Ordo – Client integration


  • When any Contis API clients wants to use Ordo service they need to contact contis API support team.
  • API support team will set Ordo feature ON and create Ordo subscription for API client.
  • Once the subscription is created API client will develop their own customer journey using the Contis APIs available under Ordo Controller.

Ordo action status notification

Contis generates a notification whenever the Ordo action queue is processed and posts it on the URL of the API client.

Table shows the parameters of notification about change in Ordo action Status
Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of the notification. Numeric value “069” denotes Ordo Pay action queue notification. Blank
ActionType String Determines the action for which notification is generated. i.e DeleteSmartRequest, RegisterAccount,
AccountNumber string Eight-digit account number of the consumer. 00000000
SortCode string six-digit unique identifier of the “status of the account” before the status is changed. 000000
SmartRequestID string Unique indentifier of smart request. This Field has value if client is received notification for deletesmartrequest.
ResponseCode int Three-digit code which determines if record is processed successfully or not ? i.e 000 – Success , 999 – Fail.
ErrorDetails string Description of error while processing the pending record.

Example of Ordo Action Status notification

This is an example of a notification about delete smart request notification

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 069
ActionType DeleteSmartRequest
AccountNumber 885529
SortCode 608370
SmartRequestID 5d4337d825a29cbccaad48eaca80d07f04abf0315d1d5cf445057f13c06e902e
ResponseCode 999
ErrorDetails Token you are using is expired, please login again.

For this webhook there is a new notification category code: 069

SDK RegisterDevice and ResendOTP OTP HTTP Post:

JSON Example

  "ErrorDetails":"Token you are using is expired, please login again."