Grey list check notification

Contis API service notifies API client if the postcode in the consumer’s address matches with Contis grey list.

The notification contains information about:

  • Date of postcode verification in the Grey list
  • Confirmation whether postcode is ‘in’ the or ‘not in’ the Contis postcode grey list

Grey list check notification parameters

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of the notification. Numeric value “048” denotes the the grey list check notification. Blank
GreyListCheckDate string The date and time of HOSC check. The format is yyyyMMddHHmms. Maximum length = 14 characters.
CardHolderId integer Unique identifier of the consumer. 0000000
IsGreyAreaPostcode integer Boolean that identifies whether the postcode in consumer’s address “exists” or “does not exist” in Contis Postcode Grey List. Value 1= “true”= “exists”. Value = 0 = “false”= “does not exist”.
SecurityHash string String value generated through hash logic with all of the above parameters (To verify the values posted on URL)

Example of grey list check notification

The table is an example of grey list check notification. The value 1 of the Boolean “IsGreyAreaPostcode” confirms that postcode of the consumer exists in Contis postcode grey list.

Grey list check notification

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 048
GreyListCheckDate 20161116063343
CardHolderId 48142
IsGreyAreaPostcode 1
SecurityHash c748390ca37d8677ea86ac4007274820524671f8d716db26297ee2766d42e2dc

To generate the Security Hash:

Hash sequence : NotificationType &GreyListCheckDate&CardHolderId&IsGreyAreaPostcode&HashPAN Key

HashDataString : 048&20161116063343&48142&1&
SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop
HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey
Hash : c748390ca37d8677ea86ac4007274820524671f8d716db26297ee2766d42e2dc

Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.

JSON Example

   "NotificationType" : "048",   
   "GreyListCheckDate" : "20161116063343",
   "CardHolderId" : "48142",
   "IsGreyAreaPostcode" : "1",
   "SecurityHash" : "c748390ca37d8677ea86ac4007274820524671f8d716db26297ee2766d42e2dc"