of this
email before sending it to the customer
3475Invalid card number
3476Please verify card number
3477You can’t retrieve your pin right now, as you have crossed your maximum limit to retrieve PIN. Please
try later
3478Pin retrieval process completed
3479Transaction between different currency accounts not allowed
3480Cashback amount is more than maximum cashback amount
3482Default settings are created for this scheme
3483Please contact Administrator for Configure Subscriptions for this scheme
3484Specified limit value for “{0}” must be less than Master agreement
3485is already created for currency
3486Postcode format invalid
3487Requested card status invalid for {0}
3488Must be checked
3489Must be absent or empty
3490Please activate your card. Once your card is activated you will be able to make {0}. Customer Services
can provide further assistance if required
3491Scheme client does not exist for scheme ID : {0}
3492Account does not exist for ISO currency code : {0}, Scheme ID : {1}
3493Scheme’s default card design can not be set as Unavailable
3494Client design reference is unavailable
3495SMS code must be 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters
3496Account should be third party
3497Account must be specified
3498Scheme does not exists
3499Template type not specified
3500Communication template does not exists
3501is required
3502Physical folder path Or download ftp must be specified
3503must start with {0}
3504is invalid \n A file name cannot contain any of the following characters:{0}
3505Only CREDIT transcation allowed for new contact
3507Should be less then annual turnover
3508is not specified
3509FTP not connected
3510Recipient bank account cannot be resetup
3511Recipient bank account cannot be set as primary
3512Paying in book requested successfully
3513Do you want to clear this transaction?
3514Please enter user name
3515Please enter a valid user name
3516Please enter reference
3517Please enter valid reference number
3518Please enter a valid amount
3519Only whole numbers are allowed as percentage
3520Please enter value only between 1 to 99
3521Please enter percentage
3522Please enter amount greater than zero
3523Please enter amount
3524Please enter amount to make a payment
3525Remarks must be specified
3526Please enter a valid refund amount
3527Max. refund amount should be
3528Please enter name
3529Please enter phone number
3530Phone number must be numeric
3531Please enter email address
3532Please enter a valid email address
3533From date has to be less than To date
3534Amount should be greater than or equal to zero
3535Please enter standing order name
3536Standing Order name already exists, please enter a unique name
3537Please enter your Access name
3538The Access name may contain only letters plus email characters and numbers and must be between 3 and 50
3539Please enter your password
3540App. settings cache removed successfully
3541Scheme settings cache removed successfully
3542Theme cache removed successfully
3543is invalid
3544Please enter order description
3545Please enter item code
3546Please enter item description
3547Please enter price (per unit)
3548Please enter valid price
3549Please enter quantity
3550Please enter valid delivery cost
3551Please enter valid tax amount
3552Please enter access code
3553Please enter CVV2
3554Please enter card account number
3555Please enter a valid card account
3556account should be numerical values
3557Please select bank account
3558A full balance standing order can not be created Daily
3561From date must not be less than today’s date
3562Standing orders set up now can only start from tomorrow onwards
3563To date must not be less than today’s date
3564Please enter valid date
3565Invalid schedule run date detail
3566Please select title
3567Please select gender
3568Please enter first name
3569Please enter the full first name
3570Invalid first name
3571Please enter last name
3572Please enter the full last name
3573Please select relationship
3574Invalid last name
3575Current address and previous address must be different
3576Please select bank account type
3577Please enter bank name
3578Bank name should not contain any symbols e.g. &
3579Address can not be more than 200 characters
3580Destination country should be alpha numeric
3581Please enter account number
3582Account number should be alpha numeric
3583Account number should be numeric and must be 8 digits
3584Please re-enter account number
3585Account number and confirm account number must be same
3586Please enter name on the account
3587Name on the account should be alpha numeric
3588Reference should be alpha numeric
3589Please enter account holder address
3590Please enter IBAN number
3591IBAN number should be alpha numeric only and must be minimum 5 characters
3592IBAN is invalid
3593Please enter BIC code
3594BIC code should be alpha numeric only and must be minimum 8 characters
3595BIC is invalid
3596Sort code must be numeric
3597Please enter refund amount
3598Please enter your current password
3599Please enter your new password
3600Please enter your confirm password
3602You have no requests awaiting payment
3603Please select question
3604Please enter answer
3605Please amend details or click ‘back’
3606SMS Name should be 4-8 alphanumeric characters
3607Please enter a live card account
3608Please enter an account number other than your own account number
3609Please enter an account of the same currency as your own card accounts
3610Please enter file
3611Please select file
3612For any queries please contact customer services on
3613For any queries please contact customer services
3615Please enter a valid URL address
3616Information should not be more than 200 characters
3617Card is not activated
3618Please enter a valid payer user name
3619Please enter payer user name
3620Item description should not be more than 200 characters
3621Reference number can contain alphabets, numbers, hyphen and underscore only
3622tax Amount should be greater than or equal to zero
3623Delivery charges should be greater than or equal to zero
3624Please enter valid delivery period
3625Delivery period should be greater than zero
3626Funds not available -The account does not have sufficient funds to complete the request.
3627This email address is same as current email address
3628Please enter an email address
3629Phone no. must be numeric
3630Fax must be numeric
3631Mobile number must be numeric
3632Username already exists
3633Photo size should be 125 by 100
3634Please select photo to be uploaded
3635You can not upload more than 3 images
3636Please select valid image file
3637This address is already in your list of delivery addresses. Please make an another selection
3638Please enter verification code
3639Verification code is not correct
3640Please enter authorisation code
3641Authorisation code should be of 8 characters
3642Please enter message
3643Please enter at least one email address
3644Please enter contact/company name
3645Can not send money to yourself
3646Fund is not sufficient
3647Please select type
3648Reference number contain alphabets, numbers, hyphen and underscore only
3649Spend limit exceeded
3650Please enter your email address
3651Please enter your authorisation code
3652Please enter your security code
3653Your limit is over
3654You are not authorised to use purchase service for this account currency
3655You can’t purchase as agreement doesn’t exist for your account
3657Please enter a valid Authorization code
3658Please enter your security answer
3659Please enter your mobile number
3660please enter a valid number and remove any spaces
3661Please re enter your email address
3662Email address and Confirm email address does not match
3663Please enter national ID card details
3664Invalid number of characters are entered
3665National ID card expiry date should be greater than current date
3666The National ID card details you have entered are not valid. Please re-enter
3667Please enter valid promotional code
3668Please select a valid passport expiry date
3669Please enter voucher code
3670You must select passport country
3671You must select one option
3672Account has been successfully topped up
3673Account successfully withdraw
3674Friendly Name should be alpha numeric
3675Please enter account number to Top-up
3676Please enter proper account number
3677Please enter PAN to Top-up
3678Please enter proper PAN. Enter first and last four digit of your PAN
3679Please enter amount to Top-up
3680Please enter card number
3681PAN should contain only numeric or asterisk sign(*). It must be 4 to 8 characters
3682Pan must be 16 digit numeric
3683Please enter card holder
3684Card holder name should contain only alphabets and space. It must be 4 to 100 characters long
3685fname/lname should be alpha numeric
3686Please select Provider
3687Please enter valid first name
3688Please enter valid last name
3689Please enter street
3690Please enter postcode
3691Please enter account number to withdraw
3692Please enter PAN to withdraw
3693Please enter amount to withdraw
3694You do not have sufficient funds for this purchase.
3695Please enter PAN
3696Declined POS Charge
3697Declined ATM Charge
3698Monthly management fee
3699Account Inactivity Fee
3700Daily SMS on Low Balance
3701Bulk purchase from
3702Invalid Hash Type
3703Verify Mobile
3706Account Withdrawal from
3707New account created for user
3709is set as main for user ID:
3710For Account number:
3714Transaction Fee
3715Card Transaction
3717New Card issue
3718Additional Card issue
3719Card reissue
3720Paying-in Book Fee
3721Card PIN reissue
3722Payment Fee
3725Refund for
3726SMS Charges
3727Balance SMS Charges
3728Withdraw SMS Charges
3729Load SMS Charges
3730POS SMS Charges
3731Would you like to charge the password reset SMS fee ?
