W2Global Data and Contis DVFC – Client integration

Clients will be registered with W2 Global by Contis, once registered they will be provided with a licence key. Clients will use this key to access the SDK. Clients will use the SDK for document and face capture before sending these images to Contis.

The W2 Global SDK can be found on github.com.

Alternatively, they can be found here. Once the link has opened, select the samples for React Native, Native Android or Native IOS.

For the build

  • Clients should only utilise the ‘capture’ and ‘crop’ elements of the SDK for DV and FC and not the ‘Verify’ element. Once captured and cropped, the images will be sent to Contis using the API endpoint provided
  • Developers will require credentials to be setup and provided from Contis, see above re. ‘licence key’

Contis will provide an API endpoint or similar for your traffic to be received, Contis will then send onto W2 for verification via DVFCProcess API.