Token activation notification

Contis API service notifies the consumer about token activation.

Token activation notification parameters

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “68” denotes the Token activation notification. Null
CardID integer Unique identifier of the card.
TokenID integer Unique identifier of the token.
CardEndingNumber string Last four digits of card number
TokenRequestorCode string Token requestor code For Example ‘APLPAY’ OR ‘GGLPAY’ OR ‘SAMPAY
DeviceID string Mobile device id
DeviceType string Device type value
01 – Mobile Phone
02 – Tablet
03 – Watch
04 – Mobile Phone or Tablet
05 – Personal Computer

Datetime string The date and time of Token activation and Format of this yyyyMMddHHmmss.
“Datetime”: “20201112165446”

Example of Token activation notification

The table shows an example of an Token activation notification sent to the consumer.

Parameters Type
NotificationType 68
CardID 74318
TokenID 478
CardEndingNumber 5574
TokenRequestorCode APLPAY
DeviceID 0000123
DeviceType 01
DateTime 20201105173851

Json example