3732Low Balance SMS Charge
3733Payment by
3734Payment From
3736Reversal of credit
3737Refund of payment
3738Payment from
3739Refund request for order
3740Refund for order
3741Refund cancellation for order
3742Transaction fees for
3743Money Request Paid by
3744Return request for order
3745Return of order
3746Return cancellation for order
3747Transaction Fee (at
3748Reversal of send money
3749Received money from
3750Sent money to
3751Payment to
3752Internal payment fee for
3753Withdraw request by
3754Withdraw by
3755Processing fee for
3756BACS payment fee for
3757Cheque payment fee for
3758CHAPS payment fee for
3759Next Day payment fee for
3760International(regular) payment fee for
3761International(urgent) payment fee for
3762Additional charge for
3763SMS Payment transaction fee for
3764Reversal of Withdrawal for
3765Reversal of Withdrawal
3767For Currenct number:
3768From Date
3769To Date
3771Delivery Option
3772Purchase of
3773Sale of
3774Refund of bill payment to
3775refund of bill payment from
3776Payment from
3778from payment
3779Sender left this message for you :
3781Reference No:
3784Delivery period :
3785KYC status
3787has been requested for KYC check
3793Contact ID
3795Card Reissue requested. Reason: Damaged for account number:
3796Card Reissue requested. Reason: Lost for account number:
3797Card Reissue requested. Reason: Stolen for account number:
3798Card cancel request for account number:
3799Card issue requested. Reason: new card for account number :
3800Card request ignored for account number:
3801Amend card details
3802New Card
3803New card with customer logins
3804PIN Replacement
3805Card Reissue (Damaged card)
3806Card Replacement (Lost/Stolen)
3807Value Re-load
3808Additional card request charge
3809New card request charge
3810Card reissue charge
3811Card pin reissue charge
3812Card renew charge
3813Card block charge
3814Card unblock charge
3815Payment Notification
3816Card number
3817is set to Lost and its under Card Expiry renewal Process
3820POS charges
3821Monthly additional card fee
3822Maestro Card
3823is report Lost and its under Card Expiry renewal Process
3824ATM withdrawal charges
3825Please Select
3830Payment to close
3831Order Statement Charges
3832Please note: you will be charged a fee for this withdrawal
3833credEcard receipts
3834Schedule run date change from
3835disabled on
3836enabled on
3837Schedule run date is
3838for Full Balance
3839to account number
3841no end date
3842Agreement agreed. Proposed agreementID=
3843Agreement rejected. rejected agreementID=
3844Agreement ammended for accountID=
3845New agreement proposed. AgrementID =
3846ChargeAmount for TopupChargeID =
3848and ProviderID
3849ChargeRate for TopupChargeID =
3850For TopupChargeID
3851TopupAmount for TopupChargeID =
3852New provider topupcharge created for AgreementID =
3853and TopupChargeID
3856TopupAmount was
3857ChargeAmount was
3858ChargeRate was
3859New transaction rate created for agreementID
3861For AgreementID
3862Amount was
3863Rate was
3864and Order was
3865Added new user standard agreement
3866for Currency
3867A/c Type
3868and AgreementID
3869Modified user standard agreement
3870Old: AgreementID
3871New: AgreementID
3872Removed user standard agreement for Currency :
3873Assign Scheme:
3874Scheme Code :
3875Unassign Scheme:
3876Assign SchemeFeature:
3877Unassign SchemeFeature:
3878Delete Scheme Group:
3881ReferralProgram: ID:
3882Cashback account :
3886Delete ReferralProgram:
3887User blocked due to three failed login attempts.
3888Username change to:
3889KYC Status for user:
3890User has unblocked
3891User is security code unblocked
3892assigned to
3893primary Manager
3894alternate Manager
3895Sec. answer changed for :
3896User blocked due to three failed security code attempts
3897Administration Charges
3898To Credit Balance
3899User archived on
3900Maximum balance limit approaching
3901Maximum Flag months limit approaching
3902User found HOSC match
3903Personal details check
3904Transaction fees on Amount
3905for period
3907Interest charged at
3908Yearly account fee
3909Payment for referral
3910paid from account
3911Sign Up
3912Breakage charge
3913Provider file ID is require
3914Source file is require
3915Source file
3916is not exist
3917Target file is require
3918Transaction method is require
3919Provider’s currency code is require
3920Provider’s name is require
3921Provider’s accountID is require
3922File is empty
3923File does not have any record
3924File is not in correct format
3925Customer Email Address must be specified
3926Provider reference must be specified
3927Provider reference can not be more than 50 characters
3928Transaction comments can not be more than 200 characters
3929Remarks can not be more than 2000 characters
3930Import file problem
3931No. of record in file and record count is not matching
3932Record length is not same as header
3933WithdrawalAmount must be specified
3934File header data is missing
3935Scheme client code is not proper
3937mandatory fields required
3938Fields should not be more than
3939is not valid field name
3940Mandatory field
3941is missing
3942AgreementCode must be specified
3943AccountNumber must be specified
3944Field length for
3945{0} is invalid it should be {1}
3947Description must be specified
3948Description can not be more than 200 characters
3949ShoppingBasket must be specified
3950Shopping basket must start with ##
3951Shopping basket must end with ##
3952ShippingRequired must be either YES or NO
3953Tax must be specified
3954TaxInc must be specified
3955TaxInc must be either YES or NO
3956Shopping Basket not in proper format
3957Total Value should be greater than zero
3958Payee reference must be provided
3959Payment reference must be provided
3960Amount must be provided
3961Transaction Type must be either
3962Currency must be either
3963Field name
3964Record No
3966Customer Reference must be specified.
3967Customer Requested Action must be specified
3968Customer Requested Action must be either
3969Issue Card must be either
3970SendNotification must be either
3971Customer AccountType must be either
3972Customer Access must be either
3973Invalid characters in first name.
3974Invalid characters in last name.
3975Invalid Customer DateOfBirth. DateOBirth format should be YYYYMMDD
3976Customer DateOfBirth should not be less than 01-Jan-
3977Service is not subscribed for the User
3979Postcode must be specified
3980Date of Birth must be specified
3981Gender must be specified
3982Mobile number must be specified
3983Customer AccountType must be specified
3984Title must be specified
3985IS KYC required must be either
3986Charge Card Fees must be either
3987nationalid card line1 and nationalid card line2 both should be provided
3988Minimum data not specified to create new user
3989Scheme not found
3990Invalid gender
3991Invalid user title
3992Primary card holder Age not valid
3993Invalid characters in
3994format should be YYYYMMDD
3995Atleast one of passport number value, nation id card value or driving licence value should be provided
3996is invalid, it should be either
3997card exception file name is not valid
3998card issue file name is not valid
3999new cards
4000renewed cards
4001replacement cards
4002Re-issued cards
4003new PIN cards
4004This will charge you
4005card status change
4006due to expire cards
4007PIN reminder
4008summary detail cards
4009card records
4011does not match with number of cards
4012File header is not in correct format not
4013AccountRef must be minimum of 4 characters
4014Account reference must be specified
4015card transaction file name is not valid.
4016Total records
4017does not match with total number of transactions
4018Total amount
4019is not match with actual total
4021Customer code (Service user id) not matched.
4022Agent’s net total is not match
4023Provider’s net total claim is not match
4024Invalid file name format
4028Search contact
4029Send message failed
4031Validation failed
4032Requested Authorisation
4033Confirm Delete
4034Delete Fail
4036There is some problem. Please see the details
4040Print check
4041Export alert
4042Mail sent
4049HOSC File
4050Are you sure?
4051Status set to Pass
4052Can not set to Alert
4053Max balance limit is exceeding
4054— None —
4055FTP target folder
4056Physical folder path
4057Provider File
4058path not found
4063Document uploaded
4064Document File
4065Operation Fail
4067Set primary
4068Make Bank Valid
4069Select only one default language
4070Close Account
4071Lock user out
4072Verify Postcode
4073and charge account
4074Standing order
4075Scheme Agreement
4076Charge KYC Fee?
4077Run KYC
4078Funds Not Avialable
4079Transaction not allowed
4080Contact verified
4081File status has been changed to
4082You can not change file status
4083Data not found
4084Cannot process this file
4085Payment due processing
4086Withdraw due processing
4087Cash Return
4088XSLT Problem
4089Activate user
4090Remind Username
4091Generate file
4093Set as processed
4096Save alert
4097Payment credit
4098Transfer request by SMS
4099Bulk provider file notification
4100Company Exist
4101Payment to
4103Representment Resolved (refunded)
4104Chargeback Requested
4105Chargeback Resolved From Settlement Account
4106Chargeback Resolved From Loss Account
4107Chargeback Cancelled
4108Chargeback Reversal
4109inc. {0} cashback
4110Partially created bulk registration account
4115Account holder : {0} of {1}
4116Can not find SchemeID
4117Can not find setting value for settingID – {0} for scheme – {1}
4118Invalid SchemeID
4119Invalid Category for scheme settings
4120Record in used.. you can’t delete
4121Verify the grey listed postcode
4122Error Changing HOSC status for User Detail
4123Account number : {0},{1}
4124Error details : {0}
4125Sent on 🙁 {0} )
4126Received on 🙁 {0} )
4127Communication entry has been made against the ‘Main address’. You can?t move the Main address
4128This is the main email address for this contact. The contact’s username will become Unknown_
4129HOSC file verified Notification
4145working days
4146working day
4153day of each month
4154day of each
4157Proposal {0} for agreement {1}
4158Validation result occurred on {0} while transafer unsign user amount to suspense account
4159Scheme suspense account Not found {0}
4160SchemeID : {0} CurrencyID : {1}
4168PayLane payment
4169Tripple DES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
4170Language change to:
4171Language changed successfully
4172Incomplete contact data…..Please provide the remaining details.
