KYC Check Notification

Contis API service generates a notification about the KYC status of the consumer once the KYC process is completed.

The notification contains information about:

  • Date of KYC check
  • Status of consumer’s KYC after completion of verification process

The KYC status can be – Refer, Alert or Restricted.

Parameters of notification for KYC status

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of the notification. Numeric value “046” denotes the KYC notification. Blank
KYCCheckDate string The date and time of KYC check. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 charcaters.  
CardHolderId integer Unique identifier of the consumer. 0000000
KYCStatus integer The Look up value that denotes the KYC status of the consumer after completion of verification process.  

Lookup values for KYC status

KYC status Description
03 Refer – The status of new application that fails to reach a score value within the defined range of Pass and Restricted
04 Alert – The status of the new application that fails to get either “Refer” or “Restricted” status. This KYC status is manually generated by the staff member and has the authority to assign “Alert” status to the new user.
05 Restricted – The status of new application, whose KYC score or value cannot be configured as it is only read only

Example of KYC status notification

This is an example of KYC notification about granting of KYC status – Refer – to consumer after completion of the verification process.

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 046
KYCCheckDate 20161116063343
CardHolderId 48142
KYCStatus 03

To generate the Security Hash:

Hash sequnse : NotificationType&KYCCheckDate&CardHolderId&KYCStatus&HashPAN Key

HashDataString :063&55320&20191129063343&CF24 3DG&The Business Centre&Studio 103&61 Wellfield Road&Cardiff&Roath&Roath&826&subbuilding example&substreet example&Bedfordshire&
SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop
HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey
Hash : 411c47ef10e04a90086de417d73ffbce

Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.