Open banking use cases

Open banking – customer data access flow

Below are the steps of the open banking consent

  1. Customer visits third party application

    On third party application customer select open banking provider for payment or to share account detail.

  2. Customer selects any of Contis’s client.
    Customer selects CredECard as he wants to pay or share account detail from credecard account’s.

  3. Third party application redirects to open banking provider internally.
  4. Open banking provider (Token) to Contis’s client (here credecard) landing page.
  5. Contis shows landing page for authentication to identity customer.

    Customer provider their authentication detail to perform first and second factor.

    • On Successful authentication: customer can login and select account detail.

    • On Failed authentication: Customer redirected back to third party application with Unauthenticated error message.

  6. After customer identification CredECard shows account detail to approve the consent.

    Customer selected account and approve the consent or reject the consent.Contis keeps records to customer action with consent expiry, selected account, and shared detail.

  7. Customer either approves or rejects the consent.

    On approval:Contis able to share customer detail to that third party provider.

    On Rejection: Contis do not share customer detail to that third party provider.