4173Provide first name
4174Provide last name
4175Provide email address
4176Provide birthdate
4177Provide address details
4178Provide account details
4179Select Scheme
4180Agreement not proposed
4181This function available when contact’s and his manager’s mobile number available
4182System cannot reset password, Because notification is OFF for customer scheme
4183Welcome mail not sent to the user
4184Please enter payer name
4187Yearly management fee
4188Welcome mail sent by staff using mail merge
4189Are you sure you want to run KYC?
4191Can not delete Card design, it might be associated with card program
4192FirstData Payment
4193KYC limit already exist for selected country
4194KYC Limits overlap with other kyc status for same scheme address country
4195Default KYC Limits are added for the selected country, you have to modify it for selected country
4196Unable to add kyc limits for scheme address country
4197Are you sure, you would like to add kyc limit for selected country?
4198CardLine4Data should be same as primary consumer’s CardLine4Data
4199Scheme Address Country Kyc Limit Already Exist Or Not Present In Scheme Kyc Statues
4200Scheme Address Country Value Not Exist
4205Please enter valid middle name
4217Both Offer – Enter Percentage
5002PIN tries exceeded
5004Card expired
5007Cardholder closed
5008Issuer cancelled
5009Fraudulent use
5011Restricted card
5013Refer to issuer
5018Pick up
5023Pending Breakage
5024Pending Closure
5026Card Returned
5028Other Returned
5032No Renewal
5034CVV2 tries exceeded
5035Yet not issued
5036Every {0} minutes
5037Auction item number:
5038Delivery charge:
5040VAT Number:
5041Total (Inclusive of {0} VAT)
5042For the attention of:
5043Delivery Address:
5044Delivery Date
5045after payment
5047Rejection Reason:
5048Must be less than or equal to current reserved envelope amount
5049Released account envelop amount
5050Account Envelope Frequency
5051Account Envelope FundAllocationPriority
5052Account Envelope Limit Fund
5053Account Envelope Name
5054You cannot delete an Envelope which is assigned to existing standing orders or direct debi
5056The account Envelope does not have funds
5057please provide {0} in english. {1}
5058Cannot be greater than monthly account fee
5059You can not reassign move to the unknown user
5060bill payment from
5061Sequence number is not valid: Seq No
5062Cat code
5063Sequence number is expired: Seq No
5064Invalid A/c
5065Max balance limit exceeded for A/c
5066Total load limit exceeded for A/c
5067Restricted A/c
5068Transaction not allowed for A/c
5069TopUp charges
5070Bank Name
5071ATM Balance enquiry
5072First PIN change at ATM charges
5073Error Changing Device Token for User Detail
5074The email is already registered
5075Unable to process switch agreement schedule
5076Unable to adjust monthly management fee for AgreementScheduleID={0}
5077Monthly management fee adjustment
5078Agreement switched on
5079Need to select the check box to agree the terms and condition
5080You can not change the package for {0} days after last change. Package can be change after
5081Switch agreement fee
5082Report subscription notification changed
5083Report notification ID =
5084Report subscription ID =
5085Report snapshot ID =
5086Report subscription created
5087Report snapshot display name changed
5088Report subscription deleted
5089Report subscription file name changed
5090Report subscription parameter value changed
5091Report subscription delivery folder path changed
5092Report Subscription format changed
5093Report subscription email subject changed
5094Report schedule
5095Report subscription notification email changed
5096Report subscription email receipt type changed
5097Report deliveryInFolder ID =
5098Report deilveryViaEmail ID =
5099Report schedule changed
5100Report schedule ID =
5101Starting from
5102Report subscription file extension changed
5103Report subscription file CSV header value changed
5104Report subscription report name changed
5105Invalid IP address
5106Scheme client already exist for current scheme
5107User is Scheme Client. Not allowed to change user type
5108Can not delete base scheme language setting
5109Exchange file name is not valid
5110Can not delete base scheme setting
5111Account user detail privileges mismatch
5112Payee and payer account should be different
5115Invalid promotion code {0}
5116Debit Card Load
5117A CHAPS payment requested after 2.30pm will not be processed until the next working day, however the fee
will still apply. You may benefit from using the Next Day BACS payment service instead ? if you use the
Next Day BACS payment service then the money will reach the recipient account on the next working day as
long as you make a payment by 5.00 pm today
5118A CHAPS payment requested after 2.30pm will not be processed until the next working day however the fee
will still apply and you will still be charged. However, after 5.00 pm, using CHAPS is the only way that
the funds will reach the recipient on the next working day as the cut off for Next Day BACS payment is
5.00 pm
5119A Next Day BACS payment requested after 5pm will not be processed until the next working day, however
the fee will still apply. If you really need the funds to reach the recipient on the following working
day, you must make a CHAPS payment instead but please note this will cost more
5120Additional data-1 not found
5121More than one account is linked to this reference, please search on account or PAN instead
5122KYC Status is Failed from KYC service
5123Client display name is empty. Are you sure?
5124Start value is Zero. Are you sure?
5125KYC Status for User ID:
5126for previous address
5127UniqueTransactionID must be provided
5128Savings Percentage must be provided
5129SavingsAmount must be provided
5130PMM Retailer Partner Name must be provided
5131Merchant loyalty account not found
5132You can not delete an acceptor which contain terminal(s), delete terminal(s) for this acceptor and try
5133Card Lost for account number:
5134Card Stolen for account number:
5135Insufficient funds available to add money to this Envelope. The maximum amount currently available to
add to this Envelope is the “Available to spend on card” balance of {0}
5139HasLogoChanged :
5142HasTerminalCode :
5146{0} Customer percentage must be greater than zero
5147{0} Merchant percentage must be greater than or equal to customer percentage
5148{0} can not remove
5149select loyalty criteria type
5157Record not found for given UniqueTransactionID
5158Create new account
5159Account userdetail created for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
5160Account userdetail deleted for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
5161Account userdetail activated for contact = {0}, AccountID= {1}
5162{0} Percentage value not allow more than 100
5163Sorry, Your Login account has been disabled
5164You cannot load more than {0} per transaction for debit card
5165Exchange rate already exists
5167Do you want to release this suspense card credit transaction?
5168Please enter a valid account number
5174Multiple accounts found for given {0}. Please select recipient from list given below
5175Please select recipient
5176mobile number
5177email address
5178account number
5180Please provide {0}
5181Please select payer
5182Payment already processed
5183Mismatched {0}
5184Manual debit card load transaction
5190Please enter your query
5191Unable to process worldpay payment request. WorldPayPayments data must be specified
5192Unable to load report
5193Payment failed
5194User has already been registered with {0}
5195The card cannot be re-issued or replaced. In order for a new card to be re-issued a new account must be
created for the customer, would you like to continue?
5196Do you want to release this debit card transaction?
5198Invalid mobile number
5199click here
5200No more security question allow
5201Maximum failed security answer attempt reached. Please contact customer services on {0} or
5202Do you want to refund this transaction?
5203Certificate of incorporation uploaded
5204Funds not available -The account does not have sufficient funds to complete the request
5205Must be between {0} and {1}
5206Please enter valid from date
5207Please enter valid to date
5208Confirm Released ?
5209Fees reserved for {0}
5210Sorry, On Demand Pay has already been used
5211Must be less than or eqaul to Maximum available now
5212On Demand Pay
5213On demand pay not available
5214Sorry, your login does not have privileges to use on demand pay
5216Package request already exists
5217Debit cardholder account?
5218Refund money to account?
5219Submit request for copy first?
5220Bank is not valid for this withdrawal method
5223You can not delete an acceptor which is active for retailer in any scheme
5225MerchantName must be specified
5226MerchantID must be specified
5227status must be specified
5228status must be either {0} or {1}
5229Bank Verification Dictionary File
5230Charge account not setup
5231Please note: you will be charged {0} fee for this
5232Invalid promotional code. Please re-enter, or click next to proceed
5233Money from envelope {0} will be released on {1} unless requested before
5234On Demand Pay Charge
5235Swear Dictionary File
5240On Demand Pay Charge
5241Payment to SIM card {0} from a/c {1}
5242Third party payment
5243Branch Name
5244{0} must be specified
5245Your card will be delivered to {0} for collection, please indicate the nearest bank branch
5246Please note that you will need to collect your card in person with a form of ID(ie. Passpo
5247Sort code and account number must be valid
5248Sort code must be valid
5249Account number must be valid
5250Includes our mark-up ({0}% euro-zone or {1}% international)
5251Do you want to cancel this suspense card credit transaction?
5252User Promotional Code ‘{0}’ Remove
5253Are you sure you want to remove User Promotional Code ?
