Transaction notification with available balance

Contis API service notifies the client about debit and credit transactions of consumer’s account. The latest notification contains all the details of all the transactions that happened after posting of the preceding notification.

Transaction notification with available balance parameters

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “56” denotes the transaction notification with available balance. Blank
TransactionID integer Unique identifier of the transaction.  
LocalTransactionDate string The local time and date of  the card transaction. Date Format = yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 characters.    Blank
Description String The description that describes the nature, type or purpose of transaction.  
TransactionType String Lookup value that identifies the type of transaction.  
ClientReferenceNumber String Unique reference number provided by user for tracking/auditing.  
TransactionAmount integer The transaction amount  
AccountBalance integer Available amount  
AccountNumber String Eight-digit account number of the consumer. 00000000
SortCode String Six-digit number that identifies the branch of the bank where consumer holds account. Blank
IBAN String Unique, 34-alphanumeric character code that identifies banks globally. IBAN consists of country code, two-check digits, and a alpha-numeric pattern that includes the domestic bank account number, branch identifier, and potential routing information. Blank
BIC String Bank Identifier Code that identifies the name, country and branch of the bank. Used for quick, accurate and automated money transfer. Blank
IsCredit Bit Return that this transaction is as credit for this account or debit 0

Example of account transaction with available balance notification

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 056
TransactionID 123
LocalTransactionDate 20170602105733
Description abc
TransactionType 29
ClientReferenceNumber Load Money: 6347595
TransactionAmount 123
AccountBalance 123
AccountNumber 00123456
SortCode 123541
IBAN GB35CNFV60837000000570
IsCredit 0

To Generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence : NotificationType&CardID&AccountNumber&TransactionID&Description&TransactionType&AuthorizationDate&LocalDate&SettlementDate&AuthoriseAmount&LocalAmount&SettlementAmount&LocalCurrency&IssuingCurrency&MCC&AuthoriseCode&ClientReferenceNumber&CardAcceptorID&TerminalCode&TerminalLocation&TerminalStreet&TerminalCity&TerminalCountry&IsCardPresent&STAN&RRN&TransactionIndicator&AcquiringInstituteID&ForwardingInstitutionID&HashPAN Key