Release notes - 2022

KYC Check Webhook

To better inform clients of when an application has passed KYC checks, an additional KYCStatus value of “Pass” will be available in the KYC Check webhook, as below:

KYCStatus ValueLookup Value

A notification containing a KYCStatus of “Pass” will be sent when the relevant application has completed and passed all KYC checks.

Account Status Change Webhook

A new account status of “Dormant” will be added to the Account Status Change Webhook, as below:

Account StatusLookup Value

In addition to existing account status changes, this notification will now also be sent in the following circumstances:

  • When an account status is changed from “Limited” to “Live” (“Grey List” checks have completed and passed).
  • When an account status is changed from “Live” to “Dormant”, or from “Dormant” to “Live”.
In addition to the nine languages currently supported, the following languages are now available for card carriers when creating new customers via the AddConsumers endpoint:

Language Lookup Value
French 10
Romanian 11
German 12
Italian 13
Spanish 14
If a language other than an existing or one of the newly added options is requested, a default value of English will be used. Please contact your Account Manager if you wish to support these new languages in your integration.

Fixed a bug whereby additional space characters were appended to the PassportNumber field on the Consumer/AddConsumers endpoint.

Special characters (‘%’, ‘&’ etc.) are now no longer accepted in the PassportNumber field on the Consumer/AddAdditionalConsumer and Consumer/AddAdditionalConsumerWithAccount endpoints. If any special characters are included the endpoints now return a HTTP 400 Bad request response with the appropriate error detail.

The RecipientFriendlyName parameter on the P2P/AddRecipient endpoint will now accept a value of up to 50 characters (from 25 previously) to accommodate longer values which may be provided. This aligns the limit with that of the BankAccountHolderName parameter on the Transfer/AddRecipient endpoint.

June 28th

  • For accounts with a status of “Suspended”, clients can now self-serve via the API to update customer address information and issue new cards, speeding up this process and removing manual work.
  • If configured, the Account Status Change notification will in addition to existing workflows, now be sent in the following scenarios:
    • When an account has its statuses changed to “Closed”.
    • When the account is suspected by the client of suspected fraudulent activity and is changed to “Closed”.
    • When an account with a zero balance which has been inactive for 30 days or more has the only card assigned to the account cancelled by the cardholder.

June 9th

  • The Authorisation webhook ActionDetail for scenarios when a card limit is exceeded, has been amended to provide the correct description as this was previously incorrect.
  • Clients can now be informed via the Account Status Change and User Status Change webhooks when an account’s application is passed (due to no risk) or declined (due to risk).
  • For Latvian, Lithuanian or Luxembourg addresses it is no longer mandatory to include alpha characters at the start of post codes when a user is registered, or their address is amended.

Webhook updates

WebHooks name Note
Authorisation New response parameter added. Parameter name : POSEntryMode
Pending authorisation auto release New response parameter added. Parameter name : ReleasedAmount
Transaction New response parameters added. Parameter names :
  • BusinessApplicationIdentifier
  • IsFastFund

Updated APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
Consumer AddConsumers New Request Parameter Added Parameter Name : EncryptedPIN
Card RequestNewCard

Webhook updates

WebHooks name Note
Authorisation New response parameter added. Parameter name : IsReversal