5254Remove – user promotional code
5255Card Replacement Form
5256The new card fee is {0}
5257Representment received, can’t reverse chargeback
5258Mobile number length must be between 6 to 15 digits
5259Phone number length must be between 6 to 15 digits
5260Account number {0}, status changed from ‘{1}’ to ‘{2}’ to make visa card transaction of am
5261This transaction would exceed your total limit
5262This transaction would exceed your total count limit
5263Must be less than total limit
5264Total load count limit exceeded
5265Account does not have sufficient funds. Please load account with {0}
5266Virtual cards cannot be requested for this account. Please choose the main account to continue
5267Account does not have feature to accept paid money
5268Recipient does not have feature to receive money
5269Recipient does not have feature to pay requested money
5270Please enter card name
5271Please enter valid card name
5272You can Transfer money to main account only
5273Amount must be between {0} and {1}
5274Please select package
5275Requested virtual card
5276Virtual card request charge
5277Assign Scheme fee:
5278Unassign Scheme fee:
5279User Account Type:
5280Virtual card load charges
5281Your account status does not allow requesting Virtual Visa cards. Please contact customer services on
5282For virtual cards, card issuance must be post production
5283Cannot close account, some pending authorizations are there, please contact customer servi
5284Chargeback has returned with reason codes {0} for ID-{1}
5285Your main card status does not allow requesting Virtual Visa cards. Please contact customer services on
5286Amount should not be greater than total load
5287You can only change your address once within {0} days, if you require it changing sooner p
5288No action will be taken on selected options
5289The card cannot be re-issued or replaced because renewal request already exists for the card
5290Amount must be between minimum initial load {0} and total load {1} limits
5291For virtual account, you can transfer money only from main account
5293{0} Inactive merchant can not be displayed on website
5294From and To Date difference should not be greater then 31 days
5295Chargeback Fees
5296TQF in progress ? to be amended
5297AccountRef must be specified
5298LoyaltyProgramCode must be specified
5299LoyaltyRetailerID must be specified
5300Amount must be specified
5301Few records in file are invalid
5302Unable to process file
5303Amount format is not valid. please supply integer value
5304Amount must not be zero
5305To one of my card accounts
5306To any card account
5307New card ordered, please see the attached PDF document
5308Do you want to fill TQF form first?
5309New device added :
5310New account for quick balance is registered :
5311Accounts for quick balance is deregistered :
5312Device for quick balance is deregistered :
5313Amount cant not be greater than transaction value
5314Account status should be live
5315TQF form is not approved yet
5316{0} Merchant percentage must be greater than zero
5317High Risk Load Source A/c
5318Invalid LoyaltyRetailerID
5319LoyaltyRetailerID must not be zero
5320Invalid language
5321SMS Charege Refund
5322Country ISOCode must be numeric
5323New Password should be different than last {0} password
5324UserID not allow in password
5325You are allow to use fogotpassword only {0} time in day. Please contact customer services on {1} or {2}.
5326A new password generation link has been sent to your registered email address.
Thank you.
5327A one time password will be sent to your registered mobile number.
5328Do you want to send an email?
5329Please select row
5330Provided amount is lower than minimum initial load
5331Your session is disconnected as another session is active with same credentials!
5332Session Disconnected
5333Please enter first name or last name
5335Unable to create virtual card
5336Staff has to personalise card to this user once user is active
5337Already added in whitelist
5338Can not close account having transaction(s) in last {0} days
5339Can not close account, Balance is not overdrawn solely due to fees
5340Charged to close account
5341Unable to close account
5342Cannot close account having reserved amount in envelope
5343Cannot close account having withheld amount
5344Cannot close account having balance more than {0}
5345Added to whitelist successfully
5346Length can not be greater than {0}
5347Login not allowed for user type
5348Account blocked
5349Login disabled
5350Multiple TQF can not be raised
5351Manual action required for TQF. TQF ID {0} , Transaction ID {1}
5352Password has been Reset successfuly. Password first four characters are {0} . Remaining characters has
been sent through email
5353Please enter correct detail to set new password
5354Account should be suspended or credit control
5355Frozen A/c
5356Minimum age must be {0}
5357Exceed maximum age
5358Customer action must be
5359Suspended A/c
5360NoKYCStatus must be either
5361Account frozen. Please contact customer services on {0}
5362Scheme setup missing or invalid value
5363Scheme does not support KYC Status as Restricted
5364Topup not allowed for single load virtual account
5365Card is already assigned
5367Username not allow in password
5368Card registration setup not found
5369Card registration has been deleted
5370Your card was registered on date : {0}. You can try loading funds after {1} day(s) from ca
5371Can not register new card, your new card registration limit is achieved. please delete exs
5372Your password has now been set, click Continue to login
5373Unauthorized access of ‘{0}’ privilege
5374{0} contains Invalid character(s) ‘ {1} ‘.
5375PayPoint Loads Exceeded
5376Main card not activated
5377Your account status does not allow to make a payment. Please contact customer services on {0}.
5378Your account status does not allow third party fund transfer
5379Your account status does not allow internal fund transfer
5380Can not amend standing order. Account does not have a payment feature
5383do you want to delete this attachement ?
5384do you want to save this attachement
5385Contact Search
5386Total Attachement
5387At least one transaction charge value greater than zero.
5388Free Promotion ‘StartDate’ must be greater than or equal to today
5389Free Promotion ‘EndDate’ must be greater than ‘StartDate’
5390Must be less than {0} count
5391Provider has uploaded duplicate file with in {0} days.
5392Provider must not upload duplicate file as agreed
5393This may be a duplicate payment, do you want to proceed?
5394Sorry. We cannot make a transfer to these details at this time.
5395Sorry. No data has been found to download.
5397SkipSanctionCheck must be either
5398Social security number is invalid
5399Duplicate agency account number
5400Sorry, your login does not have privileges to save money
5401Session has expired
5402Add SchemeSetting:
5403Update SchemeSetting:
5404Delete SchemeSetting:
5405Update SystemSetting:
5406Add SchemeLanguageSetting:
5407Update SchemeLanguageSetting:
5408Delete SchemeLanguageSetting:
5412Invalid business type , provide valid business type SOLE or PARTNER
5413None of Payment type is allowed for account. It can be due to account status, unavalabily of relavent
5414Standing order feature is not available for account.
5415Standing order not supported as None of Payment type is allowed for account. It can be due to account
status, unavalabily of relavent feature.
5416Payment credit is already written off or processed
5417Do you want to write off this transaction?
5418Please select valid file!
5419File size exceeds maximum size allowed! (maximum size = {0} bytes)
5420File path doesnot exist!
5421{0} Commission payment for scheme code {1}; payable {2} to bank account:{3}, for promocodes:{4}, batch
ID: {5}
5422Payment {0} Commission payment for scheme code {1}; payable {2} to account:{3}, for promocodes:{4},
batch ID: {5}
5423Scheme’s Master account not found
5424Commission not paid. calculated commission amount is {0}.
5425Payment for commission payment
5426Must be greater than or equal to today
5427Must be greater than ‘StartDate’
5428Please create commission rate first
5429is invalid. Valid ShipmentMethodCodes: {0} .
5430Must be less than or equal to {0} limit
5431Scheme Business – Agreement Not Found !!!
5432Account status must be live for withdraw money through cheque.
5433Overridden scheme setting
5434Standard scheme setting
5435Can not delete setting. Setting is inherited from base scheme so it can not be deleted from child
5436Can not disable shipmentmethod = {0}. It is associated with cardholder.
5437Faster Payment transfer fee for
5439Accept Payment
5440Receive Money
5441Send Money
5444This transaction would exceed your daily {0} {1}
5445This transaction would exceed your weekly {0} {1}
5446This transaction would exceed your monthly {0} {1}
5447Next Payment will be initiated on {0} instead of {1}
5448Next commission will be paid for date range {0} to {1} instead of {2} to {3}
5449Duplicate employee number is not allowed.
5450Manager already assigned to another department.
5451is not available.
5452No more registration is allowed.
5454CAUSION This change can cause wrong commission payment calculation; it can overlap or skip days. Are you
sure you want to proceed?
5455Commission payment duration being overlapped
5456Total Credit Transaction count {0} not matched with detailed records count {1}.
5457Total Credit Transaction amount {0} not matched with calculated amount {1} in detail section.
5458Business not setup card programe.
5459Next Payment will be initiated on {0}
5460Next commission will be paid for date range {0} to {1}.
5461Next payment date {0} is running out of commission payment End date {1}. So commission payment will not
be active.
5465Allow and Deny both group should not be same
5466Department is not allowed.
5467Allow and Deny both code should not be same
5468Package change request unsuccessful
5469Scheme Promotional Code ‘{0}’ remove
5470Invalid special character. Only allow {0}
5471Mobile number is not registered for your user
5472User is blocked due to more than allowed one time password attempts. Please contact Custom
5473Frozen or suspended account does not allow to change, Please contact customer services on
5474User ‘{0}’ has reinstalled application in ‘{1}’ device; old MpinLoginID ‘{2}’ , new MpinLo
5475Deregister device ‘{0}’ for user ‘{1}’ as another user ‘{2}’ has requested registration on
5476User ‘{0}’ has registered device ‘{1}’ for mpin login; MpinLoginID ‘{2}’
5477User ‘{0}’ has changed MPin in device ‘{1}’; MpinLoginID ‘{2}’
5478User ‘{0}’ has deregistered MPin login in device ‘{1}’; MpinLoginID ‘{2}’
5479For user ‘{0}’ MPin login has been unblocked in ‘{1}’ device; MpinLoginID ‘{2}’
5480Deregister device ‘{0}’ for user ‘{1}’ due to constant failure login attempts; MpinLoginID
5481Your device has been deregistered due to constant failure login attempts. You can re-regis
5482Login blocked for user ‘{0}’ from device ‘{1}’ due to fail login attempts; MpinLoginID ‘{2
5483Login has been blocked from device due to more than {0} failed login attempts. Please cont
5484Login Failed. Invalid mPIN.
