SCA actions other than OTP are available to the customer once they have completed device registration. These include ‘tap on the app’, fingerprint and facial recognition, mPIN and Password.

The API uses the unique ID of the GroupCode to validate the programme and its certificate or the mobile app for the SCA. The client needs to pass the GroupCode in the SDK function for its inclusion in Web Service Request Header. The GroupCode Format example: “12128339-XXXX-XXXX-XXX-3B074932A4F6”.

To implement the SDK, you will require the following: ProductKey, App/Client Private Key, Contis Public Key, SDK Bundle (Android/iOS).

No, the Contis SDK is specifically developed to implement mobile app only, using the Contis API methods. If you are a portal-only client please see the Portal-Only solution documentation.

Yes, Contis APIs can be used without using SDK but are most appropriate to a portal-only customer solution and offer OTP only. We strongly recommend clients use the SDK.

The Contis SDK will SDK will support devices using Android 8.0+ and iOS 11.0+.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is the framework used for Contis SDK security.

The Contis SDK will be shared after registering for the Contis API. The files required will be shared via SFTP only.

The Contis SDK cannot be integrated with other non-Contis APIs – it will only work with the Contis API.

No, there is not a licensed version available for the Contis SDK as it is a PKI certificate-based product.

The PKI certificate associated with SDK will have an expiry date.

Yes, the Contis SDK comes with a standard framework that allows the developer to implement their own ‘skinning’ according to the client’s requirements.

There is a device deregistration API method available for clients to use to deregister a customer device. Registering a new device will also automatically de-register the previous device.

If fingerprint or face ID are not supported by device, then these SCA actions will not be presented to the customer but the simple alternative SCA action of ‘tap the app’ will be available

All the customer journeys that qualify for use with the SCA and the SDK are detailed in the Appendix and examples shown using the Canvas app in the SDK use cases and Portal-only use cases.