Change address

Document purpose

This document is intended to provide a non-technical audience with an understanding of the Change Address element in the end-user journey.

Note: For illustrative purposes the Canvas app has been used to demonstrate the end-user functionality of the SDK.

About the Change Address end-user journey

Change of address made through the mobile app requires SCA.

The Change Address workflow

The Change Address end-user journey

Step 1 – SCA applied at login

The customer has performed a login using 2FA SCA.

Step 2 – Navigate to the My Profile screen

In the landing screen, select the ‘hamburger’ menu icon in the top right-hand corner and select My Profile from the menu options.

Step 3 – Select Edit Address

In the My Profile screen, select Edit Address by pressing the Pencil icon to add the new address details.

Step 4 – Confirm address changes

Click on the tick icon to confirm the changes.

Step 5 – SCA required

The customer is required to perform SCA to verify the changes to the address.

  • Success – continue to Step 8 – Success – updated My Profile screen displayed.
  • Fail – continue to Step 6 – Retry SCA factor.

Step 6 – Retry SCA factor

The customer has two options: reattempt SCA again or attempt again using other authentication with the following outcomes:

  • Success – continue to Step 8 – Success – updated My Profile screen displayed.
  • Fail (maximum attempts exceeded will result in an Account Access Block) – continue to Step 7 – Account Access Blocked.
  • Other authentication – The customer is presented with alternative SCA action to complete the change – continue to Step 8 – Success – Updated My Profile screen displayed.

Step 7 – Account Access Blocked

After exceeding the maximum number of SCA attempts, the customer is directed to the
Access Blocked error screen – instructing them to ring customer services.

Note: Account access block means restricted access to the app – all other functionality, for example, ATM card and POS transactions are still available.

Step 8 – Success – updated My Profile screen displayed

The SCA has been successfully applied and the customer has completed the change address journey – returning them to the updated My Profile screen containing the new details.