5485Please select report
5486Duplicate department name is not allowed.
5487Weekly spend limit should be Greater than or equal to weekly ATM and weekly POS Limit
5488Monthly spend limit should be Greater than or equal to Monthly ATM and Monthly POS Limit
5489Smartcash Savings
5490You have already registered the maximum number of permitted devices. Please log in to the
5491(While try to change pin from {0})
5492Your password has been entered incorrectly {0} times. Please contact customer services on {1} or {2}
5493{0} dateTime greater than or equal to {1} dateTime
5494BulkAgreement change setup ‘{0}’ remove
5495Already exists override account type template
5496Can not close the account accumulated charge pending to process
5497Default promotional code not allowed to Edit or Delete.
5498Please enter promotional code.
5499customer services
5500Please enter eight digit only
5501Invalid nationality.
5502Entered one time password has expired or it is invalid, please request a new password and try again.
5503Accumulated Charge Summary for
5504Accumulated Charge Refund Summary for
5505Directors KYC not completed.
5506Company is already activated
5507Company KYC is not completed
5508Whilst your account is {0}, it is not possible to make a payment from your account.
Please contact customer service for assistance
5513No data will be updated
5514Mail could not be sent due to some error
5515Please select either ‘Virtual’ account only or remove ‘Virtual’ account type as We have different
agreements for ‘virtual’ account.
5516Valid difference between dates is {0}
5520Recipient account must be different than your account
5521Edit Account type version now?
5522Merchant banking type code must be provide
5523Customer banking type code must be provide
5524Please enter Sort code
5525Sort code must be provide in file name
5526Customer Banking type code must provide
5527Merchant Banking type code must provide
5528No Instruction found
5529Amount differ with due amount
5530Payment Overdue
5531Represented transaction not allow
5532First Payment not yet receive
5533Advance Payment
5534Duplication DD founded
5535DDI must be present within 6 month from the date the DDI was signed
5536DDI Already cancel
5537Expire DDI not allowed to cancel
5538From and To Date difference should not be greater then 32 days
5539First payment already receive
5540Re-instated not allow
5541Re-instated allow within two month of dormancy
5542Direct Debit Setup Fee
5543Direct Debit Rejection Fee
5544Direct Debit Amendments Fee
5545Direct Debit Cancellations Fee
5546Direct Debit Charge per collection Fee
5547Direct Debit Monthly Fee
5548Only allow Reprensted transaction
5549Sameday Faster Payment
5550Amount or Dormancy month must be pass
5551Direct Debit Collections Refund
5552Please read the text below to the accountholders.
Notification of your cancelation of this Direct Debit will be sent to {0}.
You need to let us know at least 3 working days before the next payment is due to be taken.
It is recommended to contact {0} to tell them that you have cancelled this payment instruction and make
alternative arrangement for paying this company.
5553Withdraw method does not allow to transfer more than {0} amount in a single transaction
5554Direct Debit Transaction
5555Accumulated Refund
5556Accumulated Charges
5557Account Charges Refund for
5558Account Charges for
5559Total {0} not matched with calculated {1}. Refer lineNo {2}
5560Withdrawal type is not allowed in agreement
5561Please enter integer value only
5562Scheme revenue account is not setup
5563File content and signature does not matched
5564Primary user details not found for singup referece={0}
5568Track Reason:
5570Dealt with by:
5571Dealt with:
5572— ALL —
5574Please select Sort code
5575Please add default agreement before proceeding
5576Are you sure you want to cancel this Direct Debit to {0}?
5578No files generated
5580Dispute refunded
5581Dispute presented for payment
5582Dispute resolved
5583Bank Transfer Load Blocked in scheme for A/c
5584Must be greater than Account start range.
5585Must be less than sum of start and end account range.
5586Must be less than Increament.
5587Account start range and Account end range overlaped.
5588Error while generating Empty file : {0}
5589Error while Formatting record to export in file. record’s ID : {0} – {1}
5590Error while saving recordType or file export history FileName = {0} error : {1}
5591Error while update schedule timings FileName = {0} error : {1}
5592Error while signing file using HSM. please check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
5593Error while override empty dummy file with actual file please check issue ASAP. FileName =
5594Error while create file on physical folder path check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
5595Outbound automated record export {0}
5596Reason ID not matched with reason type.
5597Error while updating file status and validation result respactively {0}. FileName = {1}
5598Generate file option is unavailable.please contact technical support team to make automated payment data
compatible to manual file export format.
5599Generate file is possible for a single sortcode at a time please search data for particular sortcode
first then try to generate file.
5600Estimated Transaction
5601Account status is Dormant
5602Account status is InActive
5603Account status is Limited
5604Transaction not allowed in multiple currency
5605Transaction Amount is Lower Than Minimum Initial Load
5606Transaction Exceed TotalLoad Count
5607Customer account has been closed
5608Transaction Not Allowed Base ON Account Status
5609Holding Account Not Found
5610Please select sortcode
5611Scheme Code changed from : {0} to : {1}
5612Invalid public key
5613Invalid thumb print
5614Please confirm that the information is provided to the customer.
5615Total debit transaction count {0} not matched with detailed records count {1}.
5616Total debit transaction amount {0} not matched with calculated amount {1} in detail section.
5617Dispute Cancelled
5618Are you sure you want to save this Direct Debit Indemnity Claim as {0} ?
5619Direct Debit Indemnity Claim Fee
5620More information required for indemnity claim. DDIC ID = {0}.
5621Are you sure you want to mark this as Submitted?
5622Do you want to perform credit transaction for this DDIC to the cardholder’s account?
5623Do you want to apply charge for the transaction?
5624Overdraft limit reached {0}
5625From account is not available
5626To account is not available
5627Transfer to virtual account is not allowed at scheme setting
5628Must be greater than or equal to {0} limit
5629Sorry, the details you have entered are incorrect, please try again
5630Card Agreement Edited(AccountID={0},OldAgreementID={1},NewAgreementID={2})
5631Are you sure you want to expire the mobile version
5632Are you sure you want to publish the mobile version
5633Invalid relationship
5634First Payment
5635Next Payment
5637Last Payment
5644Agreement schedule could not be process because of overdraft limit reached
5646SchemeID :
5647Account management fee
5648Insufficient account balance.
5649Must be between 0 to {0}
5650Overdraft limit not allowed.
5651This functionality is changed, please download latest version to use this functionality.
5652Weekly management fee
5653Additional Card Monthly management fee
5654Additional Card Weekly management fee
5655Invalid management fee day, please provide day between Monday to Friday.
5656Mobile version publish successfully
5657Mobile version expire successfully
5658Weekly management fee adjustment
5660Error while updating PEP status for UserDetailID : {0}.
5665PEP active status changed from: {0} to: {1} for UserDetailID : {2}.
5666KYC Status for UserDetail ID:
5667Site system setting list not found.
5668Immediate Pay – Loyalty Cash back rebate top-up
5669Authorised person updated:
5670Authorised person deleted:
5671Full name changed
5672Date of Birth changed
5673Security question changed
5674Security answer changed
5675Start date changed
5676Expiration date changed
5677Please enter date of birth
5678Please enter security question
5679Please enter security answer
5680Please enter start date
5681Please enter expiration date
5682Add SchemeBankCodeSetting:
5683Update SchemeBankCodeSetting:
5684Delete SchemeBankCodeSetting:
5686Can not delete base scheme bankcode setting
5687“Income” amount should be entered before “Bills to pay” can be managed using the “Manage”
5688Envelope already assigned with direct debit or standing order
5689Invalid header
5690Found extra columns:
5691Add following country ID ({0}) in block list for schemecardProgram ID ={1}
5692Delete following country ID ({0}) form block list for schemecardProgram ID ={1}
5693Duplicate department code is not allowed.
5694Department code length is invalid. It must be upto 8 characters in length.
5695Authorised person added:
5698Sorry, your login does not have privileges to Savings Envelopes
5699Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view Savings Envelopes
5700Sorry, your login does not have privileges to Savings Envelopes Top Up
5701Sorry, your login does not have privileges to view Savings Envelopes Release
5702Please select department
5703DD- {0} – {1}
5704DD-Overdrawn- {0} – {1}
5705DD-SUSPENSE- {0} – {1}
5707DD-Reject-Overdrawn- {0} – {1}
5708Bank Identifier is not valid to generate IBAN.
