Release notes – 2020

Updated APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
Account GetSpecificTerms Added new response parameter TermReferenceID and TermName.

New APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
Scheme AddSchemePromotionalCode Add Scheme Promotional Code for particular scheme with Agreement Code, having different criterias.
UpdateSchemePromotionalCode Update Scheme Promotional Code details by passing SchemePromotional Code
DeleteSchemePromotionalCode Delete particular Scheme Promotional Code
Transfer GetBankDetailsByIBAN Full bank details for the provided IBAN are returned using this method.

Updated APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
Consumer AddConsumers Internal logic change, if PromotionalCode is passed then criteria will be checked.
Account ChangeTerms New Request Parameter Added (ParameterName : PromotionalCode)
Card UnblockVBVPassword Method decommissioned
ActivateCard New validation message introduced in response to activation criteria (6074) and if card is not eligible to activate (6073).
ChangePendingCardsDesign Card design can be changed if request not already sent to production bureau
SetCardAsLostWithReplacement New parameter : V2 – CardDesignCode
StandingOrder SetupSOReceipent New validation message if StartDate is not passed
scheme GetSpecificAgency HTTP response status code will be 400 in case of error(s)
P2P ListRecentPayees Empty list will returned as response if not recent payee(s) found
Transfer BankTransfer Validate beneficiary and payment purpose code applied to country UAE.

SCARes object from out of scope API methods

Restrict SCARes response to only apply to API methods in scope of SCA. Therefore where:
  1. SCA applies – SCARes will contain values
  2. SCA exemption applies – SCARes will return ‘null’
  3. SCA does not apply – SCARes will not appear in response object.

Request Passed when any data not entered in PassportExpiryDate

Validation message in response will be changed in case PassportExpiryDate is left blank.

Updated APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
P2P RequestPaymentByAccountNumber SendMailCopytoSender : At time of payment receiver received email of payment, if SendMailCopytoSender pass value as “true” in API call then that email copy will received by Sender
P2P RequestPaymentByAccountNumber
P2P RequestPaymentByMobileNumber
P2P RequestPaymentByEmailAddress
P2P RequestPaymentByUserName
P2P RequestPaymentByIBAN
P2P SendMoney
P2P SendMoneyByMobileNumber
P2P SendMoneyByEmailAddress
Consumer Addconsumer Registration will now allowed CardHolder to choose any card design which are supported to client
Consumer AddAdditionalConsumerWithAccount
Security PostLoginDetails Parameter SecondFactorViaSDK is obsolete now and introduced new parameter DoSecondFactor to decide if 2FA needs to be performed by contis
SDK RegisterDevice Method will try to send the registration/deregistration emails in case of mail sending failure
Security DeRegisterSDKDevice
SDK GetLoginTokens Now the reference token generated for login only will be acceptable.
Internal ListAddressFields Contis is now supporting address field as per country.To do so system is allowing to configure country wise address field.Client has to choose for country wise address field config to Use. New input parameter added CountryID (Optional). This new parameter is conditional required if Client has chosen for country address fields.This field need to Pass in request if Country wise address field need to fetch. No change in response.

Important! The APIs will not be available to test until 18th February, but the documentation is available now to help you prepare.

Released in February 2020, the Contis-developed solutions for delivering Strong Customer Authentication compliance comprise the following:

  1. A multi-authentication solution – using a Contis-designed SDK – suitable for clients offering customers access to their account via app. This solution offers a variety of authentication capabilities including ‘tap on the app’, biometrics and OTP.
  2. A single-authentication solution – using Contis APIs – suitable for clients offering customers access to their account via portal only. This solution offers OTP authentication capability only.

Contis will offer support to clients in their implementation of the SCA solutions. Please contact your Contis Project Manager, Account Manager or API Support for further information.

Updated APIs with SCA controls (refer to the SCA solution documents for additional detail)

Dev portal controllerWeb method name

New APIs with SCA controls (refer to the SCA solution documents for additional details)

Dev portal controllerWeb method name
Consumer SecurityGetSCAStatus

New APIs for retrieving details on a customer’s current and previous agreements

Dev portal controllerWeb method name

New webhooks to pass updated customer information from Contis to the client

If a customer changes their contact details directly with Contis Customer Services (not via the app or portal), these webhooks are used to provide clients with the following updated personal information:

  • Mobile number update notification
  • Email address update notification
  • Address update notification