5709SEPA payment fee for
5710Account is Frozen due to ATM reversal limit reached.
5711Token OTP SMS charge
5712Account Status can not be changed to live as Agreement is not assigned.
5713New record started before existing one ends
5714WebSystemConfig ContextItem is Null
5715Mobile Push
5716Active for payment
5717Permanently deactivated for payment
5718Temporarily suspended for payments
5719Inactive for payment (not yet active)
5721Invalid record structure
5722Error while prepare file record summary. please check issue ASAP. FileName = {0}
5723Reversal request
5724Please Enter Upper Limit!
5725Error(s) occured while performing the action:
5726Records are processed successfully with Id =
5727Please select at least one record to perform the action!
5728File resubmitted successfully
5729Record resubmitted successfully
5730Daily POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Daily E-Commerce Limit
5731Weekly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Weekly E-Commerce Limit
5732Monthly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Monthly E-Commerce Limit
5733Yearly POS limit should be Greater than or equal to Yearly E-Commerce Limit
5735Unable to resubmit file
5736Unable to resubmit record
5737{0}{1} : Country={2} for Scheme={3}
5739Either combination of IBAN and BIC or NCC, BIC and AccountNumber is allowed.
5740NCC must be alpha numeric and must be minimum 5 characters
5741NCC length is invalid
5743Of this Envelope is already exists. Update the priority first to proceed further.
5744NCC bank details are not valid in recipient country
5745Invalid recipient country
5746IBAN bank details are not valid in recipient country
5747Please enter NCC Code
5748Sub account must be either {0} or {1}.
5749Sub login required must be either {0} or {1}.
5750Invalid sub account relationship
5751Invalid sub account portal access
5752Daily ATM limit must be less than or equal to daily spend Limit
5753Weekly ATM limit must be less than or equal to weekly spend Limit
5754Monthly ATM limit must be less than or equal to monthly spend Limit
5755Yearly ATM limit must be less than or equal to yearly spend limit
5756Daily POS limit must be less than or equal to daily spend Limit
5757Weekly POS limit must be less than or equal to weekly spend Limit
5758Monthly POS limit must be less than or equal to monthly spend Limit
5759Yearly POS limit must be less than or equal to yearly spend Limit
5761From and To Date difference should not be greater than 30 days
5762At least first 8 characters must be provided to begin search with FPID
5763Multiple accounts for same account number, expected beneficiary name :
5764Not allow {0} field for main user.
5765First Payment Date must be greater than or equal to Bank Setup Date
5766Bank detail will be activated on {0}. Please try to transfer funds after bank detail activ
5767DD-Reversal from creditor- {0} – {1}
5768Bank Created Successfully , but Currently it is inactive it will be activated after {1} days
5769You can not authorised your own request
5770OTP retry attempt failed
5771Wrong OTP
5772Unable to cancel record
5774DD Instruction status has been set to stop payment
5775Direct Debit
5776SEPA Direct Debit
5777{0} First Payment date greater than or equal to {1} date
5778Cancellation Request already exists for withdrawal ID {0}; you cannot do withdraw-reversal
5779Are you sure you want to initiate withdrawal reversal?
5780Registration is not allowed.
5781Announcement text for at least one language per scheme must be specified
5782Send Chargable SMS : Charge for SMS : {0} For Account ID : {1} UserDetail ID : {2}
5783Send SMS without taking any charges for Account ID : {0} UserDetail ID : {1}
5784No record found to save.
5785Selected {0} resource(s) saved successfully.
5787Invalid SettingID
5788Original credit – {0}
5789Refund – {0}
5790Card Payment – {0}
5791Should be greater than current date
5792Must be {0} digit
5793Must be different for {0} charge
5794Please select at least one MCC Group to {0}.
5795Error while attempt to generate file for provider – {0} – which belongs to sortcode {1}. N
5796CD5796|Must be either 3 or 6 alphanumaric character
5797OT5797|Please enter from date
5798OT5798|Please enter To date
5799LN5799| should be from selected language(s).
5800Current {0} is grater than proposed agreement
5801OT5801|To Date less than from date.
5802RS5802|Date not greater than next run date ({0})
5803CB5803|Please confirm you have read the liability to the cardholder
5804AG5804|Selected scheme default scheme agreement not found.
5805AG5805|Please select user account types except ‘virtual’.
5806CB5806|Chargeback amount should be greater than zero or less than Bill amount
5807BS5807|Invalid Signup Request
5808BS5808|Enter valid Operation Here for
5809BS5809|Enter valid NationlId Card Expires
5810BS5810|Enter valid Passport Expires
5811BS5811|allow to add max ‘{0}’
5812CS5812|Not matching
5813CS5813|Duplicate Request
5814Invalid system for step 2 participant file
5815Activation in process
5816Deletion in process
5817Resuming in process
5818Suspending in process
5819should not be less than 01-Jan-
5821Date must not be fall into bank holidays for the withdrawal method type
5822Date must not be fall into bank week offs for the withdrawal method type
5823Client authorisation account type must be business or merchant business
5824Scheme card program client setup is not done.
5825Duplicate reversal for transaction log id = {0}
5826Client authorization STIP not approved
5827You are not allowed to provide Username
5828You can not delete Guardian Person, At least One Guardian Person must be active per user
5829Account balance negative than defined range
5830Account balance higher than defined range
5831Sorry, You already have Maximum number of Guardian Person
5832Scheme card program id does not exists
5833Can not close whitelist account
5834Card Program associated with scheme or card design and cannot be deactivated.
5835Unlimited means {0} must be unlimited
5836Must be less than {0}
5837The authorisation request has been successfully processed.
5839No user has privilege in this group to assign dual auth
5840Must be less than or equal to {0} count
5841Client Authorization Type:
5842Client Authorization Url:
5843Client Authorization Account Number:
5844Is Stip Allowed:
5845Stip Amount:
5846Provider Name:
5847Client Authorization Option:
5848MCC control rules are not defined for selected card
5849Scheme Card Program ID:
5850Are you sure you want to change card program type from open loop to MCC controlled ?
5851Email address not found
5852Account is not authorised for bulk payment.
5853Transaction filter not allowed before six month(s)
5854Max upload file size is {0} MB.
5855Cardfeature {0} is blocked for cardID {1}
5856CardID {0} is not allowed in testmode
5857Are you sure, you want to make Testing Mode off? Once testing mode set to OFF it will not change.
5858To Scheme Agreemenet must be different than From Scheme Agreement
5859Unfortunately, Contis is not able to provide you with an account at this time. We apologis
5860Please be advised that due to the address on your account, Contis is no longer able to provide you with
an account. Please arrange to make a payment of any funds remaining in your account before it is closed.
5861Please be advised that due to the new address provided, Contis is no longer able to provide you with an
account. Your account will remain open until the current card(s) expire, at which point the account will
be closed. Any balance remaining in the account will be returned to you at this point.
5862Ref ID
5863Chargeback reversed
5864Request for copy requested
5865Invalid user account type.
5866Communication not allowed
5868please check recipient account details
5869AES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
5870Length Incorrect
5871Direct Debit Instruction already linked with another envelope.
5872free online and by calling Customer Services ({0})
5874Debit card loading
5875Funds loading via
5876and up
5879Top Up
5880whichever is higher
5881Fixed Amount Charge
5883Either combination of (IBAN and BIC) or (NCC, BIC and AccountNumber) must be specified.
5884Customer Services
5885Unable to locate recipient account.
5886Unable to delete recipient account.
5887Unable to add recipient account.
5888Location not found.
5889ClientSSOReferenceNumber must be absent or empty
5890CVV AES Key or IV value not set for scheme ID = {0}
5891All fields must not be blank to update
5892Only one primary consumer allowed.
5893Unable to setup standing order.
5894Standing order execution already active.
5895Standing order execution already deactive.
5896Given email address is associated with many consumers.
5897Default scheme agreement setup missing
5898Default scheme agreement setup missing for account types {0}
5899Default card program setup missing
5900Scheme client user setup missing
5901Scheme client user email setup missing or email address is invalid
5902Scheme master account setup missing
5903Invalid country ISO Code.
5904Minimum Initial Load
5905Prepaid card is valid for {0} months. (Must be used 3 months prior to expiry for automatic
5906Primary cardholders must be 19 years or over, additional cardholders. additional cardholde
5907User Restrictions
5909Unable to locate requested details.
5910BIC Format is invalid
5911AccountNumber Format is invalid
5912IBAN Format is invalid
5913IBAN checksum is invalid, please verify typing mistakes
5914Sortcode format is invalid
5915Unable to accept bankdetails as system does not support sending payments to recipient who
5916Recipient country accepts payment on bases of {0} combination, please provide values in ne
5917Recipient country accepts payment on bases of {0} combination, please provide values for o
5918Bank Withdrawal
5919Additional PIN change at ATM charges
5920No security question is found with id = {0}
5921Invalid phone ISO country code.
5922Either recipientbank has not been setup yet or it is deleted
5923CardDesignCode Invalid
5924CardLine4Data must be absent or empty
5925CardLine5Data must be absent or empty
5926CardLine4Data must be specified
5927CardLine5Data must be specified
5928Field combination is invalid, {0} is only a valid combination
5929First Load Fee
5930Multiple bank details are not allowed.
5931The account did not have sufficient funds for {0}
5932From and to currency must be different.
5933Service provider has not been setup
5934Privileges are in use , Are you sure you want to delete privilege Id {0} ?
5935Partnership account must have more than one partner, please select how many additional partners you have
5936Are you sure you want to reset cache ?
5937System will update cache after 5 minutes
5938From scheme must be specified.
5939Cross scheme configuration type must be specified.
5940From and To Scheme must be different.
5941Rejected by recipient Bank
5942ClientSSOReferenceNumber must be specified
5943Unable to activate card due to account restrictions. Please contact Customer Services for
5944Unable to set card to normal due to account restrictions. Please contact Customer Services
5945Not supported.
5946Dual auth request exists for MaestroTransactionFinanceID = {0}
5947Not allowed to transfer more than {0} in a single transaction to country “{1}” using “{2}
5948Your card activation request accepted and will be process in few minutes.
5949Unable to do transaction as merchant account not registered in same scheme
5950Unable to do transaction as recipient account is not a registered merchant.
5951Not allowed to claim refund more than {0} as merchant have already refunded {1} from total bill amount
5952Not allowed to claim refund as merchant have already refunded entire bill amount {0}.
5953Not allowed to claim refund {0} as it exceeds total bill amount {1}.
5954Unable to refund {0} as it exceeds total bill amount {1}.
5955Unable to refund {0}. Max refundable amount is {1} as {2} have already been refunded from total bill
amount {3}.
5956Unable to refund as entire bill amount {0} have already been refunded.
5957Card already expired
5958PIN tries exceed
5959CardID in the request has no associated card
5960Card not effective
5961Invalid Status change request
5962Failed to auth card holder
5963Reason code not found
5964Transaction not found
5965Card expiry date not reached
5966Token does not exist
5967QRCodeTransactionInfo does not exist
5968TransactionRefundQRDetailInfo does not exist
5969TransactionQRDetailInfo does not exist
5970TransactionSearchWithRewardInfo does not exist
5971UnpaidRewardSearchInfo does not exist
5974Confirm Deactivate
5975Confirm Activate
5976Account Envelopes history not found.
5977TransactionSearchWithRewardAmtInfo does not exist
5978QR transaction info does not exist
5979Either Account Identifier or combination of Account number or sortcode should be provided
5980Either Account Identifier or combination of Account number or sortcode or device id should be provided
5982No authorisation action associated.
5983Requested authorisation can be cancelled by requester consumer only.
5984Content not found.
5985You can not delete a content which has already been deleted.
5986Unable to delete content.
5987Unable to locate user content.
5988Max upload content size is {0} MB.
5989Null response for ValidateIBAN API.
5990Setting value for ValidateIBAN API Url is null or empty.
5991FTR 2015 regulations are violated for payment to account
5992ProcessCredit File: Sender IBAN is empty for the ProcessTransactionID:
5993IBAN API Errors for:
5994IBAN API Validations for:
5995No country found with A2Code=
5996No details found from thirdparty ValidateIBAN API for IBAN=
5997Please enter bank address
5998Recipient Address For withdrawal of amount > {0}, you must provide Recipient Address.
5999The below listed error(s) has been occurred for account number : {0}
6000Request has already been approved by the user.
6001QR transaction type not allowed.
6002Unable to generate QR code.
6003Invalid QR code.
6004QR payment not allowed.
6005QR payment expired.
6006Please enter valid email address.
6007Mobile verification attempt is over, please contact customer service.
6008Unable to connect veriff
6009Either given token is invalid or expired or kyc status is not approved or user is already created using
same token
6010QR code not found.
6011Invalid QR Code.
6012Unable to perform KYC , Proivder configurations are missing.
6013{0} accounts are still using this Agreement. So you can not archive this agreement.
6014Agreement is used for {0} please remove that association to archive this agreement.
6015{0} agreements are using selected T & C, which are not archived, please move all agreements which
are using this T & C to archive first
6016Unable to get bonus details.
6017Record is submitted to reprocess.
6018Please do scheme communication set up for further configuration.
6020Successfully refunded with chargeback.
6021ServiceUser number should be of 6 digits.
6022Reference number should be of 1-18 alpha-numeric Capital characters and can only include special
characters (&,/,-)
6023Payement credits for bulk account closure (Negative Balance Accounts)
6025Transaction currencies not found
6026Saving feature is disabled.
6027Unable to perform KYC
6028QR amount is already fixed.
6029Auth Request already exists for {0}
6030Close Account Having {0} Balance for file ID : {1}
6031Please track your file using system generated file name : {0}
6032Registration with requested country is not allowed. Please specify appropriate country.
6033Alert amount for {0}
6034Either combination of (IBAN and BIC) or (AccountNumber and SortCode) or AccountIdentifier must be
6035Either combination of (PayerIBAN and PayerBIC) or (PayerAccountNumber and PayerSortCode) or
PayerAccountIdentifier must be specified.
6036Either combination of (RecipientIBAN and RecipientBIC) or (RecipientAccountNumber and RecipientSortCode)
or RecipientAccountIdentifier must be specified.
6037Either combination of (SenderIBAN and SenderBIC) or (SenderAccountNumber and SenderSortCode) or
SenderAccountIdentifier must be specified.
6038Multiple scheme group associated with scheme.
6039Reauthentication info does not exists.
6040We logged you out because you were logged in to another session.
6041Username is invalid. Email address is expected.
6042No Scheme or Mobile group associated with scheme.
6043Enter valid country code.
6044Unable to delete recent payee.
6045Recurrent bonus frequency is not allowed for first load action and first spend action.
6047Allowed when any one action (Credit Or Debit) is none require.
6048is not allowed for total load action and total spend action.
6049Allowed only for recurrent bonus frequency.
6050Enter different user details than primary user.
6051You can not select multiple service provider for service type : {0}.
6052Can not delete scheme service provider {0} for scheme {1}.
6053Please select atleast one service provider.
6055Do you want to deregister device ?
6056File Header
6057File Record
6058Transaction are huge in numbers which may cause to bad user experience, Please use Transaction Search
for this. Do you want to redirect to Transaction Search page?
6059Redirect to Transction Search?
6060Source scheme and Target scheme can not be the same.
6061LoyaltyProgramID must not be zero
6062Do you want to held for review this suspense card credit transaction?
6063Do you want to release and freeze this suspense card credit transaction?
6064Scheme {0} is already migrated to scheme {1}.
6065Your password must be between 14 & 20 characters long and must contain at least one upper case and
one lower case letter, one number and a special character ! @ # $ % ^ & * + = ( )
6066Maestro Transaction Finance Id must be specified
6067Suspended Account Id must be specified
6068Sorry, you are not allowed to personalize this card as it will be expired in this month.
6069Auto card reissue request is already exists
6070This transaction would exceed your daily load count limit
6071This transaction would exceed your weekly load count limit
6072This transaction would exceed your monthly load count limit
6073Current card status is invalid to activate.
6074Card does not fall into activation criteria.
6075Invalid KYC Token
6076Can not delete scheme address country {0} for scheme {1}.
6077Scheme address country KYC limits exists for country {0}.
6078Users exists for country {0}.
6079You will also be asked to upload document for KYC purpose.
6080Document Front Side
6081Document Back Side
6082Transaction declined, this would exceed the recipient’s maximum balance
6083OTP verification is pending.
6084Want To Set Trusted ?
6085Want To Set Untrusted ?
6086Want To Set Permanent Untrusted ?
6089Permanent Untrusted
6090Unable to update beneficiary status.
6091Either BankReferenceID or ThirdPartyReferenceID must be specified.
6092Beneficiary status detail info does not exists.
6093System has marked the beneficiary as Permanent Untrusted. You are not allowed to change the status for
RecipientBankReferenceID = {0}.
6095You have exceeded maximum OTP atttempts. Your account has been blocked now. Please call customer service
on {0} or {1} to unblock your account.
6096FRAUD ALERTDon’t fall victim to a scam. Criminals pretend to be people you trust,
list a company you would pay bills to, {0} or even the police.
6097Transaction not allowed due to security reasons.
6098Transaction was suspected as fraud , Are you sure you want to perform {0} ?
6099Either RecipientReferenceID or RecentPayeeReferenceID must be specified.
6100RecentPayeeReferenceID must be sender.
6102An OTP has been sent to your
6103mobile number {0}
6104email address {0}
6110A payment must be made before you mark recipient “{0}” as Trusted.
6111Unable to process SCA Request
6112Renew card request successfully done
6113Duplicate values not allowed in list.
6114AuthCode must be specified.
6115AuthCode is expired.
6116Pin request is invalid for virtual card
6117Activation code is not valid
6118Activation code or CVV2 is invalid
6119Card status is not valid or CVV2 tries exceeded
6120SCAReferenceNumber must be specified.
6121SCAIdentification must be specified.
6122transfer {0} to {1}
6123change payee trusted status
6124change your address
6125change your mobile number to {0}
6126change your address and mobile number to {0}
6127transfer {0} to {1}
6128modify standing order of {0}
6129authenticate your login
6130change trusted status
6131pay {0} to {1}
6132pay fee {0}
6133transfer {0}
6134send {0} to {1}
6135modify {0}
6136setup new bank
6137withdraw amount {0}
6138get historic transactions
6139setup standing order of {0}
6140Either {0} or {1} must be specified
6141Your changes will be applied to {0} retailer also who has {1} merchant account. Do you want to continue
? If no then please assign different merchant account to {2}
6142Are you sure you want to delete retailer ?
6143Do you want to Add an acceptor in all associated Schemes? If you will choose ‘YES’, acceptor will be
bound with all associated schemes else not.
6144Do you want to delete an acceptor from all associated Schemes? If you will choose ‘YES’, acceptor will
be deleted from all associated schems else not.
6145Report subscription include report filters in csv flag changed
6146You are not allowed to change end date for already ended bonus scheme
6147Send notification before start date must be less than or equals to scheme start date and greater than or
equals to current date
6148Send notification before end date must be less than or equals to scheme end date and greater than or
equals to current date
6149Only charaters are allowed
6150Only single bonus configuration can be active at a time
6151User is not blocked. Only blocked users can be unblocked.
6152Setting value must be less than or equals to {0}
6153Account blocked due to more than {0} in activity days.
6155Set for {0} Scheme
6156by tomorrow
6158Unable to locate scheduled payment
6159Unable to locate beneficiaries
6160Unable to locate statements data
6161Bank name must be alpha numeric and only include {0} special characters
6162Unable to {0} request after {1} days of receiving request.
6163Contis KYB check is not opted.
6164Envelope amount is not valid because standing order(s) are created with amount greater than the amount
provided in the request.
6165No details found from third party CreateBeneficiary API for Currency Cloud.
6166Claim of Non-Receipt should be raised within {0} months of actual withdraw
6167Provider is temporary unavailable, Please try after some time.
6168There is some problem in provided bank details, Please verify and try again.
6169Do you want to held for review this suspense top-up transaction?
6170Please update Beneficiary city, state and postcode from BankDetails page to continue transfer.
6171Claim of Non-Receipt raised successfully.
6172Request of payment status made successfully.
6173Failed to send push notification.
6174Please enter either From amount or To amount.
6175Unable to locate SCA referenceNumber.
6176SCAReferenceNumber should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).
6177Device has already been registered to the current user.
6178Please enter beneficiary city name.
6179Please enter beneficiary state name.
6180Please enter beneficiary postcode.
6181Please enter to currency code.
6182You have a new authorisation request.
6183SCA is enabled and 2FA not done, please do 2FA first and then check again.
6184Unable to locate SCA pending request by device info.
6185Name on card exceeds the maximum allowed length for the card. Please update the “Name on card” field to
one which does not exceed 21 characters including spaces.
6186Please enter to currency amount.
6187Please perform get quote before next.
6188Wallet provisioning incentive
6189First payment with wallet incentive
6191This Card Program can’t be deleted becuase it is assocaited in system.
6192This Sort Code can’t be deleted becuase account(s) is created for this Sort code.
6193Postcode review is pending for this customer.
6194You can’t perform this change, because postcode review is pending for this accountholder.
6195From currency code and to currency code should not be same.
6196Provided currency code is invalid.
6197Name on card must be valid and between 6 to 21 chars including spaces.
6198Your full name exceeds the maximum allowed length for the card. Please update the ‘Name on card’ field
to one which does not exceed 21 characters including spaces.
6199Specify user defined “Name on card” if full name (Title + FirstName + LastName) exceeds 21 characters.
6200Client data transaction request does not exists
6209Please select to currency.
6210Sorry, you can’t to return this transaction, because it has crossed the SEPA’s maximum days policy.
Please create fresh payment to return this transaction.
6211Please perform get quote before Save.
6212Are you sure you want to delete it?
6213No permission granted by PSU to access this data.
6214{0} can not be in future date.
6215Unable to locate SCA pending request by consumer.
6222More than 90 days transactions not allowed with 1FA login.
6223Every 90 days 2FA required.
6224Virtual Account is closed at clearbank.
6225Unable to genarate provisioning payload.
6226Invalid option for SCA
6227Invalid device for SCA request.
6228You can not modify expired standing order.
6231Please update Beneficiary city, state and postcode first to continue transfer.
6232Please enter {0} for {1}
6233present address
6234previous address
6235Beneficary Currency and Transfer location currency should be same.
6236Due to some technical issue device can’t be de-registered.
6237You can not create SO using this withdrawal method.
6238Beneficiary City, State and Postcode is required for this payment. Please delete this beneficiary and
add again.
6239You need to choose number of months that you were lived in your {0}.
6240Consent status is invalid.
6243Reissue card is pending to issue against damage card.
6244Previous card is damage, pending action needs to be taked on damage card to cancel this card.
6245Consent status is invalid.
6246No details found from third party CreateConversion API for Currency Cloud.
6247Invalid card request, account status is closed.
6248Suspense Topup has been processed already
6249Open the Wallet
6250Open Settings and tap Wallet & Apple Pay
6251Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone, tap Wallet & Apple Pay
6252To activate {0}, open the Wallet app, tap your card
6253To activate Apple Pay, open settings, tap Wallet & Apple Pay, tap your card
6254To activate Apple Pay, open the Watch app on your paired iPhone, tap Wallet & Apple Pay, tap Verify
6255Account access restricted
6256Combination of account and sort code or physical account or sort code required to get unpaid mandates.
6257Sorry, you can’t return these transactions, because some of records crossed the SEPA’s maximum days policy. Please create fresh payment to return these transactions. IDs ={0}
6258Some records are already having an entry for dual auth! Dual auth request exists for ID = {0}
6259Web service failed for request {0}
6260SCA option OTP should not be the same for 1FA and 2FA.
6261Currencycloud holding account payment
6262Promotional Code group name must be specified.
6263Promotional Code criteria does not match.
6264Promotional Code group is invalid.
6265Agreement Code is invalid.
6270Invalid card design.
6271Provided card design is unavailable can you please provide the correct card design.
6272Sent request for checking bureau file, if it is not generated then system will update given card design.
6273Card design changes not allowed for pre production card issuance.
6274Card design changes not allowed for business card program category.
6275Virtual card design is not allowed.
6276Currency Cloud Error
6277Card ID is must be required.
6278Card Design Code is must be required.
6280Unable to update card design.
6281By changing the email address your username will be also updated, please confirm ?
6282Invalid use of Payment purpose code for transaction in {0}.
6287Your chosen payment method is unavailable, please select an alternative
6279Please activate your card to continue.
6283{0} is associated with default {1} and default KYCstatus.
6284This agreement is associated with default KYC status. Do you want to delete scheme agreement code : {0} and associated all KYC agreements and associated all scheme promotional codes? {1}
6285This agreement is associated with KYC status of default {0}. do you want to delete KYC agreements? {1}
6286Do you want to delete KYC agreements?
6288Promocode Limit
6289Scheme Promotional code associated with cardholder, so you cannot remove it.
6290Additional card limit exceeded.
6291Token status is invalid.
6292Token is inactive. Please active first.
6293Token status is suspended. Please resume.
6295ABA Format is invalid
6296IFSC Format is invalid
6297BSB Code Format is invalid
6298Bank Code Format is invalid
6299Branch Code format is invalid
6300CNAPS format is invalid
6301CLABE format is invalid
6304Unfortunately, we are unable to process payments to {0} in {1} at this time.
6307Bank entity type should be either individual(1) or company(2).
6308Valid input combination to setup bank for this country are {0} {1}.
6305Already enabled.
6306Already disabled.
6314Search criteria should not be empty.
6315No consumer found.
6316Provider file type is missing.
6317Invalid Provider file type.
6318From date is missing.
6319To date is missing.
6320From date should be greater than To date.
6321Date range selection should not be greater than 90 days.
6322No provider files are found on given date range.
6325Payer Identification Document missing.
6326Payer Identification Document number missing.
6327‘{0}’ , does not support token activation.
6328Activation pass request info is null.
6364{0} Accounts are active so not able to close.
6365You can not edit deactivated configuration.
6366Scheme already closed.
6367Minimum load of {0} or account balance is required.
6477Decimal value not permitted
6478The amount should be less than the single contactless transaction limit
6479PCI DSS AUDIT is required to allow Users to set their own PIN.
6480Self Select PIN is not enabled.
6481Consecutive Numbers are not allowed.
6482Same concurrent number is not allowed.
6483PIN number must be numerical.
6484PIN length must be 4 digits.
6485PIN has to be in Encrypted Format.
6490PIN should have positive number.